Outdoor Kits for Kids From Ordnance Survey

Ever think that Ordnance Survey was only about maps? Well, they are actually so much more and in this post, we are going to look at how they get kids imaginations fired up and have them loving spending time outdoors.

If you are a parent or an adult who like to encourage the kids in your life to spend more time outdoors and learning about the natural world then read on.

Ordnance Survey has released some new and exciting kits for kids. These kits will get them to spend more time outdoors and learning about the world around them. We think these are great and will make great gifts. Whether it is for a birthday or even Christmas! I know it is early but it is fast approaching nonetheless.

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Another reason we love these is they would be great for kids to take on their CAMPING adventures. Especially the “Fire on a Plate Kit”. Making fire and understanding fire, along with a good knowledge of fire safety is something every child should learn. I know our niece and nephews loved learning about this and now have a safe respect for fire and the knowledge of how deadly and dangerous it can be.

So let’s look at the kits and see what they are all about. If you would like to see more information on any of these kits simply click the picture.

Fire On A Plate Kit

The Fire On A Plate Kit is a great introduction to fire lighting and the skills/tools needed for this. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.

This kit comes in its own little hessian bag to store everything. An enamel plate so you are not scorching the ground and to help contain the fire. A fire striker to help them master creating that all-important spark. A tinder tin with wood-shredding and kapok balls that are easy to ignite for encouragement. Instructions to help you and the child use the kit.

fire on a plate kit

Scavenger Hunts

There are 3 Scavenger Hunts available. A general scavenger hunt and then they have two more specific scavenger hunts. A beach hunt and an animal tracks hunt. Each scavenger hunt set comes in its own hessian bag and a set of hand-painted wooden discs that picture what you have to find.

animal tracks scavenger hunt
beach scavenger hunt
scavenger hunt

The Original Den Kit

Any young imaginative, explorer would love this kit. With everything, you need to make your own den all in a handy bag. Whether they are in the garden, forest, beach or park they will have everything they need to make their own den by themselves or with friends.

The kit includes a Camouflage tarpaulin, green groundsheet, hand-made wooden mallet, Enamel mug, wooden mallet, tent pegs in their own cotton bag, camouflage face paint, natural rope, camouflage netting, compass, insect aspirator and a set of instructions.

This will provide hours of fun for any child while teaching them important life skills and learning experiences.

There are two other den kits available and these are the Forest School Den Kit and the Pirate Den Kit and you can find these all here.

forest den kit
original den kit

Bees & Hives

If you are looking for something to keep the little ones entertained even on a wet day where you may want to stay inside the tent this Bees and Hives game is ideal. Noughts and Crosses or Tic-tac-toe as some refer to this game is changed to Bees and Hives.

With a drawstring bag that also acts as your board and 10 wooden, hand-painted discs. 5 with bees and 5 with hives. This colourful game helps problem-solving, recognising patterns and having a good old laugh. It is also a great way to introduce conversations about bees and their importance in our world.

bees and hives game

More For Kids

These are just some of the examples and NEW games and kits that the Ordnance Survey has added to their site. So if you want to try and get your kids outside more why not check some of them out. As we said at the start these would make great gifts and I’m sure we will be purchasing a few for the young people in our lives.

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2 thoughts on “Outdoor Kits for Kids From Ordnance Survey”

  1. I find this article adorable. All these kits are so cute, especially the scavenger hunt one. 

    I love the drawings on them, whoever designed it was a genius, I bet kids love it too.

    They also sound very entertaining and good ideas to keep the little ones busy whilst camping, as I know from experience that they can get bored quite easily.

    Thank you for this article,


    • Hi Reka, 

      thanks for reading. I have to agree that the paintwork on these kits are delightful. I just love that as well as being entertaining they are also very educational.

      When camping happy kids normally mean happy parents too.


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