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Backed From the Start

We first heard about the Colapz 7in1 travel cutlery set back in early May 2020 on Kickstarter and it got us excited! Kickstarter is a place where product creators and people who believe in what they are trying to do come together to help get products into production.

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As campers we had already heard of Colapz, having seen many campers use Colapz. We have seen items such as water carriers, collapsible cups and dog bowls from Colapz. We also wrote about the Colapz 12V Shower in another blog post. See that post HERE.

So, when I came across this product on Kickstarter not only did I know that Colapz was already a reputable company but the product got us excited. The new 7in1 Travel Cutlery Set was quite nifty and eye-catching so decided to back it. We felt it covered most items needed in cutlery and we loved the colours. Not only that, they looked cool but practical.

The new set was compact enough to give you what you needed while out hiking and wild camping. But, this tool also gave you an impressive 7 tools in one. This meant I could carry less when I went on bigger camps and save some room. When I backed the product I also felt it would be a great addition to the glove compartment in the car for when and about. They also come in 4 fantastic colours to brighten up your mealtimes.

Colapz cutlery colours

What Are The 7 Uses of This Set?

What are the seven uses or items of cutlery in this set? Well, I have listed these below for you. The Colapz set comprises of 3 pieces, two containing the actual cutlery items and a silicone pebble. This pebble holds both items together for storing and is also used to turn both sets into tongs which we will show you later how this is done.

  1. Spoon
  2. Fork
  3. Knife
  4. Serrated Knife
  5. Chop Sticks
  6. Bottle Opener
  7. Tongs

As you can see from the picture provided the spoon, both knives and bottle opener are all on one cutlery part. While the chopsticks and fork are on the other.

We have also used them while cooking to give things a little stir here and there, or turn items over while cooking. Just don’t leave them in the pot of frying pan.

The serrated knife is great for opening up rolls as well as cutting through foods such as bacon and steaks. While the chopsticks are a great touch if you like eating your noodles this way, even if it is only a pot noodle!

More About The Colapz 7in1 Cutlery Set

Now you know what items are in the cutlery set, you may also want to know some other things.

So what are they made of? The cutlery is made from high grade, food-grade, BPA free plastic, with the bottle opener made from stainless steel. The pebble, to hold the two sets together or turn the two cutlery pieces into tongs is made from silicone.

What weight is the 7in1? The 7in1 Cutlery Set comes in at just 43g ish. When we weighed ours it was 42g for the cutlery and 51g including the carry pouch. The silicone pebble weighs 13g so if weight measuring is your thing you may want to leave this out. Can’t really imagine that anyone watching the weight of their pack is really going to be taking salad out anyway. Apart from holding two parts together this pebble is used to turn cutlery into tongs.

How can you clean the set? The set can simply be washed with hot soapy water between uses and is also dishwasher safe, so a more thorough clean can be achieved if wished, especially if you have been using them while away traveling and they have only been getting a wipe after each use.

Does it come with a carry pouch? Yes, the set comes with its very own carry pouch to help ensure it is kept together and clean between uses. The pouch can also be washed between uses and is safe for washing in the washing machine.

Testing the Colapz 7in1 Travel Cutlery Set

Our 7in1 didn’t arrive with us until early November, by which time the chances of camping were drastically reduced. But, that wasn’t going to stop us from testing them. We have used them in the camper and used them for work as I often eat in the car on my lunch breaks. If going out for the day where we know we will be taking food or maybe buying some food they are also put in our packs.

using the colapz cutlery

We have tried everything on the set several times and have really enjoyed using them. I have found them really handy to have in the car as I’m not restricted to what I need to buy for lunch. Normally I have a few wooden forks in car in case I need them.

The set covers all bases when out hiking and taking food to cook to keep you warm at lunchtimes and have been great in the van. Using these means we could save a fair bit of weight in our cutlery and utensil drawer and provide us with a little extra storage.

The bottle opener is handy for a little refreshment after a day out exploring.

Our Thoughts on the Colapz 7in1 Travel Cutlery Set

We actually love this handy set. We love the fact that they come in different colours. You can choose your favourite colour or each chose different colours. We also think it is a nice touch that the stitching on your carry bag matches the colour of your cutlery set.

On the downside the fork and spoon are a little straight compared with normal everyday cutlery, but completely useable, you just need to get used to using them.

Not only have we used the set for eating we have also used the spoon, fork and chopsticks when cooking, to give things a stir and in the case of the chopsticks, even used then to turn our bacon over. The chopsticks are a little flimsy but they do the job. They probably won’t be a feature we use often for eating. We would use then more for when cooking.

Would We Recommend Buying This Product?

In a nutshell, YES!

We feel this 7in1 set is good value for money and they really have covered everything. Well, apart from a good sharp knife which you should carry with you at all times too.

A word of warning though, do not let children play with these sets. They are not super sharp, but could be dangerous all the same.

Where to Buy

If you feel that the 7in1 Cutlery Set from Colapz is something that you would like to add to your kit, you probably want to know where to buy them. Of course, you do.

You can buy these 7in1 Travel Cutlery Sets from Colapz themselves by visiting or on Amazon or eBay. Colapz sells its products on both sites. These are priced at £14.99 per set and that included the carry bag. As we have said before we do think they are great value. You could also match the cutlery set with a nice collapsible cup too if you wish. They compliment each other perfectly.

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