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Here we have tried to list as many tent manufacturers as possible. This list is based on some of the most used tents, by campers, in the UK today. If you feel we have missed any tent manufacturers out or your favourite tentmaker is not on this list please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can look at adding them.

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If you would like to visit any of the bellow tent manufacturer’s websites, please just click on the name of the company (highlighted at the top of the description) and you will be taken to their website or the website that sell their products if they do not retail them themselves.

variety of tents manufacturers


Airgo is a company producing high-quality air tents as well as some furniture to help enhance your camping experience. Airgo tents can be purchased from Go Outdoors

Bell Tent

Bell Tent UK/Camping with Soul was started in 2006 and is the main provider of bell tents in the UK. Bell Tents are what made glamping so popular and now they all also stock a range of items to further enhance your canvas experience, including stoves, flooring, furniture, and mattresses. Bell tent UK also has a sister company called Hotel Bell Tent who “rent out” tents.


While Berghaus do indeed manufacture tents they do not stock them themselves. They do have 3 main retailers who stock their range of tents and these are Blacks, Millets and Tiso.


Cabanon, a French company, is a producer of fine canvas tents to cater to almost every campers’ needs and has done since 1959.  Cabanon listens to their customers so they are always extending their range of products to suit the customer including providing better accessibility to that are less mobile or using wheelchairs when camping.


Coleman makes a variety of camping equipment, including tents. The company was started way back in 1901 in Kansas, USA. More recently noted for their blackout bedroom tent inners you will be sure to find something you like within their range.

Crua Outdoors

Crua Outdoors uses the latest technologies to produce lightweight and super insulated tents and sleeping systems to ensure that your camping trip is as comfortable as possible. Crua are producing quality tents, hammocks, modular systems and accessories to meet any campers needs.

De Waard

De Waard is a Dutch company that dates back around 70 years. They produce high-quality canvas tents and the man responsible for this was Machiel De Waard who at that time was a sailmaker. The first tent he made, the Albatross is still a popular tent with the fourth edition of the tent being made back in 2015. De Waard tents are made to order so you get everything you want from your tent.

Easy Camp

Easy camp is a budget-friendly company helping everyone get the most from the great outdoors. From tents and tarps to furniture and mats they stock a wide range of camping items to suit all needs, whether for festival-goers or hardened campers.


ESVO is a Dutch company that makes super quality tents and who also supplies tent materials to others. As well as tents they also make quality caravan awnings, windbreaks as well as supplying material and accessories for making such items.


A fantastic British company producing not only tents but a wide range of camping and outdoor products. Eurohike is one of the chosen brands when it comes to the scouts, guides and The Duke of Edinburgh Awards participants.

Freedom  Trail

Freedom Trail has produced some great quality tents over recent years and they are also very budget-friendly. Mainly in blues and greens, they are great tents for when you first start out camping or for weekend camps.

Please note that since JD bought over Go Outdoors (the previous manufacturer/retailer of Freedom Trail) that the branding has now been changed to Eurohike as Go Outdoors is now under the same umbrella as Blacks and Millets.


Gelert, a welsh brand, which started back in 1975 at the foot of Snowdonia. Gelert produce a range of camping and outdoor gear from pop up tents to tipis and boots to BBQs

Hi Gear

Hi Gear is another brand brought to you from Go Outdoors and as well as designing tents they also produce a range of camping and outdoor equipment.


Highlander is a Scottish based company distributing its products around the globe. Established in 1985, their aim was to design equipment and gear that could handle the ever-changing Scottish weather on the ever-changing Scottish landscape. It was a realization that if their products could withstand those conditions they could be used just about anywhere in the world.


Hilleberg, a Swedish brand, is a family run company with over 45 years of experience in the industry. Starting the business as a couple, Bo designed the tents while Renate sewed them and from there, their business and family flourished and is still run by the couple and their children to this day. Specializing in tent design gives some advantages as it is all they have to concentrate on and this shows in their designs.

Jack Wolfskin

A German company born in 1981 from the love of the great outdoors have a variety of tents and outdoor equipment and clothing to help you make the most of your time in nature.


Kampa originally specialized in awnings for caravans and campervans before branching out into the world of camping. They now have gained their place across campsites worldwide with not only their tents but all the accessories to go with them.


Another famous Dutch brand tent manufacturer is Karsten. Founded in 1981 Karsten has continued to make canvas tents both poled and inflatable as well as custom canvas items for cans, boats, and cars. 


Kelty is an outdoor company that was founded around the 1950s in Colorado, America. there tents and equipment are now stocked by a few good UK based shops too. As with any good product word of mouth and travelling can take it anywhere in the world. Kelty makes items through their love of the outdoors and spontaneous fun making their equipment ideal for quick getaways.


Khyam came to the tent market around 30 years ago and were one of the first companies to have the tent poles on the outside of their tents. Their Igloo tents have been taken and used at both the south and north pole providing much-needed shelter to the users. Khyam works hard to deliver what their customer wants and fine-tune all details on products.


MSR, which stands for Mountain Safety Research is one of the leading brands in lightweight hiking tents. They also produce camping equipment such as stoves, water filters and even snowshoes for those who love adventure.


OEX is another of the Go Outdoors range of tents. These tents are aimed at the more adventurous who like to pack light yet need equipment that will withstand the elements.


OLPro manufactures a wide range of tents to suit every need and every budget. From small dome tents to large family tents in a variety of colours. OLPro has its own website but their tents are also stocked by some retailers including Halfords. OLPro also has a range of furniture and equipment to complement any tent.

Outdoor Revolution

Whether it is in a tent, caravan or a campervan you choose to go and explore the outdoors in, Outdoor Revolution will be sure to meet your needs. Based in West Yorkshire, England, Outdoor Revolution has been at the forefront of adventure for over 13 years and always put the customer first. They want to revolutionize the way we explore the world while starting a revolution to get as many people outdoors as they can. Their products are also designed with this in mind.


Outwell has been designing and producing quality camping gear for 25 years. Their tents are commonplace within campsites across the country and are aimed mostly for family camping. With this in mind, they also manufacture a wide range of awnings, porches and utility tents to provide you and your family with even more space when camping.


Another producer of quality canvas tents and accessories. Robens make both poled and air tents and are most probably noted for their tipi style tents, although they have many more designs. They also have a large range of camping equipment and accessories on their site and have a good selection of stoves to complement their tents.


Royal Leisure produces a range of camping equipment and tents to suit both small groups and families. Although originally a caravanning and motorhome specialist Royal has some well-designed gear for the camper too.  Based in the English Midlands their products can be found in various retailers and are good budget products.


Skandika is becoming a popular brand with campers. This German-based sports company, who sells online to the UK makes a variety of tents but these are mostly aimed at family camping and some are large enough to sleep, 12 people. Skandika also sells a range of camping furniture and equipment too.

Soul Pad

Established in 2006 Soulpad believe that being outdoors should be a luxurious and comfortable experience. They make quality canvas and cotton blend tents to meet their purchaser’s needs. These are mainly bell tents, however, they also sell a ridge tents too along with care products and accessories every camper should have.


Suncamp provides a vast array of outdoor living items for the adventurous. They also make a variety of tents and camping equipment and these are stocked by various camping and outdoor retailers.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova are known for their lightweight tents and equipment. Designed and made in Derbyshire, England and used all over the world, Tera Nova specializes in expeditions and extreme conditions. They now also have sister companies including Field Candy, Tera Nova Expeditions ltd, Wild Country and Extremities. Please note all of these are listed under the one website.

The North Face

As well as becoming really popular in the clothing and apparel department The North Face also makes tents. The North Face started out as a small shop in San Fransisco back in 1966. From 1968 it started to manufacture it’s own branded equipment with a rucksack being the first. It wasn’t until 1975 that they made their first tent, it’s a lightweight and geodesic shape made it something completely new. They have continued to be innovative in their tent creation with extreme adventurers in mind.


Vaude is a company that specializes in outdoor activities and equipment and has done since the mid-’70s. They have a good selection of tents with most aimed at backpacking although they do have some bigger family designs too. Vaude pride themselves on using materials from sustainable sources and sourcing and developing a range of technologically advanced fabrics.


Vango was a company founded in Govan, Glasgow in 1966. As you may see Vango is an anagram of Govan. The camping company does everything camping. As well as branching out into airbeam tent in recent years they also now make a range of campervan and caravan awnings. Their logo has maybe changed several times over the years but their commitment to provided quality camping equipment has only gone from strength to strength.


Zempire is a New Zealand based company and their tents are mainly of the inflatable variety. They use a variety of fabrics when it comes to designing their tents and they design some pretty awesome large family tents. These are often like homes away from home and they are always trying to push the boundaries while creating their masterpieces.

We hope that this list of tent manufacturers has been of help to you. It can be used to search for perfect tent, to reach out to customer services should something go wrong with your tent. Even just to see tent manufacturers you may not have know about up until now.

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