Vango Extend Their Radiate Collection

Have you heard of the Vango Radiate Collection before? If you are a Vango fan or like to know what is on the market on terms of new camping gear each year, you will already have heard of the Vango radiate sleeping bag. A heated sleeping bag that works by plugging it into a power source such as a power bank.

Vango has extended this range and has a few more radiate products on offer in 2021 including a heated pad or cushion, heated chairs, and you can also purchase a heated mat to add to your own sleeping bag. This helping you stay warm when camping.

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How Do The Radiate Products Work

Vango use Graphene technology in their radiate range. Graphene is a single layer of graphite, like the soft flaky material used in pencil lead, so it is part of the carbon structure. Graphene’s atoms are arranged in a honeycomb formation allowing it to be used in really thin layers (only one atom thick), that are flexible while still being extremely strong. Despite it being so thin, graphene is highly conductive and this is where Vango have put it to work, using a layer of graphene in their products that will conduct heat evenly where the graphene film is placed within the products they produce.

The radiate products come with a built-in USB cable to allow you to connect the radiate product to a power source, mainly a power bank that will give a power source to help heat your chosen product. This means that you don’t need to have electric hook-up while camping to use these products just ensure that you have a good, fully charged power bank with you. This means you can stay warm wherever you choose to camp.

Radiate Sleeping Bags

Vango’s radiate sleeping bags come in both single and double sizes, they are a rectangular sleeping bag or envelope style as some of you know them. Colour-wise the bags come in black with grey lining and heather red with a grey lining and are 3 season sleeping bags with a comfort rating of around 2° Celsius.

vango radiate sleeping bag

With a polyester outer and soft-touch inner to give that warm, cosy, next to skin feeling and comfort while using. The sleeping bags have double zips, so you can open the bottom if you get too warm or open it right up and use as a duvet.

The sleeping bags are machine washable at 30°, so you can easily freshen them up throughout the camping season.

The graphene heat pad is at the bottom of these bags, at the feet area, with the control panel being up at the top for ease of use. As stated before you simply connect the attached USB to a power bank and depending on the size of the power bank you use you can store this in the little pouch provided on the sleeping bag itself.

vango radiate sleeping bag

The Radiate bags have 4 heat settings and these also relate to how long the these settings will stay on.

  • Red – the highest setting – 2 hours
  • Purple – 3 highest setting – 4 hours 20 minutes
  • Green – 2nd setting – 5 hours 15 minutes
  • Light Blue/White – lowest setting – 6 hours 30 minutes.

The settings are touch control via a small button on the bag that is easily accessed while you are in the bag.

Radiate Chairs

The Radiate chairs work with the same technology as the sleeping bags where a graphene pad is inserted into an area of the chair and can be connected to a power supply such as a power bank to use the heated element of the product.

vango radiate chairs

The heating element in these chairs are all at the lower back or lumbar section of the chairs and have the same heat settings as the sleeping bag which I have listed above. This is also operated with the same push button control as the bags too.

All the chairs also have a storage pouch to place your power bank into, helping to keep it safe and out of harm’s way.

Radiate Mat and Cushion

Vango have also added the radiate mat and radiate cushion to their collection. This meaning you can, essentially turn any sleeping bag or chair into a warm radiate one.

The radiate mat can be placed anywhere you want some extra heat, for me it is always my shoulders. The mat comes with its own stuff sack to make it easy to pack and carry.

radiate mat

The mat can be placed inside any sleeping bag or bed to help pre-heat before you turn in for the night or to top up your warmth during the night. This making them an ideal solution if you use various bags depending on the seasons you are camping.

The Radiate Cushion has the same ability as the mat in that it can turn most chairs into a radiate one.

radiate cushion

Again the cushion has 4 heat setting and is push-button controlled (the same as all the other products in this range) and can be either placed or strapped to your existing chair, or anywhere else you want to put it basically. The cushion has a velcro strap attached to allow you to place and secure the cushion where you need it most.

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What We Think

We think that Vango are really onto something with this range. There are many people who simply avoid going camping as they feel too cold for much of the time and for anyone who is a cold sleeper the sleeping bags or radiate mat could make a huge difference to your quality of sleep when away.

The heated chairs or use of the heated cushion would allow extra time around the campfire or simply sitting out on an evening and enjoying what is left of the day.

If you think this range is something that could benefit you why not have a closer look for yourself at

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2 thoughts on “Vango Extend Their Radiate Collection”

  1. Thank you for the amazing post on the Vango Radiate Collection!  I am really like these, and the color, red is absolutely beautiful.  I try to go camping once a month at least, to get time to relax and clear my mind.  As you could imagine, some months it can get cold.  I love the heating element to these products too, as they can keep me warm on cold days!

    • Hey Jessie, 

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the post. The Radiate Collection is great for the colder months and anyone who feels the cold easily. The mat is especially great as you can use it anywhere. Add it to your own chairs, sleeping bag, wherever you want. The graphene technology used in these products is now starting to be used in other outdoor gear such as clothing too. So I am sure cold winter camping could not become more comfortable for those of us who do it.


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