How to Stay Happy During Lockdown

The Fight to Stay Happy

Staying happy during lockdown can be a difficult task for many reasons. That is why we want to share with you some tips on how to stay happy during the lockdown. Some of us are unable to work, while others have lost their jobs. You may not be able to see or meet up with family or friends, due to restrictions, health or other reasons. You may not have had a holiday in over a year, or you may be really struggling if you live on your own and have restrictions where the meeting or seeing others is challenging.

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Lockdown seems to have gone on forever now and many of us are struggling to remember life before this pandemic hit. It seems to be affecting everyone differently and I don’t think there is a single person out there who can say that Covid-19 has not affected them in some way.

But, pandemic or not, lockdown or not, the one thing we should all be doing is making sure we stay as healthy as we possibly can. I know that lockdowns have made this hard for many people but we owe it to ourselves to stay as healthy as we can during these tough times. The healthier we are the more able our bodies are able to fight against the virus should we take it.

Health and Happiness

It is not just our physical health we need to take care of, our mental health is also super important. For this reason, we have put together some ideas of ways you can keep yourself in good health both physically and mentally.

Keeping both our minds and bodies active goes a long way in dealing with physical and mental health and another key factor in routine. Just because you may not have to get up for work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still keep a healthy routine. A balance between sleep, keeping busy and relaxation time is important although many of the activities below can still be relaxing while also keeping us busy and active.

6 Tips For Staying Happy During Lockdown

Staying In Touch With Loved Ones or Friends

Keeping in touch and being able to see our friends and family without actually being with them is easier now than ever, with all the latest technology, zoom calls, face time and video calling.

Although keeping in touch may seem hard at times it is generally better for our emotional and mental health. To know that there are people out there thinking of you and that you are thinking of them, to know you have someone that you can talk to if you are feeling low can also help you and them.

Why not set aside some time each day to get in touch with a family member or friend and have a catch up. Remember the young ones too as I know keeping in touch with my niece and nephews as really helped me and they may be struggling too.

Make some time, make a cuppa and get comfortable and make the call. it can be a simple phone call or video chat. We are all missing people right now, but, letting them know and showing you care by keeping in touch helps.

Getting out in nature

Get out into nature to turn up that feel good factor. Not only does a walk in nature help get you moving physically but it is a great pick me up for your mind and soul. So much so that doctors have started to prescribe it to patients in some areas.

Just a small walk in a local park or green space can really do wonders for how you feel overall and getting out for some activity can also help you get a better nights sleep.

man sitting in nature

Even if you stay in a built up area and parks and green spaces are too far to walk why not go a walk anyway. Look at the trees and shrubs, see what wildlife you can spot, notice the small changes in nature as the days pass. Sit on a bench and watch the cloud formations. Nature is a wonderous pleasure and can be cleansing for the mind.

Going a walk is free and it can be as long or as short as you like, just remember to follow your local guidance on restrictions and keep yourself safe.


Yes, many of us miss camping at this time of year anyway if not brave enough or lucky enough to venture off for some wild camping while the majority of sites are closed for the season.

But with many not working and not having to be restricted by work, school or social routines camping at home can still be fun.

You can camp in your garden or house and use this time to sharpen up your camping skills or test new camping gear. Maybe you are trying to find the best sleeping option for you or want to try new camping meals or s’mores.

Be creative and bring a little camping into your lockdown routine, not only will this help break the monotony of spending more time at home and bring some camping joy back into your life, you can also relax and have some fun.

Why not check out The Great Garden Indoor/Outdoor Camp for others that are doing the same. Get some inspiration and check out others at home camps.

Learn Something New

Many of us often would like to learn something new but feel we don’t always have the time. Now can be the time and we can learn something more easily now that work, social events, clubs and schools are off our calendar.

Learning a new subject, especially one that we want to learn rather than have to learn can make us happy and give us a real lift. Something new can often be exciting and fun making us feel good about ourselves and gives us a sense of achievement.


What you choose to learn about is entirely up to you and the internet gives us very easy access to almost any subject we could want to learn. Although you will be limited if wanting to learn something like scuba diving or sailing but that does not stop you learning all the theory behind such activities.

Why not check out some of the free learning sites below to see what’s on offer if this is something you feel would benefit you.


Harvard University Free Courses

EDX – Courses from Harvard, MIT, and more.

Try Some DIY

Now DIY is not for everyone and I am certainly not talking about taking on a house renovation here.

Quite simply I’m talking about some DIY or crafts that you can use to break your boredom, create learning opportunities or give you a finished usable product, especially something you can use outdoors or when camping.

Why not try making things like firestarters, a penny stove, a DIY camping quilt among a few.

making fire

Or does any of your camping gear need a bit of attention before you head back out? Why not take this chance to carry out these tasks. Do some repairs or get your gear ready for the season ahead.


I know we touched on walking earlier but this time this is simply walking. Walking for health (to stay active) or for fitness (to up your fitness level), both are free and can be done at a time to suit you.

This type of walking is all about the walking and not much about what is around you like in the first tip. Although you may still notice these things. This is about keeping active or getting fitter, both are free and easily achievable. Keeping active and working on our health are both good ways to boost our moods and happiness levels.

winter walking

There are many apps that can help you not only map routes if you want to keep track of your distance but give you that little extra encouragement. Apps like MapMyWalk and others can be found by doing a quick search on your phones app store.

Maybe you want to go a step further and have a goal or target. If this is you and you can afford to you could always sign up to a virtual race. These virtual races have become ever so popular since lockdown and they track your progress through different events. You can take as long as like to complete these and they are not cheat-proof but can help you to reach some targets or goals you set.

Or if you do not wish to spend the money why not look up the distances and do it for yourself using a free app like the ones above.

What Will Keep You Happy?

We hope that some of these tips will help you to stay happy during lockdown or even inspire you to get creative with things to do to keep both your body and mind healthy throughout these trying times.

If you are looking for another or new outdoor activity to try why not read a little on Geocaching. This is a fun activity for everyone and you can get started for free as long as you own a smart phone.

Read how you can get started in this post Geocaching – A Great Way to get Outside

You can watch the intro video, create an account and be out finding your first cache in a few hours. If you have kids, this is sure to be fun for the whole family. There are so many caches to be found you’ll be amazed at what is on your doorstep waiting to be found.

If you have been getting up to anything to keep your mood on a high why not let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page. We would love to hear your stories.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy

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