Know Your Tent Fabrics

There are many tent fabrics in the market now and it can get confusing for new campers, so I’ve written this guide to show the pro’s and cons for each material used in tent manufacturing. Many campers have their preferred fabrics and will chose their new tents based on this and others will let the …

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An Electrifying Camping Experience

Electrifying Experience

In this article, I want to share with you our electrifying camping experience. We want to share this with other campers to raise awareness of how using the proper Electric Mains Kits can save your life, and the importance of ensuring you use these kits correctly so you, your family and fellow campers are kept …

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Geocaching – A Great Way to get Outside

Geocaching Logo

So, since the cold and often miserable weather of winter is here with us, we had been wondering how we can still get out and enjoy the outdoors. The answer for us – Geocaching! Have you heard of it?  If yes, that’s cool but have you tried it? If not read on. If you’ve not …

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