Skandika Navaho Teepee Desert Pyramid Indiana Tent Review

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About the Tent

If you love the idea of a bell tent but are unsure of making a switchover, we think that this tent is especially worth considering. With its bell tent or teepee style living area, separate sleeping areas and a front porch we think that this is a perfect mix of both.

One thing is for sure, it will certainly stand out in the campsite or at the festival with its unusual shape and bright colour fabric.

Skandika Navaho Tent Front View

Skandika is a German company who specialize in fitness and camping gear. Skandika tents are now becoming more popular with campers and I know I am seeing far more popping up on campsites.

This is a large 5-person tent and comes with a fully sewn-in groundsheet, helping to keep bugs and drafts out. An impressive 5000HH to keep you dry in adverse weather. Plenty of ventilation panels around the tent to help reduce the risk of condensation and a wet tent. 2 large windows with privacy curtains for early mornings and evenings.

The tent has a zipped cable entry point to allow you to run an electric hook up into your tent if required. However, ensure you are using the correct type of EHU and are doing so safely, read our camping with electrics if you are unsure.

There are bedroom pods to the rear of this tent which are divided into a 3+2 and both rooms have storage pockets for securing your valuables off the tent floor. If you are a light sleeper it is worth noting that there is no darkened material on bedroom pods and with the tent being light-coloured the light does come in on a morning. You could always just buy a nighttime eye mask to combat this.

All doors have integrated bug mesh to help keep the bugs out while letting the air in if you wish, this also helps in reducing condensation by allowing air to flow freely through the tent.

A front porch is also a great addition for not only allowing you to enter and exit while keeping the main tent dry in adverse weather but also storage to keep wet or muddy shoes and clothes out of the main tent. The porch area also has windows to allow light into the tent.

Skandika Navaho Tent

The Specs

Structure Teepee style living area, 2 bedroom pods to rear and porch to front. Front and rear use fibreglass poles and main living area uses one centre pole on the inside of the tent.

Guy Lines – Pre-attached guy lines around the tent.

Fabrics – A polyester tent made with lightweight fabric.

Cable Entry – Yes, the tent has EHU cable entry point.

Windows – 2 large windows in the living area and 2 in the front porch which will allow plenty of light.

Doors – The tent has 1 door to the front of the tent. This has an integrated fly mesh door that can be used on its own to allow plenty of fresh air.

Ventilation – Lots of ventilation throughout the tent with ventilation panels above windows, at the top of the living area, and to the rear of the tent behind the sleeping area.

Bedrooms – 2 bedrooms with divider, 3+2 design, storage pockets on the sides, and plenty of ventilation to the back of tent behind bedrooms.

Living Area – Living area is large with 2 large windows, lantern hanging point, storage pockets on the outside of bedroom pods and a top height of a massive 295cm.

Skandika Navaho Tent Specs

Optional Extras: None

At A Glance

Hydrostatic Head5000mm
Standing RoomYes
Pitch Time20 minutes

*Please note that price was correct at time of publishing and will be updated on a regular basis.


We really do love this tent as it seems like a hybrid of a tunnel tent and bell tent. We love the space the teepee or bell tent living area gives and the privacy of having the bedroom pods to the rear. The porch area is also great allowing you that little extra space and a means of keeping the main tent and living area dry and clean.

The tent is easy to pitch with one central pole and 3 smaller fibreglass poles. 1 at the porch and 2 over the bedroom area. The only fault we found with this tent is that the light comes in the bedroom areas in the morning. However, as we stated earlier in the post, you could just buy an eye mask.

Like what you see? You can purchase this tent here.

Not sure which tent is for you? Why not use our free Tent Comparison Guide to help you figure it out. Simply click on the link below to download it. This will help you compare the tents you look at so you can see at a glance the specs for each tent you like and allow you to make a more informed decision. Use it when looking online or print and take it tent shopping to make things that little bit easier.

Free PDF Tent Comparison Guide

Do you have this tent? How do you rate it?

Tell others about your experience of using it and help them make a more informed decision.

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