Top 7 Camping Cookers

One of the biggest enjoyments when camping can be eating alfresco, whether on your own, taking in the surrounding scenery or with family and friends on a campsite. So we have decided to list our top 7 camping cookers in 2020 for you.

Most campers will tell you that cooking is a large part of their camping experience and one they plan for well before setting off. As well as taking into consideration how to store your camping food while away. The way you are going to cook while away will also be another contributing factor to what you are going to be eating.

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Now that electric stoves are becoming increasingly popular and gas stoves are taking things to the next level and offering you many ways to cook while camping your options for good camping food are endless and this also gives you an excuse to show off all your cooking skills at the campsite and not only at home!

So we have put together this top 7 list of camping cookers to help you choose the right stove for your camping adventures. We have included stoves for all types of campers so hopefully, there will be a stove here to suit your needs.

Vango Combi IR Grill Cooker

RRP – £90.00 But found for a lower price on Go Outdoors, Winfields & Amazon

Vango Combi IR Grill

This Double Burner Gas Stove with Infrared Grill is a great piece of kit for any camping couple or family. With the stove being built into its own carry case that forms the base and windshield for when you are cooking, it packs away neatly when not in use and for travelling and storing. The case also features a locking system for when not in use to ensure everything is kept together neatly. Being stainless steel it is durable and strong as well as easy to clean.

This stove also features 4 anti-slip feet to save it moving on the surface you choose to cook on, a removable drip tray to catch spills and durable burner plate to support your cookware.

The stove has two 1.9Kw burners that are controlled individually with their own gas regulation control with an ignition switch built into each of them. This gives you more control over temperatures when you are cooking and enable you to cook more than one item at a time on the stove. The 0.6Kw infrared grill gives a high heat output with less fuel consumption, fuel savings using this grill can be as much as 10% with will make a difference to how often you have to replace your gas bottle. The grill also has a separate gas control knob and auto piezo ignition for ease of use.

This cooker packs down to a size of  L59.5 x H14.5 x W34.5 and weights just 5.4 kgs.

Outwell Olida Camping Stove

RRP –  £75.00 But found for a lower price at Winfields & Amazon

Outwell Olida Stove

Another good double burner for couples and families is the Outwell Olida Camping Stove. New from Outwell this will have any budding or experienced camp chef raring to serve up some delicious camp meals.

A stainless steel double burner with individual gas controls and piezo ignitions gives you complete control over your cooking while onsite. The burners are 3000w and the grill plate is surrounded on 3 sides with fold away windshields, this saving on your gas consumption while cooking.

This cooker comes in its own carry case with a secure closing latch and has strong plastic feet to help give stability when cooking your favourite camp meals.

This cooker packs down to a size of  L47.5 x H11.5 x W32.5 and weights just 4.4 kgs.

Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV

Campingaz Party Grill

RRP £109.99 Found for a lower price at Winfields and Amazon

The Party Grill from Campingaz is a compact but very versatile cooker that gives any cook an option of 5 different cooking surfaces to choose from depending on what they wish to cook. Pan cooking, barbecuing on the cooking grid, a reversible grill and griddle plate and the lid even doubles up as a wok for making tasty noodle dishes. You can definitely be king of the campsite with this Party Grill.

The Campingaz Party Grill offers 2000W of power for you to cook up a feast on. With controllable gas use and piezo ignition, this is definitely an all-in-one solution for the most serious of cooks. Varying cooking surfaces ensures that your camping meals can be as creative as you wish them to be.

This grill also comes with a lockable lid, detachable legs and its very own carry case that means you are not just confined to using this while camping bit it can be taken on days out to the beach or on picnics. Weighing in at 4.2Kgs means it is easily transported with you on days out.

Coleman Fyrestorm PCS Stove

RRP £85.00 Found cheaper from Go Outdoors & Amazon

Coleman Fyerstorm PCS

This backpacking stove is the ideal solution for the lone camper or outdoor enthusiast who wishes to get a warm and nutritious meal inside them without having to wait too long.

With 2200W of power and built-in wind block system, this will have a meal ready for you to enjoy in no time. The wind block and Hyperflame technology allow use in extreme weathers.

This stove comes complete with a 1.3L lidded pot, a neoprene sleeve for easy handling and even boosts space to carry an extra gas canister while weighing in at an impressive 576g.

Vango Sizzle Induction Hob

RRP £110.00 Lower Prices Available Go Outdoors, Winfields & Amazon

Vango Induction Hob

For those who prefer to use electric cooking stoves when camping this induction hob from Vango gives you what you need. With two rings for cooking with multiple pans, this induction hob will give you the control over your cooking.

Features include 800w cooking power on both cooking surfaces giving a combined 1600W that reaches 200 degrees quickly and safely, stainless steel pan sensor, LED controls that are easy to use, a 2.5 meter UK plugged electric cable, integrated cooling fan and heating lock to ensure your pans are kept warm. It also has an easy to clean surface that you can wipe down and comes with its own carry bag for storage and transportation.

Vango Scran

RRP for XL £40.00 Found Cheaper at Winfields and Amazon

Vango Scran

The Vango Scran is an electric cook plate that comes in 2 sizes that is ideal for frying and cooking your food on. Boasting 1500W of power your outdoor meals will be ready in no time

The Scran features a dual surface with 1 half being ribbed and the other smooth so you can decide how you wish to cook your food. The Scran also has adjustable legs and allows for drainage of fat to one side while cooking.

The cooking plate comes with heat resistant handles to allow you to drain off more should you need to.

Get everyone involved and give the camp chef the night off and have a cook your own meal night, Simply place in the centre of the table and allow everyone to cook there own to how they like. Children to be supervised of course. A great way to get together whether on the campsite or at home in the garden.

Campingaz Camp Bistro 2

RRP £14.99 Found Cheaper on Go Outdoors & Amazon

Camp Bistro 2

The Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 is a single burner gas stove that comes in its own carry case. With a locking gas switch and controllable gas use, this is a stove that we see everywhere we go. We ourselves like to use this for days out in the car so we can have a quick cuppa or spot of hot lunch.

This is a no-frills option for single campers or couples that are not limited to weight or size when it comes to their camping stove. Ideal for use on campsites rather than wild camping this stove does exactly as you need it to.

Happy Cooking

We hope we have inspired you with some of these stoves and encouraged you to think of the possibilities there are when it comes to cooking while camping.

As we said before the stoves we choose to cook on depends on personal choice and what type of camping is done. Many people have more than one depending on when and where they camp. But, choose the right stove for you and it will make all the difference when it comes to your camping meals. Having a stove you are both comfortable using and confident cooking on makes all the difference, especially when cooking for larger numbers.

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