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Repair Not Replace

Welcome to our tent spares and repairs blog post where you can learn that for a fraction of the price you can get/buy spare parts to repair your tent and/or other camping equipment and items. We have placed this in the directory part so to make it easily accessible if you ever have to come back to the site and look for a link. Being able to repair the damage or replace a broken piece/part on a tent or other gear can save £££’s.

broken tent

Nowadays, too many people are quick to throw away items that can be repaired and that goes for camping gear too.  Some spend hundreds and thousands on their tents and camping equipment so why would they do this? Why would you do this?

Maybe it’s because some people don’t realize that most manufacturers make spares or repair kits for your tents and camping gear. A quick search on the internet or knowing where to look could save you more than a few pounds. Maybe even enough to treat yourself to another camping trip, especially with a repair on a tent. Read on to find where you can buy these items or what you can use to do your own repairs.

Alternatively, you can visit https://campmehappy.com/tent-manufacturers to see if they stock spares or repair kits for your chosen brand. Just click on the brand name and it will take you to their site.


Tent Spares

Now having the internet at our fingertips it is easier than ever to find tent spares that you need. You can easily search on Amazon, eBay or any other good online camping retailers should help you find what you are looking for. From rings and pins, replacement zippers, C-clips to replacement tent bags, poles and air beam tubes. There are stockists out there that will have what you are looking for. As I said it can be as simple as searching for them.

Other good stockists of tent spares include Decathlon, Go Outdoors and tentspares.co.uk

Tent Spares

Be Prepared and Save Money

Most tents come with repair patches now included in your carry bag and if they don’t you can normally get repair patches or kits relatively cheaply online. Tent repair patches are available on Amazon for a few pounds and come in varying colors. Make sure you keep your patches with your tent and not at home or make a small repair kit to be able to repair most items that you take with you. This saves you having to cut a camp short or being unable to use items until your next outing. With a repair kit in your pack, you will simply be able to mend most items onsite.

As most rips, tears, breakages or damage is done while you are using your tent and gear it is better to be prepared beforehand. I would suggest taking a small repair pack with you on all camping trips. This does not need to be anything fancy, simply enough to carry out an emergency repair job until you can get it fixed properly at home or replace the damaged or broken items.

The top 5 most frequent, damaged or broken items when camping is:

  1.  Broken or snapped tent poles

2.  Burst air beam

3.  Rips in the tent fabric

4.  Rips in the tent windows or bug mesh

5.  Punctures in air beds

The 3 most popular items to carry to fix any of the above are Tenacious Tape, Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape, and Duct Tape.  The Gorilla Crystal Clear tape can be used for repairing windows or tent fabrics. Duct Tape is great for carrying if your tent pole snaps or splinters or you are in need of a groundsheet or tarp repair. The latter is rare but it is better to be safe than sorry and as for poles splintering or snapping, we have fixed plenty with duct tape until we could buy a new set or a single-pole and replace the broken one ourselves. The one we would highly recommend would be the Tenacious Tape as you can use it to repair not only tent fabric, windows, and mesh but also sleeping bags, sleeping mats, jackets, backpacks, and any other outdoor fabric items. It is expensive for the amount you get but for good clean repairs on fabrics, we haven’t found anything to beat it.  With this in mind, we would still stick to the duct tape for pole repairs.

Repair Tapes

For air beams many people also use duct tape to repair the tubes should they burst or split while you are away and if you have searched for air beam repairs on YouTube, you will have probably seen that the video Outwell produced they do just that. Most air beams tents do come with a repair kit for the beams. So, again make sure you take this with you on your trips.

Top Tips

If you have a free evening or some spare time check out some repair videos online before you go. This will give you a good idea of how easy some repairs can be and also give you the confidence to carry them out yourself. For this YouTube is often a good choice for searching for such videos. You will not only get videos from other campers but also from the experts that manufacture and sell camping tents and gear.

You will often find that a repair you carry out shouldn’t really need to be touched again and will last when it is done quickly and cleanly the first time. So, before you carry out a repair yourself ensure that what you are repairing is clean, dry and free from dust or dirt.

Always carry a small tin or tub with some repair items inside. This can include tapes or repair patches, cable ties (these can be used for a multitude of things), spare guylines or paracord.

You don’t have to take a full roll of tape. Simply wrap some tape around an item you would normally take or even a pen, just enough for some small repairs and pop it in your repair kit.

We hope that this helps not only keep money in your pocket but to keep life in those much-loved camping items you currently own and hopefully save any camping trips being cut short too. Buying spares and making repairs to your items will help prolong the item’s life or maybe you’ve seen an item listed cheaply due to 1 small broken part and now know where to look to buy a spare part and repair it so it is again fit for use. Looking for sale items that you can repair for very little money and effort can save you a few quid, especially when you are first starting out or are on a budget. It’s a great way to still enjoy camping and the outdoors.

We also know that sometimes disasters really do happen that are outwith anyone’s control and can leave your tent and gear unrepairable. Save yourself the worry over his happening and get your stuff insured. Find out more about camping and tent insurance by reading our post by clicking here.

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