Sendero 6 Review

Freedom Trail Sendero 6 – Weekend Tent Review

Hi and welcome to my review of the new Freedom Trail Sendero 6

This is the tent that my partner and I have used as our weekend tent for the past 2 years so I am very familiar with it. This has served us well as our weekend tent but there a few points that I feel could be improved but I will speak about them later in the review so don’t let that put you off this tent. All in all a great weekend tent please read on to find out all the specs. Also, see how I remedied the one area that I felt let the tent down for pennies and added more comfort.

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Freedom Trail Sendero 6

So what is offered with the Freedom Trail Sendero 6

The Freedom Trail Sendero 6 is a good weekend tent. It comes with a fully sewn-in groundsheet with 1 detachable bedroom pod.

We use this tent as a couple with adequate living space. This would also suit a young family with 1 or 2 children for weekends.

Personally, I feel that this tent is not suited for 6 people unless you were only using it to sleep in during the night and making a quick breakfast before moving on. As this has a fast pitch of 15 minutes this would be suitable for touring.



The Specs

Poles – the Sendero 6 comes with 3 sets of fibreglass poles with steel connectors.

Guy Lines – All guy lines come pre-attached to the tent

Fabrics – the tent is made of polyester material with an HH of 2000mm. Inner tent (bedroom pod) is also made with breathable polyester materials

Cable Entry – the tent has a zipped cable entry point if you are camping with EHU. The tent also has a central light hanging point.

Windows – the Sendero has 2 windows, one on each side of the tent. These are fairly small windows measuring about 50cmx50cm. The windows are split with the top half being mesh and bottom being clear plastic. The curtains to cover windows are on the outside of this tent and can be zipped down completely at night. If raining you can zip the curtain down half-way to stop rain coming through mesh top half.

Sendero Window
Doors – this tent has 1 door to the front of the tent. The door is rolled up when in the open position and held with 2 toggles. The door is closed by zips on each side and bottom held shut by toggles. This is a large entrance door and in good weather, we use a couple of king poles (not supplied) and stretch the door out creating our own little canopy.

Sendero Door/Entrance
NB. We have attached poppers or snaps along the bottom of the door as when we experienced high winds we found the middle of the door sometimes blew inwards when raining we once had a small puddle at the entrance. These are the ones we used.

Ventilation – there are 4 ventilation panels on this tent. The 2 at the tops of the windows and 2 at the rear of the tent behind the bedroom pod.

Bedrooms – the Sendero has one large bedroom pod to the rear of the tent. This has a light hanging point to rear and storage pockets along either side. The bedroom door also has a zip away the top curtain to reveal a further internal mesh vent to allow air to circulate during the day.

This is a good size pod and we easily fit our double height, double air mattress in the room with room for clothes storage.

Living Area – the Sendero living area is modest in size but as this tent is recommended for weekend use this should not be an issue unless you are using it to full person capacity. We find it spacious enough to store all our kitchen equipment while still having room to lounge about and read in the evenings.

Optional Extras – you can purchase a tent carpet for this tent that is fully shaped to fit the living area. This is around £35 and adds a touch of luxury and added safety (read my blog on the benefits of tent carpets here).

Canopy – You can now purchase a Freedom Trail Universal Canopy to attach to the front of your Freedom Trail tents.  This will help keep your tent dry when entering and exiting in adverse weather conditions and also provide some shade if you want to sit out in the good weather but not in direct sunlight.  These can be purchased here. 

These are priced at £35 (price correct at time of publishing)

Sendero canopy


6 person



Hydrostatic Head


Standing Room



11.5 kg

Pitch Time

15 minutes


From £120.00 Buy Here

*Please note that price was correct at time of publishing and will be updated on a regular basis.



This is a good weekend tent that will help provide a great weekend or festival camping experience. As the tent only has a Hydrostatic Head of 2000mm it is more for fair or dry weather. On saying this we have only experienced the tent leaking from the seams once and this was during a torrential downpour that left neighbouring areas flooding so it can withstand some heavy rain.

Now with the option to buy the universal canopy for this tent, we think that makes it more appealing than before.

All in all a great weekend tent and as stated above the door somewhat lets it down but this can be remedied by adding poppers, Velcro or a zip. This should only cost an extra few quid and turns this into a great weekend tent.

Have you used or owned one of these tents.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts to help others make more informed choices before purchasing.  We all have different needs and uses when it comes to our tents so you may offer something I have not covered.

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27 thoughts on “Freedom Trail Sendero 6 – Weekend Tent Review”

  1. I love my sendero 6 so much I’ve renamed it after my cat seb, so now it is the sebsero 6. At night me and seb cuddle up and get cozy in the sebsero 6. The large bedroom fits me and my cat easily, defo a tent to buy!

    • Hi Elliot, we love the spacious bedroom too, however, my cats don’t get to come with us. Love the new name you got for the tent and the fact the cat goes with you. It more popular now meeting campers with their cats. Thanks for your recommendation on this tent, it gets a thumbs up from us too.
      Happy camping to you and Seb.

  2. Hi. I am bying this tent as my first tent, reviews are quité good and not that expensive. How much wide is the bedroom? Will It fit 2 double mattress?

    • Hi Natalia, although I have not had 2 double mattresses in the bedroom area I would say yes. As long as it is the single height inflatable mattress you are referring to and not the big double-height Intex style ones. You won’t be left with much floor space but as I say you should fit these ok. Hope you enjoy the tent, ours has given us many great memories.
      Happy Camping

  3. Just put this tent up as a trial with my 10 year old son and yupits great took a little over 20 mins as a first attempt so gonna be so much easier next time. Taking it away with the other half next weekend and can see this will be great for a quick weekend break.. plenty of room for 2.

  4. I have just bought this tent second hand, but it was stated as new. Can anyone tell me how many pieces the middle pole breaks into, theres 11 pieces to my pole but the tent does not seem to fit into the metal bits at the bottom. I would be really greatful for your help on this. Thanks

    • Hi Catherine, my Sendero tent has an 11 pole section in the middle. Does it look like the poles have been changed in any way? Is the gap running the through the centre where the shock cord goes the same as the other poles? Another thing to check is that the pins are the same, as the pins you insert into the poles can differ in size from tent to tent so if these have been replaced they may be different. Also check also check all pole sections are the same size and there has not been a wrong size replacement pole put in section.

      The other thing to remember when setting up is that the door of the tent is open to allow air to be drawn in and assist with set up and that you have an equal amount of the poled section at each side of the pole sleeve.
      I hope this helps but as without seeing the tent and sections in question, it is hard to pinpoint the problem.

      Hope you get this problem solved as this is a great little tent.


  5. Hi Iv just recently bought this tent would it comfortably fit 4 camp beds in the rear bedroom without the corners of the beds ripping the tent

    • Hi Nichola,

      this would really depend on the size (width) of the campbeds. We have had a double height double inflatable bed with a campbed in the bedroom area with a little spare floor space. You would really need to set it up to be sure. Also make sure you leave some room for tent movement in high winds. bedroom width is 330cm but please remember that is floor space and does not allow for tapered sides.
      Hope this helps


  6. First time camper here , me and my 10 year old grandson have just treated ourselves to this tent to go away for a week , will it be big enough for us ( We travel light when going abroad) and is it easy enough for me and grandson to put up we are total novices .

    • Hi Debrah,

      I think this would be fine and easy enough for the both of you to put up. Me and the wife have spent 5 nights in this tent and that included double hieght, double bed and full kitchen set up that was in tent at night along with table and chairs. I’m sure you will love it. If you get the chance why not try putting the tent up together in the garden or local park if you can. This will give you both a trial run and let you see how long it will take you both. It will also give you more confidence when it comes to pitching while away.

      Have a great trip and be sure to let us know how you get on. You can join our Facebook group if you do the whole social media thing and share your adventures as well as get hints and tip from others in the group.

  7. Hi, how do people cook if using this tent, also the bottom of the door doesn’t have a zip has anyone had any rain coming In.

    • Hi Helen,

      as with any tent it is not recommended that you cook inside, this is due to the high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. We used a tarp over the entrance with 2 king poles and cooked under that if it was raining. We did cook inside if using EHU and our electric hob although this can cause a lot of condensation build up.

      As for the rain coming in, we solved this issue by putting poppers along the bottom of the door. We put 6 poppers along the bottom and this worked great for keeping out both the wind and rain. We used the ones listed below. Simply lay out your tent on the ground when fitting the poppers to make sure they align properly, mark out with a pen or marker then fit poppers. This was the only thing that let this tent down for us but it was easily fixed. You will notice a huge difference once you do this.
      We bought our poppers and popper machine here

      Hope this helps

    • Hi Helen,

      Freedom Trail now make a universal Tarp/Canopy that can be used with their tents, you can see them by clicking here. I will also add this to the review today for others. Thanks for commenting and raising this as it is sure to help fellow campers too.

    • Hi Tony, you will NOT need a groundsheet for this tent as it has one sewn in. So you can save yourself a few quid, unless you want to get one to use as a footprint under the tent.
      Really hope you enjoy it, they are good tents for the price.


  8. I want to get a groundsheet to use as a footprint under the tent. Are there any recommendations give the shape and size of this tent?


    • Hi Steph,

      the closest match would maybe be the Hi Gear Radience 5 and tuck in the front corners. Or do what we did. If you are able to get this tent up in the garden you could always fashion your own. If you buy a large groundsheet or piece of tarpaulin and carefully fold in and cut the front shape. Cut this slightly bigger than needed to allow for a seam, fold over and secure with strong waterproof gaffer tape. Ensure your footprint is slightly smaller than the sewn-in groundsheet of your tent so as not to trap water between them.

      I hope this helps, if not pop into your local tent store and ask as they will have exact measurements and could maybe check their stock for similar.


  9. I recently bought this tent for go outdoors for £100. Me and my grandma are going camping for 4 days and I was wondering that’s the best way to keep us dry and warm as I think it’s going to rain .

    • Hi Warren,

      the tent itself is waterproof enough but if you get winds you may find the door flaps about a lot at the bottom. As I have suggested in previous comments poppers seem to be the way to go to remedy this. Good insulation under you for when you are sleeping and this will even help keep the tent feeling a little warmer during the day too. Check out for more tips on staying warm.

      Have a great time and I hope you enjoy the tent.


    • Hi would a self adhesive velcro strip work for the bottom of the door, 1st tent I’ve bought and when its windy the bottom of the door is awful

      • Hi Karen,

        That may just work a treat, as long as you attach while dry and give it time to stick well. If you do give it a go could you let us know how it works here in the comments? That way others know too.




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