Top 5 Bamboo Camping Products

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Making Small Changes

With such a spotlight on the damage plastics are causing on our planet, in our seas and the fact that it can take decades for plastic to degrade. We feel it is time that we look for other materials that give us the same uses as plastic, even when we go camping. Although bamboo is seen as a sustainable substitute for plastic, we also need to ensure fewer chemicals are being used in the production of these items, so the material and it uses are lowering our carbon footprint.

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Why Use Bamboo?

Bamboo as well as being made from a renewable and sustainable material for an eco-friendly alternative than plastics. Bamboo can grow at an astonishing rate and once harvested more can be planted.

Most products are just as strong, if not stronger and just as lightweight as their plastic counterparts. They are fully biodegradable and dishwasher safe, should you use a dishwasher once at home. Don’t think anyone uses them when camping, although you never can tell with some set-ups some folk have ????

Bamboo Dinner Sets

We love these fantastic dinner sets from Vango that come in a variety of designs, can be put in the dishwasher and are fully biodegradable. These can be bought in 2 or 4 people set. Vango also does kids dinner sets with cutlery.

Bamboo Dinner Set
Bamboo Kids Dinner Set





Bamboo Cutlery

To match with your bamboo dinner sets we also love these bamboo cutlery sets by TreeGuy. What’s more, it’s not just cutlery. You will also get chopsticks, a straw, straw cleaning brush and toothbrush. These come beautifully wrapped in their own carry/storage bag.

Bamboo Cutlery Set


Bamboo Utensils

These utensils would be just as nice in your home as they would be in your tent. A lovely set of 6 utensils with their own little holder to keep them nicely stored when not in use. Consisting of spoons, spatulas and a set of tongs, made with a non-stick wood so they are easily cleaned after use.

Bamboo Utensils


For the Glampers

For all who love Glamping we reckon that this outdoor wine and cheese table could be a very welcome addition to your set up. This table comes with 4 cheese board utensils, corkscrew and bottle opener and will hold 6 wine glasses. You will be the envy of your fellow campers and friends when you pull out this little beauty.

Wine and Cheese Table


Cheese Utensils and Corkscrew


Folding Camping/Picnic Table with Stools

This is another great addition to any setup. This aluminium and bamboo camping/picnic table with four stools fold neatly away with the folding stools being stored inside the folded table. This is ideal for enjoying meals inside or outside your tent. It even has a central opening for a parasol to fit through to help keep you shaded in the warmer summer months.

Folding Table and Stools

As you can see these are all great quality products and would make great additions to both camping kits and in the home. So the next time you are replacing any of your plastics remember and think bamboo or even what can I buy that will be better for the environment and reduce my carbon footprint.

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