Beastie Be Gone – Insect Repellent Review

All-Natural Insect Repellent Review

I want to share with you today my experience with an all-natural insect repellent called Beastie Be Gone. This is a midge, mosquito, insect repellent and after sun salve that also has an SPF 15 and is produced by Anderson Aromatics. Do you love the outdoors and camping but always get bitten by midges and/or … Read more

Camping After Lockdown

Camping Season 2020

When Do Campsites OPEN As I am writing this there have been dates given for campsites to start opening again. The dates for this is the 4th of July in England and the 15th of July in Scotland. While Northern Ireland is pushing to have sites open by the end of June and Wales are … Read more

Camping Games

Camping games or games you take on camping trips are not only games for the kids. There are games for adults too and this can be a great chilled way to spend some quality times with friends and family while camping. Although many see camping as an activity in its self when you have reached … Read more

Top 7 Camping Cookers

Top 7 Camping Stoves

One of the biggest enjoyments when camping can be eating alfresco, whether on your own, taking in the surrounding scenery or with family and friends on a campsite. So we have decided to list our top 7 camping cookers in 2020 for you. Most campers will tell you that cooking is a large part of … Read more

Storing Food While Camping

Food Storage while Camping

Camping Food Planning For many campers, food plays a big part in our camping trip. It doesn’t matter what type of camper you are, whether you like to backpack or hike into the wilderness for a few days or spend a few weeks on your favourite family campsite, I bet, planning what you are going … Read more

Camping Checklists

Camping Checklists

Camping Checklist There is nothing worse than getting to the campsite and realising you have forgotten something, especially if it is a large or essential part of your kit. For this reason, we have come up with a camping checklist for you to use before you head off to ensure you have everything you need. … Read more

Fun Paper Games for Camping

Paper Games

Lightweight Fun A small A4 envelope folder with some pens and paper takes up very little room but can be a godsend when boredom sets in. For this reason, we have put together some fun on paper for campers of all ages and we hope you will print them and keep them handy just in … Read more

Camping Word Searches

Word Search

In the post, we have designed some cool printable camping word searches for you to enjoy. We all know what it can be like if the weather takes a turn for the worse while we are camping. We can be stuck in the tent and boredom can become a big factor for both you and … Read more

Sweet French Toast

A Real Breakfast Treat Camping breakfasts don’t have to be just bacon butties or fry ups (although they are good). If like us, when you are at home you can get caught up in routines and being busy and breakfast just becomes a quick meal you have in the morning. While camping, things are more … Read more


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