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Lightweight Fun

A small A4 envelope folder with some pens and paper takes up very little room but can be a godsend when boredom sets in. For this reason, we have put together some fun on paper for campers of all ages and we hope you will print them and keep them handy just in case.

In the post, we have designed some printable paper games that you can print and take with you on your camping trips.  These are great if the weather turns wet and you are stuck inside. They are also good if you just want to chill out and relax in the tent on an evening.

So whether it is for relieving boredom, fun and chilled family night in or you just want to challenge your partner at some “old school” style paper games we hope that these can help.

So you can print and do together with your partner, friends or children, it’s entirely up to you. Be sure to check out our Camping Word Searches too.

We will keep adding to these as time goes on so be sure to keep checking back for new stuff.

How To

To get and print these games simply click on the game you want and it will open in another tab. From there you can save or print these. These are PDF files so you will require a PDF viewer to do this. The most common is Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download that by clicking the link.

Stop The Bus

Some of you may remember playing this game when you were at school or with friends. One person recites the alphabet in their head (so no one else can hear them) and then another will say “stop the bus”. The person reciting the alphabet will then tell everyone what letter they were at and that is the letter used at the start of each name or word to fill in that line on the game sheet. 10 pts for an answer no one else has and 5 pts for a duplicate answer and 0 pts for a blank entry.

Stop The Bus


Another popular game from my school days is squares. Each person takes it in turn to draw a line between 2 dots, vertical and horizontal lines only. If on your turn your line completes a box then you are allowed to put your initials or mark in the box and get to have another go. The player with most completed boxes is the winner.

2 Size of games to choose from.

Squares (Large)

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe or Noughts and Crosses as some of you may know is one game that has remained popular. A 2 player game where one person is marking 0’s on the board and the other X’s. The aim is to get three 0’s or 3 X’s in a row. This can be horizontally, vertically or diagonally. First to 3 in a row wins the game.

Tic Tac Toe


Battleships have been a family favourite game for many years, but with this printable version, you can take it anywhere! We have 2 versions of this game available to print, one with rules on-page and one without.

Battleships Printable Game
Printable Battleships without rules

We hope you will enjoy playing these games and teaching them to your children if they haven’t already played them. Keep checking back as we will keep adding more.

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