Robens Aero Yurt – Review

Hi and welcome to my review of the Robens Aero Yurt. Camping Magazines, editor’s choice award 2019 for best glamping tent.

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The Yurt

This is an inflatable yurt, made from a great quality polycotton material and the structure being formed by 4 air tubes. The yurt can be inflated through one single valve and this helps reduce the time in pitching the yurt.

The Polycotton material means these are very waterproof as the material gets wet it expands and tightens so no water gets in. Polycotton is also a breathable material which means a minimum risk of condensation, unlike polyester tents.

You really do have a lot of space with this yurt. Standing at an impressive 2m 70cm in height and 4m 50cm in diameter.

To pitch you simply roll out the yurt, ensure the door is facing the desired direction, peg out the built-in groundsheet then inflate. It really is that simple. Once inflated you only need to peg out the pre-attached guy lines. Oh, and the guy lines even have their own little storage hold for when not in use which is quite cool.

Aero Yurt

2 large windows to the front of the yurt allow light to flood in and you to see the views or watch the kids. Fully zipped mesh door and low-level ventilation panels around the yurt let in plenty of fresh air.

One large door to the front of the tent that rolls to the side and is secured with toggles when not in use.

Robens have tested these yurts to winds of 95km per hour and they stood up proud with no lasting damage to the structure. In other words, there was no damage afterwards, but the beams or tubes did give movement and bend but did not burst and went back into place once winds subsided.

The Specs

Structure – This is an Air Technology tent meaning that it has inflatable tubes to form the structure of the Yurt. There are 4 tubes in total.

Air Beams in Aero Yurt

Guy Lines – Pre-attached guy lines on all sides for added rigidity. Guy line points are reinforced to help in high winds.

Fabrics –  HydroTex Polycotton RS, 35% cotton / 65% polyester, Ripstop material with a polyester sewn in groundsheet that has a HH of 10,000mm.

Cable Entry – The Yurt has no EHU cable entry point.

Windows – 2 large windows to the front of the yurt that lets in plenty of light and they also have zip-up privacy curtains, these roll away and are secured when not in use.

Doors – The Yurt has 1 door to the front of the tent. This has an integrated fly mesh door which can be used on its own to allow plenty of fresh air.

Ventilation – Lots of ventilation throughout tent with ventilation panels on every second panel. There is also a large mesh door to the front that can be used in dry weather or when you don’t want the main door zipped over.

Bedrooms – All in one, no separate bedrooms. Sleeps 8.

Living Area – The space in this tent is great, although it is one big space so there are no separate bedroom areas. With the 2 large windows light is able to flood into the whole yurt.

Optional Extras: there are no additional products at the moment but the Robens Chinook carpet would also fit this yurt.

Layouts Aero Yurt

At A Glance

BedroomOne large living space
Standing RoomYes
Pitch Time17 minutes

*Please note that price was correct at time of publishing and will be updated on a regular basis.

**We have seen this Yurt for £1,199.93 on Amazon at 28.4.19 Click here to view.


If you don’t mind not having separate bedrooms this is a fantastic yurt/tent and anyone who has purchased one so far is loving them.

They stand up to the wind better than other tents and the quick pitching is great.

For us, this would be great if away on our own, but I would need to keep furnishing minimal as I struggle to sleep in untidy spaces (which it probably would be if kids were there).

I would not really recommend it for eight people unless it was only being used to sleep in and to organize yourselves at the beginning and end of each day.

If you are looking for a feeling of luxury and glamping is more your thing then this would definitely be a great investment.

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