Review | Adventuridge 30L Electric Cool Box From Aldi

In this post, we are going to review the Cool Box from Aldi. These have become really popular, budget-priced cool boxes that are being used by many campers and those who have camper van conversions.

The Aldi camping events normally happen twice per year and items are available both online and instore. We would suggest signing up for their newsletter so you don’t miss out.

We bought one of these cool boxes last year when they were being sold in Aldi. We have yet to use it camping but have used it on many trips in the camper. We will be taking this camping plenty this year when camping with EHU hopefully.

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If you are new to camping or new to having EHU while camping be sure to check out our other post on Storing Food While Camping. Here we cover the best way to store food as well as packing up your cool box for your camping trip.

Adventuridge Cool Box
Adventuridge Cool Box in Blue & Grey

The Adventuridge 30L Cool Box

The Adventuridge Coolbox from Aldi is a 30 L electric cool box with a carrying handle. The box unloaded weighs around 4.4 kg. The cool box comes in both blue/grey and green/grey. I would have liked the green/grey one, to match our tent, but there was only one left and it was in blue, which is typical!

The coolbox has a choice of 2 power sources, that can be neatly stored away in the cable compartment at the back of the box. the cool box has a built-in light in the interior. on the outside of the box, you have both a heating and cooling indicator and a power setting knob which allows you to better control the temperature inside the cool box.

Not only is this a cool box but it can also be used for storing warm food as it also has a heat function.

The cool box comes with 2 spare fuses, an operating manual and a warranty card.

The coolbox has a carry handle for easy transportation and this can also be locked in place via a clip to hold the lid of the cool box open when you need access. No more jamming your hands when trying to get items out for lunch or tea.

Choice of Power Sources

With this cool box, you have the choice of two ways to power it. You have the standard 240v plug that will plug straight into the electrics. You also have a 12v plug that can be plugged into your car, boat, camper via the 12-volt socket. The two spare fuses that come with the cool box are for use with the 12v plug and the user manual gives pictured instructions of how to change these fuses.

plug storage
Plug Storage for both 240v and 12v electrics

Temperature Settings

As stated earlier this cool box has both cooling and heating modes. This can be controlled by a switch and knob on the front of the box. The switch determines which mode you will be using, cooling or heating and the knob will set the temperature you require.

As with all other cool boxes, the internal temperatures can depend on the ambient external temperature. For this reason, we always suggest that you buy a good thermometer to keep in your cool box so you get an accurate reading while in use.

The cooling capacity is at a maximum of 20°C lower than the ambient external temperature. This means that if the ambient temperature is 24°C the coldest temperature your cool box will reach is 4°C. You need to keep this in mind if using during the warmer months as food should be stored at a temperature of no more than 4° C.

The heating capacity is a maximum of 55 °C. This is warm enough to let you transport hot food short distances.

cool box temp settings
Cooling or Heating Function
cool box temp control
Temperature Control including Eco Mode

What We Think Of This Cool Box

So, what do we actually think of the Adventuridge 30L Cool Box that is sold by Aldi? We actually really like this cool box. It does what we need it to do. We would only be able to use this cool box during spring and autumn breaks where the temperature is not going to be over 24 degrees.

We also know that when we are starting to attend parties and get together where we take some food along to share, we can use this to take hot food.

We find that it is spacious enough for weekends away for our food although we still normally take a pre-prepared frozen meal for the Saturday. This is just due to this being the main day we go out exploring and it makes for a quick meal in the evening. This leaves us plenty of relaxation time too.

We think that this cool box does exactly what you need it to and the price is great too. We have used it once just with ice blocks and it also worked a treat then too. The dual electric option is a great feature, just don’t leave it plugged into your car overnight and flatten your battery. These cool boxes draw a fair bit of energy so we would not recommend using them with a leisure battery.

We would defo recommend this product, especially when first starting out. Great not only for camping for days out where you would like to take cool drinks and maybe even something to cook for lunch on a stove or BBQ. If you are looking to camp more in the warmer weather then maybe a tabletop fridge if you are able to transport one.

You can always buy a cool box that will hold your food at more than 20° C below ambient temperature or look into purchasing a multiway fridge that uses gas if unable to have EHU. Both are more efficient at holding food at safe temperatures and better power consumption. This is also reflected in the price at 2-3 times the price of these minimum.

Just remember whatever you use that you want it to keep your food at a safe temperature. Always think use /temperature when making a purchase.

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12 thoughts on “Review | Adventuridge 30L Electric Cool Box From Aldi”

  1. purchased this coolbox 23/7/20 stopped working 26/8/21 unable to get any sense from domestic warranty service worked very well up to then not happy with customer service caravaner

    • Hi Maurice,
      Sorry to hear about your issue with this. We have had ours for around the same amount of time but we probably haven’t used it as much as yourself. Have never had any dealings with customer service for any of our Aldi purchases. Maybe some of our other readers might have.

        • Hi Anthony,
          I’m sorry we do not sell handles. We have only reviewed this item.
          If you are looking for replacement parts you would need to contact the manufacturer or Aldi who sell this item. However, I have checked our user manual and there is no mention of parts replacement in it. I would give Aldi a call though and see if they can help you.

  2. Just one point & please no offence is intended, it is a common misconception food must be stored at or below 4c as food packaging sometimes says this.
    Actually food in your fridge must be kept at 8˚C or below, this is the legal requirement in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In practice, it is recommended to set your fridge at 5˚C because when you open your fridge it makes a huge difference to the internal air temp whilst open but the food temperature should stay fairly stable as long as you don’t have it open for minutes on end. I have a thermometer built into my fridge but years of experience says the only way to make sure food is in the safe zone is to probe the food. Sorry I am a retired E.H.O it is like OCD things.

    Anyway, my friend saw mine cooler last summer whilst on the river bank (Campingaz Powerbox Plus 28L) my car said it was 26 degrees out admittedly I had it in the shade by the car it said 4.5c inside all day.
    On probing the food it was 6.2c I forgot to turn it down from max that night & when I got up in the morning the milk had ice crystals.
    He thought he would get one & bought this Aldi one & it never even got close to cooling anything in the summer, then promptly packed up on his third outing with it.
    Aldi electrical build quality is very hit & miss some people have no trouble but lots do.
    He called customer services who said return it for a refund as they have no more in stock or claim the warranty.
    He said it is was a joke and the warranties people were even worse he gave up in the end and took it to the tip.

    • Hi, Justin thanks for sharing this great information. As much as we use a coolbox we try to limit food like meats being stored in them and use these first for meals. I think using a probe as you say is a great idea and they are not too expensive.
      I am sorry to hear about your friends’ experience but as you say it can be a hit or a miss. Our coolbox is still going strong a few years down the line so have never had to be in touch with customer services or use the warranty.
      This is all good information for people to know as we all want to be able to make informed choices when it comes to purchasing new goods.

        • Hi Nigel,

          when we have used this we have run it for three days straight. This was when it was plugged into mains electricity though. When we used it in the van we did notice that it ran down the batteries very quickly, in 6-8 hours while on eco mode. this will probably depend on things like outside temperatures and what you are using to power it.

  3. Bought one of these in June 2019. Used it in 2019, but then not until July 2022.

    Worked really well and liked it.

    BUT the 240v side refused to work in the second week of July.

    It’s 20days outside of warranty so Aldi have refused to consider a warranty replacement. Had it not been for covid it would have been used (and presumably) failed well within the period. But Also are having none of it and washed their hands.

    Remember that when you buy from Aldi

    • Hi Tom, thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear about your experience with this coolbox. It seems a few people have had poor experiences with this product. I’ll be sure to edit the post and point readers to the comments so they can read what you and others have experienced. Luckily for us, ours is still going strong. But, I want our readers to have a full picture before parting with their money and that is why I ask for comments from our readers too. So again, thanks for getting in touch to share your experience.


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