Quechua Air Seconds 4.1 F&B 4 Person Tent Review

In this review, we are going to look at the Quechua Air Seconds 4.2 F&B 4 person 1 bedroom tent from Decathlon.

These have become really popular tents on campsites the past few years and as we go through this review you will see why.

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The Quechua Air Seconds 4.1 Tent

First, we will look at breaking down the name of the tent as this will tell you what you are getting. Air Seconds is the tent name telling you that it is an air tent rather than a poled tent. 4.1 means that it is a 4 person tent with 1 bedroom. F&B, stands for fresh and black, fresh being the material that helps to reduce the temperature inside the tent and black due to the darkened bedrooms.

Quechua Air Seconds

This tent does not have a sewn-in groundsheet but a bathtub groundsheet as many campers call it. Quechua call it a basin groundsheet. What this means is that the groundsheet is separate and it will toggle up at the sides inside the tent. It is held in place with the use of a toggle system. You can leave this in place and it means that it is easily removed to be cleaned. You can also un toggle the front of the groundsheet to give a flat entrance during the day.

This tent has a 5-year warranty and that is based on around 4 weeks of use per year. If using this tent for longer periods of time it is advisable to re-waterproof it at regular intervals.


Structure – Air Technology provides the Structure of this tent with 3 air beams. There is also an aluminium bar that goes between the two front beams to help strengthen the structure.

Guys – Guy lines are pre-attached for easy guying out.

Fabric – A Fresh fabric is used on the flysheet to help reflect the sun and keep the tent cooler on warmer days. The tent has a UPF protection of 50+. You may also notice that there is a double fabric ceiling over the living area helping to create great airflow and help keep the tent cooler.

Cable Entry – Due to the style of the tent cable entry would not be an issue as the tent does not feature a sewn-in groundsheet that would block entry.

Windows – there are windows on either side of the tent. One of these is a solid window and the other a mesh screen. Both have privacy curtains. The side with the mesh screen has a curtain that zips into place when raining to keep you dry and the other a privacy curtain that can be toggled up when you require some privacy.

Quechua Air Seconds Layout

Doors – there is only one entry point to this tent and that is via the large front door.

Ventilation – The tent is well ventilated to stop condensation build-up and there is even a low-level zipped area to the rear of the bedroom that can be left open with a mesh ventilation panel when it is warmer and it can be zipped closed on colder evenings.

Bedrooms – this tent only has one bedroom giving a 70cm space for each bed if you are using 4. the bedroom has sewn-in storage at each side to keep your belongings safe but within easy reach. The bedrooms are only 210cm deep and for taller people, this may be a problem. Due to the slant on the rear wall of the tent, it may mean your head is touching the fabric. There is also 2 lantern hanging point in this area for lights.

Living Area – a comfortable living area with sewn-in storage pockets. The living area gives around 6.5 sqm of living space. there is also a lantern hanging point just in front of the bedroom area for lighting.

Optional Extras – There are no optional extras for this tent.

Quechua Air Seconds Front View

At A Glance

Standing RoomYes
Weight 14.5 Kg
Pitch TimeAround 20 minutes
*Please note that prices were correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change. We will endeavour to update these prices on a regular basis.

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This is a great first-time tent for couples or those with young families who are looking to get into camping without it costing the earth. The fact that it was quick and easy to pitch means that if you do have young ones a single person could pitch this themselves leaving the other adult to mind the little ones. Similarly, for couples, it’s a quick pitch to let you get on with the rest of your holiday.

The darkened room means there doesn’t have to be early rises just because the sun has come up and made the tent too light to continue sleeping. It also means you can get the kiddies off to sleep a little earlier so you can get to enjoy some time before retiring for the night.

The little canopy over the front door is a nice touch and will be appreciated when raining as it will stop the inside from getting too wet as you enter and leave the tent. All in all, we think this is a great tent for what you pay, especially when compared to other similar-sized tents on the market.

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