Robens Klondike 6 Person Tipi Tent Review

In this review, we are going to look at the Klondike 6 Person Tipi Tent from Robens. Read on to see what we think and what the tent specifications are, as we have noted them further down in the post.

These are great tents to use during the cooler or cold months as you can pair them up with a wood-burning stove as they are already fitted with a stovepipe port.

The material also allows greater breathability and helps reduce condensation giving you a dryer camping experience in wet or damp weather conditions.

The structure and layout of this tent mean it will go up as one and goes up fairly quickly and easily even in windy conditions.

Robbins Klondike 6 person tent pitched

The Tent

These are an all-in-one style tent made from polycotton. The material allows the tent to stay cooler in the summer months and warmer in cooler months.

The tipi tent will sleep 5-6 people but for us, this does not allow adequate room to leave beds in situ during the day. For us 2-3 with living space during the day more suits. Of course, if you are only planning to use the tent at night to eat and sleep and be out and active during the day it will easily accommodate 5-6.

This tent pitches all in one where you simply find your doorway and place in the direction you want it and peg out the groundsheet accordingly. You then put your central pole in place and place the A-frame for the doorway.

You are then free to peg out guy lines that help form the eves of the tent. These eves allow water and rain to run off and away from the tent even over the entrance door helping keep everything dry.

There is plenty of ventilation around tent both at low and high levels allowing good airflow. The lower and door ventilation panels can be controlled by zips from inside the tent, while the top ventilation panels are controlled by a pulley system that is neatly stored down the inside of the tent walls.

The structure of the tent means when fully pegged out it will stand up to some pretty nasty weather conditions as the peaked top allows winds to simply blow around it as it is not being met with a solid, flat structure.

As long as you are not trying to pitch in gale force winds this an easy tent for anyone to erect and could easily be done by one person. Once pegged out you can get inside and finish pitching and stay that little bit dryer too. And if the winds aren’t that strong the structure allows for you to peg out the eves once the rain has passed due to the rigidity the tent provides.

The stove pipe hole allows for a log burning stove to be inside the tent for both heat and cooking purposes if you wish to cook on it. Again, the breathability of the fabric allowing for this and reducing condensation. If using a stove the groundsheet and optional carpet allow for this by being able to be folded back. This means when having the stove door open to re-fuel that if anything should drop you are not going to damage your tent.

The Robens Denali tent stove pairs great with this tent and comes in its own storage bag.

The Specs

Drawing of klondike tent with pitched dimensions
Floor layout of Klondike 6 person tent

Structure – One central pole with an additional 2 poles supporting the entrance.

Guy Lines – Pre-attached guy lines on all sides for added rigidity. Guy line points are reinforced to help in high winds.

Fabrics – The fabric used is a Hydrotex polycotton mix (65% cotton, 35% polyester). This has a HH of 5000mm and is an extremely breathable fabric. The groundsheet is made of waterproof polyester.

Cable Entry –  There is no cable entry on this tent although the groundsheet does zip away from the tent and this would allow entry if really required.

Windows – There are no big fancy windows on this tent due to it being a tipi style but the many bug mesh panels can allow light in and for you to see out.

Doors – There is only one entrance to this tent and it is one large door at the front of the tipi.

Ventilation – Lots of ventilation throughout this tent with 3 low-level, zip-open vents, one at each side and 1 at the rear. There are also ventilation panels on each door that can be zipped open and pulley system vents on the top of the tent.

Klondike 6 person tent apex vent control diagram

Bedrooms  – This tent is an open space tent meaning no separate bedrooms.

However, you can purchase an inner bedroom pod separately if this is something you would like.

Living Area – As tipis are all in one structure, where the whole tent is living space unless you buy the bedroom pod as extra. Outer edges are low but with generous standing space in the middle.

Optional Extras:

We like that Robens realise that many people like to separate their living and sleeping areas and for this reason, they have designed a bedroom pod that can be purchased to give this divide.

You may also like to purchase a tent carpet to make this tent even cosier, this is pre-shaped so it fits the tent correctly and reduces trip hazards.

Wood burning stoves such as the Robens Denali is a great stove to pair with this tent.

Not sure which tent is for you? Why not use our free Tent Comparison Guide to help you figure it out. Simply click on the link below to download it. This will help you compare the tents you look at so you can see at a glance the specs for each tent you like and allow you to make a more informed decision. Use it when looking online or print and take it tent shopping to make things that little bit easier.

Free PDF Tent Comparison Guide

At A Glance

Standing RoomYes
Pitch Time25 Minutes

*Please note that price was correct at time of publishing and will be updated on a regular basis.


We think the Klondike 6 Person Tipi Tent from Robens is a fab tent. This tipi tent makes a fantastic small family tent for year-round use. The breathability of the fabric allows for cooler camping in the summer and warmer, dryer camping in the autumn and winter.

I love the fact it already has a built-in stove pipe hole and pulley controlled ventilation panels at the top of the tent, utilising the higher space well.

The lack of windows is a little downside for summer camping for me but if using this in the winter or without kids I certainly do not have a problem.

I would look to purchase both the stove and carpet for use with this tent.

Tipi style tents maybe not for you, I have also reviewed some other 5-6 man tents that may be of more interest. Check out the links below for these.

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Do you have this tent?  How do you rate it?

Tell others about your experience of using it and help them make a more informed decision.

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