Rest Easy With an Inflatable Bed Base by Quechua

Many of you may have already heard about or seen these Inflatable Bed Bases by Quechua already. They have become so popular with campers over the past couple of years. That is why we decided it was time to purchase a couple and test and review them. Hopefully helping other campers in deciding if they would part with their cash and purchase them for themselves.

quechua bed base

It does help that these beds come with a 5-year warranty that most other beds don’t.

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About the Inflatable Bed Base?

When most people think of inflatable beds they think of the whole bed inflating. Beds such as the flocked Intex beds or similar. These are basically inflatable mattresses, regardless of their height. The Quechua Bed Base is different due to it being a bed base and NOT a mattress. You will need to use an inflatable mattress, SIM or mat on top of the base.

The bed base comprises of two inflatable tubes, one on top of the other that are inflated. This gives the bed its shape and height. These are inflated using an air pump which you will have to buy separately if you don’t already have one.

Similar to slatted bed bases we use in our homes the Quechua bed base has slats running down the length of the bed base. These are made from 95% glass fibre and 5% resin. They feel like hard plastic but will bend slightly to allow you to rest in your chosen position. There are also two of these slats that cross over in the midsection of the bed base. This helps the bed to keep its shape and helps to strengthen the midsection. Meaning the bed won’t bulge outwards in the middle where most of the weight will be.

bed bases joined

The bed base needs to be pumped up to a PSI of 6. A double-action hand pump is ideal for this. If you have an airbeam tent then the pump you already use for your tent shall fit these bed bases.

These are elastic straps on all 4 corners that help to hold your SIM or mattress in place. These should be no wider than 70 cm.

Each bed has both a male and female clip on them that allow 2-bed bases to be joined to create a double bed.

Specs of the Inflatable Bed Base

quechua bed base packed

Weight – 3.8kg

Packed size – 70 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm

Inflate using an air pump to a PSI of 6

This bed base can also be connected with another to make a double bed.

Beds are tested to withstand at least 100 inflation/deflation cycles.

Resting Easy On The Inflatable Bed Base

But what is the best mattress/SIM to use on this bed base?

That really depends on you. How you sleep, your budget and or preferences.

We teamed this up with 10cm SIMs and this was perfect for us. I am a side sleeper mainly, although I also like to sleep on my front from time to time throughout the night. I am also one for having arms and legs hanging out of the bed. On our framed beds this could leave me sore or waking up with numb arms or legs as the bars would dig in. I had none of this on these bases as there are no poles. The only hard areas on these beds are underneath you and at the inflation point.

We would recommend a minimum of a 7.5cm SIM. We love the Outwell Dreamcatchers we have as they also have a great R-Value. This helps to keep you warm as well as comfortable during the night. You can find out more about R-Values by reading this post – What Is An R-Value When Looking at Camping Mats?

Our Verdict

We have tried many sleep systems over the years that we have been camping. Personally, I have to say, that hands down, this bed base teamed with a good SIM wins. We can now see how they have become so popular with campers in the past few years. We really wish we had made the switch sooner.

No poles make this a more comfortable bed for anyone who throws their arms and legs out of the bed during the night.

The base gives you a reasonable height in a bed and saves having to get up and down off the floor of the tent.

Easy to set up and take down and comes with its own carry bag.

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