Tent Carpets

Tent Carpets –Yey or Ney?

Tent carpets are an individual preference and can sometimes depend on budget too.  If you are lucky you can get one as part of a tent bundle and that will save you some money.

Personally now that we use carpets in our tent I love them.  They help keep you warmer, especially getting in and out of bed, no cold tarp against your feet.  They are also easier to clean when spillages occur.  No having to mop out the tent or get down on your knees to clean up.  On the latter I was always worried that cleaning products would damage the material of the groundsheet too and make it less waterproof. 

But the main reason I like them is safety!

Wet feet and tarp don’t go particularly well.  I had once run back to the tent from a toilet trip due to heavy rain appearing.  As I got one foot in the tent I slid hurting my back. Now I had almost come to a complete walk as I entered the tent so wasn’t technically still running but slid all the same.  This caused much discomfort for the rest of my weekend.  After this we started thinking about how easy this could happen if we had the kids with us, they are always bounding about as still only young.

Since then we decided to invest in a carpet for the living area and WOW what a difference. No slips, much cosier in mornings and evenings.  It just made such a difference.  We now have carpets in bedroom pods too.  Well not actual tent carpets as all were too big.  We use large picnic blankets in bedrooms to provide extra comfort and they work a treat.

This is one piece of camping gear I would definitely recommend, especially if you have young ones.

Rugs and Floor Cushions


If you don’t want to or simply can’t afford to splash the cash on a tent carpet you can also get creative on what you use. Large throws can work well especially in the bedrooms. If you opt to use fleece ones they may slide against the groundsheet but you can buy some anti-slip matting and cut and use it in corners. It’s relatively cheap, can be cut to size and lightweight.

Another great alternative as I mentioned before are extra large picnic blankets. These can be purchased on places like amazon and come up to and over 3x2m and come in a variety of colours which also may be useful if you like everything colour co-ordinated.

Again these can come with or without a waterproof backing and can easily be washed in your machine at home. Most fold away neatly for storage too.

You can see some examples by clicking here.

I’ve also seen people taking scatter rugs or even knitting themselves a carpet. Which ever covering you choose we are sure you too will feel the benefit of having a floor covering down for both comfort and safety.

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