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Robens Tents are well known for their quality made polycotton beige and brown Bell Tents. This Trapper tent may look a little different to their renown bell tents but it, funnily enough, still falls under that same category, with a bell or tipi shape at the rear of the tent and a tunnel design at the front, providing extra space. A great tent boasting the same quality and craftsmanship as the rest of their tents.

Robens trapper tent pitched

The Tent

Well, what can I say about the Robens Trapper Tent? This is a bit of a hybrid of a tent with a tipi style and feel in the rear, bedroom part of the tent and a tunnel design at the front living and canopy areas. The front tunnel design lends itself well for that extra living and standing space inside. With a fully sewn-in groundsheet and reinforced areas where the poles meet the fabric give this tent a bug-free and snug feel.

Although there are no windows you can open the top parts of the front doors so it is the bug mesh only and you can see out through this material. The tent is well ventilated and also breathes well as it is a polycotton tent so there will be a big reduction in overnight condensation if there even is any.


Structure: Steel pole structure, with an A-frame and two shaped, tunnel style poles for entrance and canopy. These poles simply slide into reinforced floor cups and are further secured with strong velcro catches.

The canopy pole is a little different as this is zipped into place, providing a secure structure to be pegged out and helping to keep that material stretched to provide comfort against the elements.

Guy Lines: All guy lines are pre-attached and most (apart from the front) are low-level guy lines to create a taught pull on the fabric and eaves to allow any rainwater to run away from the tent.

Fabric: HydroTex Polycotton tent with a 210T Polyester Groundsheet. As this is a polycotton tent there is no HH(hydrostatic head) rating. However, the weave of the fabric expands to provide you with a watertight fabric and one side of this fabric has also been treated.

inside and bedroom area of trapper tent

Cable Entry: no

Windows: There are no windows in this tent but the doors to the front of the tent do have zip away top panels to reveal sewn-in mesh bug windows/panels. Due to the canopy on this tent, these can be used as windows in good weather.

Doors: 1 entrance door to the front of the tent, Zip away panels to the top to reveal mesh bug panels. The doors can be toggled open when needed.

Ventilation: Low and high-level ventilation at the rear of the tent. Ventilation panels in the bedroom door and at the top of the main entrance door.

Bedrooms: 1 bedroom

Living Area: There is a living area in this tent but it is relatively small. Ideal for sheltering out of the rain for a bite to eat if needed but I personally think this area would be better utilised if there were only 2 people sharing the tent where a table and chairs may be fitted inside.

Optional Extras: There are no optional extras specified with this tent.

Robens Trapper tent layout

At A Glance

Person 4-5
Standing RoomYes
Pitch Time20 minutes

*Please note that prices were correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. We will endeavour to update these prices on a regular basis.


I must admit, I rather like this tent, a lot!

Like most tents, I would have fewer than the recommended amount of people using this tent, especially as the living area is not very spacious. I love the duo-design on this tent as it will really stand out on the campsite and blend well out in the wild if you can carry the weight and only take essentials with you.

Trapper Tent Storage bag

The added canopy on this tent makes it look and feel a little more spacious and luxurious then others it’s size.

Not sure which tent is for you? Why not use our free Tent Comparison Guide to help you figure it out. Simply click on the link below to download it. This will help you compare the tents you look at so you can see at a glance the specs for each tent you like and allow you to make a more informed decision. Use it when looking online or print and take it tent shopping to make things that little bit easier.

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