Pitched in 60 Seconds – 2 Man Pop Tent From OLPro

When buying a new tent many people like to know the rough time it takes to pitch it. So when I saw that this tent can be pitched in 1 minute I was indeed curious.

Let us introduce the OLPro 2 man Pop Tent. A small fast ALL-IN-ONE pitching tent, suited to quick getaways, car camping and festivals.

If you would like to watch us pitch the tent, simply scroll to the bottom for the video.

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This tent goes up in one! No poles or air pumps to get to grips with as the poles are integrated into the design of this tent. The tent goes up and down as one unit making it super fast to pitch. Once up all you have to do is peg out and put a little cover on top to protect the mechanisms that make pitching and taking down this tent so easy.

We watched this being pitched before trying it ourselves and we got it up no problem, the first time, with only being over the 60 seconds slightly. First time pitching will take a little longer as you need to add the guy lines yourself. We think pitching, adding the small mechanism cover and pegging out will only take 2-3 minutes after the first pitch.

Olpro pop tent

The Pop Tent

Let’s have a look at this tent to see what makes it stand out as a 2 man’s tent. Please note that taller people may struggle a little with this tent as the internal tent is only 170 x 170 cm.

Well, as I have already spoken about this is a fast pitching tent. But, unlike other 2 person tents, it would not be suitable for backpacking or cycle camping as it simply doesn’t fold down that small.

The fact that the poles are integrated and pre-attached to the flysheet means that this tent does not compact down to a small pack size. When packed it measures 18cm x 18cm x 75cm (7.1” x 7.1” x 29.5”). Another slight downside is that the groundsheet feels quite thin. This will also be to help it fold and compact down smaller. A footprint or base groundsheet tarp should always be used anyway so this should not be a problem.

pop mechanism on tent roof

However, for festivals, quick getaways, car camping and use as a pup tent this is ideal. If you are touring in your car and only looking for something quick to set up and take down that will allow you to get a decent sleep, you wouldn’t go too far wrong with this.

For cooking and shelter, you may want to pair this tent up with a good tarp and some king poles to create a place to sit outside.

A nice feature that the Olpro Pop Tent does have is the ridges above both doors so that the inner tent does not get wet when going in or out of the tent in the rain.


Structure – An all-in-one tent with fibreglass poles.

Hydrostatic Head – 3000mm

Guy Lines – This tent does not have pre-attached guy lines, they do come with the tent and you will need to attach them yourself.

Fabric – a 210 D Oxford Polyester fabric is used on this tent.

Cable Entry – No

pop tent tent specifications

Windows – The tent does have a small window on one side. However, when this is open you are only protected by a bug mesh screen and not a clear, waterproof window.

Doors – the tent features 2 doors one at each side allowing each person to enter and exit the tent without disturbing the other. These doors also have an integrated bug mesh screen allowing you to let plenty of air in and keep the bugs out.

Ventilation – Tent is well ventilated with large ventilation panels in the upper part of the inner tent.

Bedrooms – one bedroom/living area.

Living Area – as above

Optional Extras – there are no optional extras for this tent.

inside pop tent

At A Glance

Standing RoomNo
Weight4.5 KG
Pitch Time1 Minute (longer on the first pitch)
Price£99.99 (although we bought at £69.99)
*Please Note – Prices are correct at the time of publishing and can often be found lower in sales and promotions.


We have enjoyed using this tent so far and love how quick it pitches. We chose this for some quick getaways and car camping. It will also come in useful as a pup tent when the nieces and nephews decide they want to sleep in their own tent when they come away.

This is a good little tent if you are looking for a quick getaway or are going to be using it at a festival. The groundsheet on the tent is quite thin so I would recommend using another groundsheet or tarp underneath to protect it further.

As it is under 2m in length and width some SIMs and mats may be slightly long for this so please check that they fit before heading off. Larger sims and beds may compromise the ability to close the tent up properly.

Other similar Sized Tents – if this is maybe a little on the small side for you why not check out some slightly larger tents we have reviewed.



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4 thoughts on “Pitched in 60 Seconds – 2 Man Pop Tent From OLPro”

  1. What is the small hole at lower top piece with peg in it.Should it be in the hole ? Think it could have more instructions

    • Hi Irene,

      I am unsure which part you are referring to. Have you tried visiting the Olpro site and watched their video on the tent? We will be putting a video up next week that may help but for now, I couldn’t really comment due to not knowing which part you are referring to. It may be a part that has come loose or a fault. We watched Olpro pitching of the tent before our first attempt at pitching. If you could maybe send a picture of the part you refer to I may be able to help you.

  2. Hello, Michelle!
    What a wonderful idea! OLPro is providing the world with a great, easy and fast way of camping almost everywhere and there’s no need to book accommodation in advance when travelling. The fact is that you really opened my eyes to all the possibilities a simple tent may have.
    As I love to get out I’m really interested in buying one.
    Thank you so much and keep safe!

    • Hi Antonio, 

      I am glad you liked this post on the Olpro Pop Tent. It sure is the quickest tent I’ve ever pitched and I’m sure it will become a firm favourite for getting away on a weekend.


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