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insurance, do you have it?

What would happen if you were camping and something went horribly wrong? Maybe you had valuables are stolen or your tent or equipment vandalised (I know this rarely happens but what if it did?) or maybe a flash flood soaked everything.  What would you do?

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For most people, it would mean cutting their camping trip short and going home miserable at the very least.  Not to mention how much money would be lost.  Campsite fees, price to replace equipment or valuables.  Do you leave this to chance or are you a savvy camper who already has everything insured?

With only 11% of campers being insured, it means that there are many campers who are leaving everything to chance and taking large risks with not only their camping gear but also their camping holidays.

Below we will discuss tent and camping insurance, what is covered, where is covered and show you just how cheap you can get cover and from where.

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Mistakes People Make

Thinking that your home insurance covers your equipment.

While most people will include the value of camping equipment when getting a home insurance quote or even declare valuable items are kept in garages or outhouses and this will cover you for theft if stolen from your property it is unlikely that it will cover you whilst away on a trip.

That there is no such thing as camping or tent insurance.

I have spoken with people before about insurance whilst camping and many campers are unaware that such insurances exist.  When I explain that it not only covers all your camping gear but also can help provide other accommodation should something go wrong or help you return home if holidaying abroad and the driver takes ill they are normally quite surprised.

That Insurance is Really Expensive.

Believe it or not, tent and camping insurance can start from as little as £16 for annual cover.  When you break that down it is very little to pay for covering all those great camping trips and most of all peace of mind.

What Does Tent and Camping Insurance Cover?

As with all insurances, the level of cover differs depending on insurance companies and the level of cover that you take out.


Most insurers will allow you to cover up to 4 tents as they realise that we campers are prone to like more than one tent or even different types of camping.  Some companies will offer you agreed value on your tent, this means that the value is agreed before you take out insurance and if you do make a claim it would be to this value.  If your tent is completely ruined while on holiday, they can help with other accommodation whether this is the hire of a tent or help towards the cost of staying in a hotel.  This loss of use coverage can also cover the cost of you returning home from trips in Europe should the sole driver take ill.

Contents and Equipment

Like home insurance contents and equipment are also covered for fire, theft and accidental damage. This is great as we all know some of our equipment can be quite pricey so it’s good to know that it is also covered.

Although contents are covered I as would most insurers recommend that valuables are not left in the tent when it is unoccupied.  Jewellery, tech equipment and such should be either stored in a locked safe place such as cars or on-site lockers or taken with you.

European Cover

Most insurers have European cover built into policies and provide cover for up to 240 days in Europe. They are aware that many Brits enjoy camping abroad. In fact, a staggering 75% that do camp abroad go to France. But no matter where in Europe you go this will be an important part of your cover.

Public Liability Cover

This is also offered with most insurances meaning that should anything happen where you are at fault or are at risk of being sued you are covered.  So should your tent blow away and damage anything including cars, building or even a person you have the coverage needed to help protect you and cover others.

What About Trailer Tents?

Yes, most insurers will also cover trailer tents. As these are towed insurance maybe a little more expensive but I’m sure you will agree that the small cost per year is surely worth it.

Where Can I Get Insurance?

Two of the main insurers online are Shield Total Insurance and The Camping and Caravan Club (you don’t need to be a member to take out insurance with them).

Both companies are reputable, and you can apply online.  As with all insurances, it is recommended that you shop around for the best deal and one that meets your own personal requirements.  I hope this post answers some of your questions and helps you get the right protection for all your tents and equipment.  Leaving you free to enjoy what is important – CAMPING and enjoying time with your friends and loved ones.

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16 thoughts on “Tent and Camping Insurance”

  1. Insurance policies are good to have, especially when you travel to a foreign land. With the risk of travel and camping, it is really important for adventurers to effectively insure themselves and their valuables as well. This offers a soothing blanket in the events of unforseen occurrences. 

    Thanks for the write up, really appreciate it.


  2. Nice article there on tent and camping insurance. I must commend you for bringing in this information to the public, am sure many will find this article so useful as I do. This is my first time of hearing about tent and camping insurance because for once it has never cross my mind something can go wrong.all the same I will find out more about the two online insurer you recommend 

  3. Thanks for this article about Tent and Camping Insurance, I must say it has really been helpful. I remember the last time I organized a camping trip with my friends and barely few hours after we got there our tent and some camping equipment got stolen, never seen such before, it’s more painful cos I organized it and embarrassing. This is why I’m glad I came across this, thanks for this info

    • HI Seyi, 

      glad you found this as means if you ever organise a trip again you can ensure you all will be covered.


  4. Wow, this is one of the best article I’ve read so far. I often go for trip and make tent with my friends to stay in our visiting spot. But I had no idea about camping insurance. From your article I literally get a vast idea about insurance camping. To start camping insurance it will cost a lot as far I see in your article. It sounds very great that if my tent is completely ruined they can help me to accommodate by hiring a tent or they will bear the cost of staying hostel. Thank you for mentioning the insurers. Which insurers will cost less than other can you say, please?
    Overall thank you so much for your informative article.

  5. Now, this was an insightful and informative piece. I also didn’t know that there are insurers who  had packages for campers also. And they cover almost everything that is needed to cover for a camping trip. This would really put anyone’s mind at ease when camping. I especially like the fact that there is a Public Liability Cover. Accidents can happen due to no fault of the camper and it helps to know that someone got you covered. This is very cool.

    • Thanks Vaps, yes peace of mind is great.  You never realise how stressful a time can be until it happens, having such insurance will certainly help reduce those levels of stress should an accident occur.

  6. I did not even know you could get tent and camping insurance. It is a good idea, you never know what can happen. We had an RV and the insurance was very affordable, so I can imagine that tent and equipment coverage would also be fairly cheap. We were camping one time and a heavy rainstorm flooded our camping site right before we were leaving. It was a little bit of a pain to pack up our stuff in the flooded site but someone in a tent would have been in a few inches of water. I am sure they would have had some ruined equipment. Insurance would be nice in that situation.

  7. The two of the main insurance companies you mentioned are all good since I don’t even need to be a member to take insurance from them. Moreover it is stress free to apply online. So many people or campers are not aware of this kind of insurance and some that are aware do take it for granted because disasters are rare during camping and no one expects his house to get a blazed just like that. But then what if It happens that such occurs? I leave the answer to myself. I need to go for such insurance. 

    • Thanks Kenechi

      as our tents are our houses while away, insurance is very beneficial especially if the tent is inhabitable. So if you are covered for alternative accomodation it will mean you have time to sort through what has happened and even enjoy the rest of your holiday.

      Never leave things to chance, best to get covered.

  8. This is a great  and very  important information especially for campers. And my uncle loves camping with family. Though I have never had of insurance whilst camping. I think more awareness  should be created. Online and any other platform form. Even,  I have never been aware that there is something like camping insurance. And also, though expensive, I think it is worth it. I think my uncle is going to like this

    • Hi Barry i’m glad you now know that this type of insurance does exist.  I hope that many campers will agree that it is very worthwhile investment.  For such a small cost you can have peace of mind.

  9. Enlightening article! When it come to insurance of tent it even seen unimportant to me having a common tent insured. But I understand better in this post that is far beyond the tent, what of the inclusive of the value of camping equipment when getting a home insurance quote or even declare valuable items are kept in garages or outhouses and this will cover you for theft if stolen from your property . But I don’t know if it is unlikely that it will cover you whilst away on a trip. For me to take up any tent/camping insurance I will ask and know first what does the tent and camping Insurance covers? As with all insurances the level of cover differs depending on insurance companies and the level of cover that you take out. Great review post.

  10. Having been a camper,for many years, I was pleased to find out, that there is camping insurance.

    There are so many pluses,that I am sure I would be the one to take it up,not only the replacement of camping equipment,but also alternative accommodation.

    It is great, that the price of the insurance, is reasonable,so that middle class people can afford it.

    The idea of allowing campers to cover up to 4 tents is very good,as we have 3 tents of various sizes, and ages.

    Public liability cover is a bonus,we were in  a tornado once, and there were about 12 tents,as we were camping club members, and our equipment, could have stuck many cars, other tents, or people.

    It is comforting to know, that as so many disasters,can strike,fire, vandalism,or something else,that with camping insurance, you have a backup.

    • Hi Robert,

      yes peace of mind is a wonderful thing.  We all grow to love our gear, at least with insurance you know if anything happens it is not going to rule out camping the rest of the season. You may not be able to get exactly the stuff as it changes so often but you are not going to be left without until such time as you can afford to replace things.

      Massive bonus for camping enthusiasts



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