Camping Double Sided Sandwich Toastie Maker

If you are anything like me you like camping meals to be easy to prepare, quick to cook and tasty to eat and I normally find that this combined with eating al fresco is sure to make your food taste even better.

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So when I received this stovetop toastie maker as a gift I was delighted to say the least, as I love a toastie, whether on its own for lunch, served with a salad at tea time, or even for a quick late-night snack when hunger gets the better of you.

sandwich toaster

But, this is not just a toastie maker!

No, it’s as versatile as all those delicious toastie fillings we have come to like. So I am going to tell you more about it and what you can cook in it. Well to be more honest, what we have cooked in it and what other things we plan to try cooking in it.


What Actually Is It?

The stovetop toastie maker is a piece of cook wear comprising two cooking plates and handles joined together with a hinge and it is available from many manufacturers priced between £15 and £25. I have the TF Gear supersize one and this is the one used in the pictures of this post.

Another popular maker of this type of cookware is Ridge Monkey. View some here.

opened sandwich toaster

It can be used on any cooking surface in the home or while away camping or even out on a day trip. Gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen as well as on top of BBQs and open fires. The cooking plates allow for even heat transfer so your food is cooked evenly. It is recommended that you cook everything over low to medium heat when using this piece of cook wear but I feel that any food that doesn’t require boiling (such as portions of pasta and soup) should be cooked this way.

A non-stick cooking surface that is easily cleaned with soapy water. This is marked as dishwasher safe although it is recommended that you should always hand wash all non-stick surfaces to prolong the life of the product.

Safe, cool-touch handles, that can be clipped into the closed position to make turning easy and allow you to evenly cook the food you have in it.

handles of toastie maker


What Can You Cook In It?


cheese and ham toastie

Well of course the first thing I cooked in it was toasties and they were delicious. I was surprised at just how fast they cooked as one thing I was conscious of was it was only big enough to do one toastie at a time. But, by the time I had cooked the second one my partner had only just finished plating up the salad ready for the second to be served.

If you have children, cooking off individual toasties shouldn’t be an issue. Simply do children’s first and it gives them a chance to start cooling before they are served and you all sit down to eat.

Steaks and Burgers

Who doesn’t like a good steak or burger when away camping? This is ideal for cooking almost any meat. You can use this to cook your meats just the way you like them and give them that flame-grilled look at the same time due to ridges on the cooking plates. No need to flip burgers on this though, simply turn the whole thing over to get even cooking on each side. Also ideal for pork, lamb, and chicken.

We loved our steaks when done in this.

French Toast or Eggy Bread

french toast/eggy bread

Simply spray the inside of the pan with a little oil and add your egg covered bread. At home, we normally do our french toast as we call it, in the George Foreman by similarly spraying with oil and cooking between the grill plates. We prefer this to frying the bread as it leaves the bread nice and fluffy and using a spray oil to help prevent sticking and help the cooking process, the bread soaks up less oil than it would in a frying pan.


Naan Breads

If you like curry when camping or at home, these are great for getting those naan bread ready. Simply sprinkle with water as directed on the packet and place it in the pan. Cook for about 2 minutes on each side and you have the perfect naan bread to enjoy with your curry.


Do you like to fish or fish while on a camping trip? Why not cook your catch in this! Simply prepare your fish as you would at home for frying or grilling and get cooking. In fact, these are sold on many fishing sites for just this thing.


sausage and onion

Do you like a little fried something in the morning when you are camping? These are great for cooking most things you would have in your fry up. We managed to cook 4 slices of square sausage as well as some onion for our breakfast rolls one morning. But you can also use it for bacon, black pudding, links, hash browns, and many other breakfast items.

Don’t fancy a fried breakfast, no problem use it to heat up some pancakes or croissants instead.


Reheating of Pastries & Pies

This is great for reheating pastries and pies you have bought from the store. Sausage rolls, pasties, pies, and pastry bakes all reheat well in this. Simply place them inside and turn frequently to ensure even heat throughout the food.

Really the list is endless and with a little imagination, I’m sure you could cook up a storm with this cookware in your camping kit.

Would We Recommend?


We would definitely recommend this product. It is just so easy to use and you can cook a variety of things in it. For us, this will help us to reduce what we carry when we go camping, we can use it on days out on our single stove and even in the camper van.

I am that impressed that I am actually thinking of buying another just to use at home in our kitchen. The fact that is easy to clean and has two cooking plates, so it is so easy to flip and cook your food, no messing with trying to flip your food on a frying pan over a camp stove, makes this a great product.

Get YOURS here.

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