Rucksack Review – Vango Roam 35 Day Pack

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As the British weather continues to improve many people are making the most of it and starting to get out more. Whether this is on walks, hikes, day trips or weekends away most of us are taking advantage of the better weather.

As we are heading on out and starting to explore most of us are finding that we need to either buy or replace some items to make our leisure time more enjoyable, comfortable and easier. We are no exception and recently had to replace one of our back packs.

Now we have had this pack out and about several times now we thought we’d write a review and share it for others who may be looking to purchase something the same or similar to aid their adventures.

We hope that this review helps you to decide on a backpack, even if it’s not this one we hope some of the features we will discuss gives you some food for thought before making your next purchase.

Our Review

Today we are going to review the Vango Roam 35 Back Packs. Vango have a range of packs in this range from 20 – 39l and in two colours. We have the Vango Roam 25 from this range in volt blue colour for this review, the only difference amongst the range is size and colour.

Vango Roam 35 Day Pack

We chose this bag as it was from a well-regarded brand and was the size and style, we were looking for in a day pack.

It is lightweight, has a compact design and we also really liked the volt blue colour. This with some of the bags extra features made it stand out to us in the shop. We stuffed a few of our other shopping items into it to try it on for size and comfort and it felt good on. It sat well on both our backs and the padded shoulder straps did not dig in and sat comfortably.

The Bag

This bag from Vango is made from polyester and has a PU coating making it durable and strong but also lightweight, weighing in at only 700g.

Vango Roam Day Pack

The bag has an air force system on the back with cushioned back panels and shoulder straps. This keeping you and the contents of your pack cooler while maintaining that all important comfort factor if you are wearing your pack for any length of time.

The pack also has sternum and waist straps that are adjustable, this making sure you get a good fit around your body for comfort.

The bag has 2 good sized side pocket which are ideal for storing maps, snacks, drinks and more. It also features a dual top pocket for keeping small items. One is accessible from the outside of the pack and the other from the inside.

The pack is also compatible with most hydration packs should you wish to use one. There is a handy pouch on the inside of the pack to keep the hydration bladder secure and a covered exit point for the drinking tube on the top, back, right hand side of the bag.

Vango Day pack with rain cover
Vango pack rain caover

This bag also has a non-detachable built in rain cover which is stored in a little zipped pouch on the underside of the bag. It is worth noting that while this may keep the outer of the bag dry if you are out in very heavy rain that the water that runs between your back and bag may cause items in the bag to become wet. As with all bags if you are going to be using them in such adverse weather conditions or while walking through gorges or water you would be advised to place all your belongings inside a dry bag before placing them into a bag.

Last, but not least is that the bag also has a webbed carry handle between shoulder straps for off the back handling and straps for attaching your walking poles, ice axes, solar units etc.


Our Thoughts

Now we have given you some specs of the bag, what do we think now we’ve used it several times? Well we have come to really like this little bag. It does exactly what we need it to and fits what we need to take with us on day trips nicely. I tend to carry more than I need to if there is space, so the compact design has helped me rethink what I take.

There is enough room for our food and drink for the day, a seat pad, purse, phone, camera, first aid kit and a few other items depending on what we are doing on any particular day.

We especially like the built-in rain cover and walking pole holders. As we have said earlier the padded straps and back panel make this bag very comfortable to wear and the sternum and waist straps adjust easily while on the move if you need to re-adjust them.

We really hope this review has helped in your decision making before purchase and helped you to think what you may need from your chosen backpack including the little extras like openings for hydration bladders or straps for walking poles. All these little extras can make all the difference once out for the day.

If you do like this particular bag we bought it here.

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