A Camping Treat With Sweet French Toast

A Real Breakfast Treat

Camping breakfasts don’t have to be just bacon butties or fry ups (although they are good). If like us, when you are at home you can get caught up in routines and being busy and breakfast just becomes a quick meal you have in the morning.

While camping, things are more relaxed and that is when we like to break out of the habit of the same old meals and try something new. One breakfast we now love to make while away camping is sweet french toast or sweet eggy bread, some of you might call it.

With the addition of cinnamon (or vanilla extract) and some fresh fruit, french toast or eggy bread takes on a whole new dimension.  And, of course, you cannot forget some sticky, runny topping to bring it all together. The fun thing is with this recipe you can explore and try out many toppings until you find a favourite or use it to have it more often only with different toppings!

For me, I love it drizzled with honey and topped with some raspberries and blueberries while the other half prefers maple syrup.

Kids often love it with some melted chocolate spread and banana.

If you don’t want to be carrying bottles why not opt for a mix of sugar and cinnamon to dust off that sweet french toast!


The ingredients are simple with 1 egg, 300 ml of milk, and a teaspoon of cinnamon along with some butter for frying, around 2 tbsp will be plenty. This list of ingredients is based on 2 servings or cooking 4 slices of bread. You can even use stale bread for this recipe as long as it’s not mouldy. In fact, this is a great recipe for when your bread is past its best.

So on the last day of camp, if you are not too rushed, this is the ideal way to use that bread up and save it from going to waste. What’s more, is that a sweet, yummy breakfast such as this may just keep those last day blues at bay a few more hours.

Sweet French Toast Ingredients

You will also need a griddle or frying pan, whisk or a fork will do and a wide container to mix your ingredients together.

This needs to be wide enough for you to place your bread in to coat it in the mixture. Although you can always cut up your bread to fit into the container so this doesn’t need to be an issue, especially if you are trying to carry as few items as possible.

How To Make

Mix the egg, milk and cinnamon in a container with a whisk or fork until it all comes together.

Sweet French Toast Mixture

Get your frying pan or griddle onto the fire or stove or whatever else you using to cook. I know that some people on sites like to use an electric hot plate or tepanyaki grill. As long as it has a flat surface and heats well enough it can be used in cooking these.

While this is heating get your first slice of bread and coat both sides in the mixture. You can let it sit in the mixture for a minute or 2, especially if using staler bread.

Melt some butter into a Griddle, frying pan or grill and get it hot.

Next, get your mixture of soaked bread into the pan and cook for at least 2 mins. The bread may take a little longer depending on what you are cooking on, so please use your own judgement. Then turn your bread and cook the other side.

Sweet french toast

Continue repeating this process until you have cooked all slices. You may be able to cook more than one slice at a time, again, this depends on what you are cooking on.


Now it’s time to get creative. Get your cooked sweet french toast, recommended, 2 slices each, and start to create a meal for the tastebuds. Top with your favourite sauce – honey, maple syrup, chocolate and add a good handful of your fav fruit. Berries and bananas are great fruit toppings.

Sweet french toast with honey and ber

Now, sit back and savour the greatness that is sweet french toast, whatever way you have chosen to top it!

Sweet French Toast

This delicious sweet french toast is quick and simple to make (only 4 ingredients) and when paired with some fruit and your favourite runny, sticky sauce of choice it will leave you feeling satisfied and the envy of other breakfasting campers.

  • Frying pan or griddle
  • Whisk or fork
  • Wide container for mixing
  • 1 Large Egg
  • 300 ml Milk
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon (or vanilla extract)
  • 4 slice Bread
  • Fruit for topping (berries and bananas are best)
  • Runny, sticky topping of choice (Honey, maple syrup or even chocolate sauce for kids)
  1. Place your egg, milk and cinnamon into your container and whisk to combine all ingredients.

  2. Take a slice of bread and coat one side before turning and coating the other. You can let the bread soak for a minute or two, especially if the bread is a little stale.

  3. Heat your frying pan or griddle over the fire or cooker and melt some of the butter to start cooking your bead in. use about a quarter of the butter for each slice, about a tsp.

  4. Continue to cook the rest of the bread in the same way. You can place the bread you've already cooked in some foil until the rest is ready.

  5. Take your slice of bread from the container and place in the frying pan. Cook for 2 mins before turning and cooking the other side.

  6. Serve with toppings of your choice. See suggestions or try your own.

Some serving suggestions for this are:

maple syrup and berries

honey and berries

bananas and chocolate sauce

sugar and cinnamon mixture

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