Review of the OEX Bush Pro Bivvi Bag

Bivvy, bivy, bivvi, bivouac, there are called many names but are one and the same. Here we test and review the OEX Bush Pro Bivvi Bag. Do you know what a bivvy bag is? If so you can skip reading the first part. If not read through and learn how adding a bivvy bag to your camping kit can be a smart choice and allow for even more adventures.

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What Is A Bivvi Bag?

In simple terms, a bivvy bag is a lightweight, waterproof shelter that will keep you dry when you need it to. Bivvi bags are ideal for keeping you dry if the weather suddenly turns while you are out in an open place where another shelter might not be available.

Some of the newer bivvi bags are hooped and can close completely over the top of you. The hoop design allows the fabric to be kept away from your face. Many people/bivvi baggers will argue that these are more like tents due to them being enclosed. For others, it is just personal preference.

Bivvi bags are mostly used for sleeping in, rather than as a shelter. You can at times use a bivvi bag on its own to sleep in or slip your sleeping bag inside. This means you can sleep out without the need for a tent to shelter you from the elements.

Some will use it in conjunction with their hammocks, with a tarp or both. Some will even just use a bivvi and sleeping bag to get their head down, especially if on a mountain for the night.

The OEX Bush Pro Bivvi Bag

So let’s look at the OEX Bush Pro in detail.

OEX Bush Pro Bivvi in bag

The bivvi comes with its own stuff sack.

This bivvi has a top opening and is sealed down both sides. This means you get in and get out from the top, or where your head will lie while in the sleeping position. The opening has a drawcord, so once you are in and comfortable you can draw the opening down. This will save you from drafts and protect you more.

The bivvi is made from a 40 D, 380 ripstop nylon. The bivvi has taped seams to help keep it waterproof. The HH, or hydrostatic head of this bivvi is 5000mm, so you are going to be kept dry. The bivvi also has an internal pocket that measures approx 20 cm x 15 cm and is located in the chest area.

Size: 245 cm x 95 cm opened, 21 cm x 9 cm packed in stuff sack

Weight: 0.45kg

Material: 40 D 380 Ripstop Nylon

HH: 5000mm

RRP: £110 but often found online for around £45

If you are interested in purchasing one of the OEX Bush Pro Bivvi Bags they are available from the following retailers –Blacks, Go Outdoors, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors – simply click on a retailer of your choice for prices.

OEX Bush Pro Bivvi
OEX Bush Pro Bivvi

Why Did I Get A Bivvi Bag?

We are more tent campers so what made us get a bivvi bag? Well, on planning and starting to look at our 2022 camping season plans I came across a challenge. This was to try and set a World Record for the number of people sleeping out in a bivvi bag on the same night. I just had to put our names down. I love a challenge and We also love to try something new – bivvi bagging!

This delightful challenge/event was created by Russ Moorhouse to help celebrate his sleeping with Wainwright challenge. Russ has slept on almost all the mountains or peaks in the Lake District National Park. There are 214 in total and on the 26th of February 2022, when the Record Attempt will take place Russ will sleep on his 214th Wainwright peak in his bivvi bag.

snug as a bug
Snug as a Bug

Here’s a link to the Facebook page if you fancy joining us or learning more about this. –

So, this is the reason for us purchasing the bivvi bags. Hopefully, if all goes well it could be another way for us to camp or get our heads down overnight without having to always take a tent.

We teamed this up with our Army Arctic Sleeping Bag and the DD Hammock 3 x 3m Tarp.

Our Thoughts

Well, the first time using the OEX Bush Pro Bivvi bag was a challenge. It took a little getting used to getting in and out since it is a top opening. Once in I found it roomy, even with the big Army Arctic sleeping bag inside. There was room at the bottom if you wanted to store some of your gear out of the weather.

The Bivvi Bag certainly adds warmth as I felt I was certainly a lot warmer than if I was just sleeping in the sleeping bag itself. I know some have said that a bivvi bag can add around 10° C worth of warmth. I found that with the bivvi providing protection from the wind as well as moisture or rain you were snug.

Saying that I was warned by a few people who have used these before not to be tempted to cover my face and breathe into the bag as it would create condensation. A good balaclava can help keep your face warm if you need it. This was my choice as I hate having a cold nose. The 3 hole type balaclavas are the best I feel. This will be especially true when the temperature drops below zero on a night.

All in all, I really liked this bag. It did what I needed it to do, packed small, is lightweight and has enough room once inside.

Again if you would like one of these you can check them out by clicking the links below. These are often on offer

If you are interested in purchasing one of the OEX Bush Pro Bivvi Bags they are available from the following retailers –Blacks, Go Outdoors, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors – simply click on a retailer of your choice for prices.

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