Light Up Your Tent With Vango Sunbeam Flexi Lights

When it comes to lights for your tent there are many to choose from. The choice you make also may depend on the type or style of your tent. If you only use a small lightweight backpacking tent you probably won’t want to be buying a 2 or 4 meter flexi light. But, if you camp with a larger tent, mainly on campsites we think these are lights that you may well just fall in love with.

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What Are Sunbeam Flexi Lights?

These lights from Vango are really what they say they are. A flexible lighting system that will light up your tent (or wherever you choose to use them) with 1500 lumens of warm white light. The lights can be bought in either 2 meter or 4 meter strips and are powered via a USB cable. This way you can plug the cable into a USB plug adaptor or run them off a power bank or other USB power source. This makes them exceptionally handy if you don’t always camp with EHU.

Flexi light

The 2 meter strips contain 120 LED light and the 4 meter strip contains 2 40 Led lights. Please also note that Vango make plugged Flexi Light options too. These are available in 2 and 6 meters. These also come with a remote control and fastening strips.

The Sunbeam Flexi Light was made to be used with Vango’s SkyTrack System. But don’t worry if you have a different make of tent or even a Vango tent without the SkyTrack system. When you buy these lights Vango supply some hook and loop velcro straps so you can use your lights just about anywhere you want. That way you can fasten them to beams, poles or other suitable surfaces of your choosing.

What You Get

When you buy these they are boxed neatly. In your box, you will have a reel of lights. These are LED lights and will never need replacing.

You will have a remote control that will allow you to adjust the brightness of your lights. This can range from 10% to 100% brightness. This will also allow you to turn your lights on and off. So you can even turn them on and off from the comfort of your bed. If you want or indeed need to lock your lights onto a particular setting, to save little fingers playing with them, then you can do that too.

Sun beam package

Your power cable, which is a considerable length comes with remote sensor and USB plug.

You will also find some Velcro strips to allow you to attach the lights in your tent or awning. These are well sized for going round beams or poles and will help hold your lights securely.

Buying These Lights

If you wish to buy these lights you can do so from the following retailers. Remember if you are buying the USB lights to take a USB adapter plug if using EHU if your extension does not have USB sockets. Or, if going non-electric that you take a power bank that will hold enough charge for lights along with anything else you will need to charge.

What We Loved About Them

These are great lights and we love that you can control how dim or bright you want them. We like to have lights that you can adjust. So, once you are ready for settling down at night they can be turned down in preparation for sleep time. We also liked that we could turn them off from our bed. The fact that they are USB means we can run them from our power bank if we don’t have EHU on a site. For us, this means better lighting and only having to take 1 light instead of lots of smaller lights or lanterns.

Flexi light box

The velcro strips that come with them are ideal for attaching them inside any tent. We also would use these in the garden if sitting out at night or having people over. The fact that they are on a strip would also help taller people as it can get really annoying having to watch out for hanging lights in a tent.

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