How To Make Delicious Cone S’mores

One of the things most people love about camping is the food. Whether it’s cooking over a campfire, eating al fresco or enjoying some s’mores at the end of the day. Most of us have our favourite camping meals and treats that are our go-to staples. But, I feel it is important to continue trying more and learning about new recipes. If like us you like to try one new meal or treat at your next camp, I’m sure these would please even the fussiest of eaters.

Cone S’mores

These delicious cone s’mores are so simple and easy to make and are a real treat in the evening for everyone, especially the kids. They can be cooked in many ways so you do not need to be having a campfire to enjoy these. If you are using a gas or electric stove you can simply heat a frying pan to place these in. If a multi-cooker is your preferred choice of cooking you can use that too.

If you are lucky enough to be having a campfire or even a BBQ these can be sat at the edge to be warmed through. These are best cooked by adults for safety reasons but the kids don’t need to miss out as they are easy and fun for the kids to prep.

What You Will Need

  • Sweet Cones
  • Marshmallows (mini ones are best but you can also cut large marshmallows up and use them).
  • Chocolate (chocolate chips are best but you can also break up a chocolate bar into small pieces).
  • Tin Foil – to wrap the filled cones in, to toast.
S'mores - what you need

Constructing Your S’more

This part is so easy even your toddlers can do it. Making sure you have clean hands. Take a cone shell and simply start to fill it with both the chocolate and the marshmallows. A little of each is best. Giving them a little shake after each addition you make to ensure you are filling as much of the cone as you can.

I love starting with the chocolate chips first so they melt into the bottom point of the cone. Then evenly filling the rest with marshmallows and chocolate chips.

filled cone

Once you have filled your cone full of chocolate and marshmallows it is time to prepare then for being toasted.

For this you simply need to wrap them in a square of kitchen foil, now your s’more is ready for toasting.

wrapped cone

Toasting Your S’mores

As I said earlier these can be toasted on pretty much whatever you are using for camping cooking or on a campfire or BBQ.

The most important thing to remember is to keep turning them. You want them to be heating evenly all the way through so that all of your fillings are melting and blending evenly. This way when you are eating you have the same gooey consistency all the way through your cone s’more.

toasting your s'mores

To toast, depending on the temperature these should only take about 4-5 minutes to toast through. Keep turning them every minute until they are ready.


After about 5 minutes your s’mores should be ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed. Carefully, unwrap your cone and eat. If you are with children it may be best for an adult to unwrap the cones before giving them to the kids.

The chocolate and marshmallows should be melted giving a sweet, gooey filling inside a crisp cone. If you want to take these up a notch why not try adding some strawberry chunks to the mix.

cone s'more

One tip I would recommend though is to have a wet cloth or wipes on standby. Even I manage to get in to a mess with these at times! I know my mouth is big enough that I should not be able to miss it but, I always end up having to give my face a wipe after eating these. but, I suppose that is part of the fun.

If you decide to make these or any other s’mores why share a pic on our Facebook Group Page.

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