Casa – Family Tent From Vango

Introducing the Vango Casa

Hi and welcome to my review of the new Vango Casa family tent. This is a new tent from Vango for 2018.

When I first saw this tent I really did fall in love with it. Bearing in mind that it was only a picture and at this point, I hadn’t physically seen the tent. So with me getting so excited with just a picture I knew I had to go and really check it out in person. At this point all I knew was what it looked like and that it was a 7 person tent.

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A Little About the Vango Casa

Vango introduced the new Casa family tent in 2018 and states that is it is a big family tent that feels like a home from home and this is why it got its name. Casa – which means house or home in Spanish. The Casa is a poled tent with a pitch time of around 20 minutes and an enclosed porch area to one half of the front of the tent.

The Casa is truly a family tent that sleeps 7 at maximum. The Casa has 2 bedrooms, dependent on how old your children are will depend on how comfortable you could sleep 7 people in these. As many people are now using camp beds or air beds I would recommend that 2 adults and 2 teenagers or 2 adults and 3 younger children would fit comfortably.

The Specs

Poles – Vango Power flex fibreglass poles that are strong yet lightweight to create a reliable structure once the tent is up. These poles are pre-angled to give maximum internal living space and protect against side winds. The tent has 5 pole sections.

Tension Bands – this tent comes with Vango’s patented TBS® (Tension Band System). These are bands used to strengthen your tent structure in adverse weather conditions. These will provide extra tension to your poles in high winds. When in tension the bands will support your poles at 3 points and save damage from side winds. Tension bands can be adjusted just be careful not to over tighten as you may damage poles. When not in use these can be stored away in their own little sewn-in pockets on the side of the tent.

Guy Lines – All guy lines come pre-attached to the tent

Fabrics – the tent is made with a 70 denier polyester flysheet that has fully taped seams. The flysheet is very durable, waterproof and reliable with a 4000 HH (hydrostatic head). The tent has a fully sewn-in waterproof PE groundsheet, again fully factory taped seams to ensure a draught and bug proof tent. The tent also has an external storm skirt attached for all-around protection. All materials are to European weather and safety testing standards (EN5912). All materials are fire retardant.

Cable Entry – the tent has a zipped cable entry point if you are camping with EHU. The tent also has touch fastener cable tidies sewn in. The tent also has several light hanging points.

Windows – the Casa has several large windows, these are the Vango Diamond Clear windows. These are on three sides of the tent to maximize light and visibility. Each window has toggle closing curtains for privacy and can be rolled away during the day.

Vango Casa Window

Doors – the entrance has a full mesh screen to keep bugs out if you wish to have the door open during the day. There is also a part mesh inner door both adding to the already great ventilation of the tent. You also have a covered entrance to the front of the tent which saves water/rain dripping into your living area.

Ventilation – as this is a tent from Vango it offers the AirZone ventilation system with both high and low ventilation panels. This allows air to circulate freely around the tent and is essential for reducing the build-up of condensation.

Bedrooms – the Casa has 2 super king-size, lights out inner tent bedrooms. The Darker fabric of the bedroom compartments reduces the amount of light entering the bedroom areas to give a better and longer sleeping experience. This is a great advantage if you are like me and wake at first light. The bedrooms have conveniently placed storage pockets along the outer sides of them with a roll away central divider to give different sleeping options. As these are super king-size bedrooms it allows the use of both framed camp beds and airbeds easily.

Vango Casa bedroom pods

Living Area – the Casa provides an extra-large living area for all your camping essentials. This is great for relaxing in the evening and sharing your stories from that day or planning out your next adventure.

Pre-Attached Extension – this tent comes with a pre-attached front awning. This is divided into two with one open but the undercover area and the other being fully enclosed. This offers generous extra living space whether you chose to use this extra space for your extra equipment or use it as a kitchen area the choices are endless.

Remember not to cook in tents please read our Camping Safety post.

Vango Casa Front Porch

*Please note that the front awning area does not have a sewn-in groundsheet.

Tent Bag – the tent comes in an oversized tent bag with tension straps with a wide opening to make it simpler to pack your tent away. Once away you can use the tension straps to help reduce the pack size.

At A Glance

Hydrostatic Head4000mm
Standing RoomYes, 215cm
Pitch Time20 minutes
PricingGo Outdoors, Winfields,

Tent Dimensions

Vango Casa Dimensions

*Please note that the price was correct at the time of publishing and will be updated on a regular basis.

There are also good bundle deals out there on the market and one of the best comes with footprint and tent carpet and gives you a saving of over £200 You can view that deal below.

If you are looking to buy a new tent why not check out some of the bundle deals at Blacks, Go Outdoors or Winfields where you can spread the cost using Klarna.


This is a fantastic family tent that will help provide a great and comfortable camping experience for years to come.

This tent is suited for families of all ages and allows for flexible living and sleeping arrangements as your family grows and changes.

Although this tent has a darkened fabric on the bedroom pods I would prefer the bedroom area to come with lights out fabric to darken them further.  This is just me as the light wakes me easily but as this is a family tent I fully understand that with young children this is not always suitable.  Other than this I would highly rate this tent as it is great all round and a fantastic price.

Not sure which tent is for you? Why not use our free Tent Comparison Guide to help you figure it out. Simply click on the link below to download it. This will help you compare the tents you look at so you can see at a glance the specs for each tent you like and allow you to make a more informed decision. Use it when looking online or print and take it tent shopping to make things that little bit easier.

Free PDF Tent Comparison Guide

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8 thoughts on “Casa – Family Tent From Vango”

  1. Thanks for your detailed review of the Vango tent. This looks very roomy! The pictures are helpful as they follow along your comments. I was wondering about the windows. Are they mesh or plastic? Have you pitched the tent and slept in it yourself? Was curious about your experience in putting it together. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Debbie

      The Windows are plastic but there is mash fabric integrated in the door panels that you can close to stop bugs getting in while door fabric remains open.  I have not pitched tent myself but watched it being pitched. I have a tent of similar size so pitch time of 20 mins with 2 people pitching is not an problem. Also have not personally slept in it but was in and played around with putting beds and camp furniture in and out. I could fit 2 double height double airtex beds in sleeping compartments with no issue. 

      Hope this helps

  2. Hey Michelle,
    I thought the overall presentation was Excellent. The reason is that ALL the necessary details were provided to allow the reader to determine
    if this item would be a viable choice for their personal situation. The
    description was inclusive enough to answer questions for the reader
    that may have been left out by another person’s post. In conclusion,
    the purpose should be detailed in a sufficient manner to either choose
    to pursue the purchase further or completely abandon this choice.
    In essence, your post has saved the reader valuable time that I would
    imagine would be greatly appreciated.

    The overall presentation was EXCELLENT. It was presented in such a manner that all necessary details were
    covered. With all the explanations, pictures, cost, and measurements included, the reader could make a
    decision as to whether to pursue this item further or not waste their time. Good detailed analysis.

    • Hi and thank you very much for such a positive comment, I hope that i can save many people valuable time by doing these reviews and make choosing their kit much easier for them.

  3. My son is super keen for this tent, but we’d like to know if the fully enclosed section of the extension would be suitable to use as a bedroom? i.e. does it have curtains and groundsheet?

    • Hi Claire

      you will be glad to know that yes the front enclosed porch does have curtains and a zip away groundsheet so would be ideal for use as a bedroom pod. I myself would use it for this purpose if away with older children. And as they have access from both outside the tent into this area and into the main tent I think it would make good use as an extra room.
      Check out the video below the Casa description for a better idea.

    • Hi Andrea,

      Not sure if I’ve fully grasped your question, but, the guy ropes at the back of the tent are guy ropes and not storm straps which are the thicker woven straps you will see on some large tents. You would need to use guy lines to help support the tent if it is a size issue. If you do not use these you would risk the tent falling in or poles breaking.

      Hope this answers your question.



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