Easy Camping Pizza in 5 Minutes

We all have some favourite camping foods and, just now, for me it has to be these easy PIZZA POCKETS! What’s more is the kids will love them too and they can even help make their own leaving you to just cook them.

Not only are they delicious, but they are also so simple to make and can be cooked in many ways. So whether you use a camping stove, campfire, multi cooker or induction hob these can be made.

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Once you see how easy these are to make the only thing you will need to give thought to is what fillings you are going to put in them. For fillings, the combinations are endless. Although for this walk-through of how to make them we are doing a simple pepperoni pocket.

Pizza Pocket Ingredients

As mentioned above the fillings for these pizza pockets are endless so for now I am only going to mention the 3 main ingredients. These are

  • Tortilla Wraps (large)
  • Tomato Puree or passata (we use puree if only making a few)
  • Cheese (Mozzarella is best but you can use any or a combination)

So that is your 3 main ingredients what else you choose to add as a filling is entirely up to you. Why not try some old classics or let your imagination run wild. If you have leftovers from another meal, could you maybe use these and save waste?

As these don’t cook for long we advise on using ONLY cooked meats for fillings.

How to Make Pizza Pockets

pizza pockets

Gather all your ingredients and ensure you have a good clean surface to work on.

Take a tortilla wrap and place in front of you.

Take a knife and cut the tortilla from the centre to the edge in one straight line. This is to allow you to fold it into a pocket.

With the back of a spoon spread your tomato puree or passata all over the tortilla.

Next is your fillings. Choose what filling you wish to have in your pizza pocket and place these on the upper half of the tortilla.

If you are having many toppings you may want to put your cheese on the bottom half and extra toppings to the top.

Now we have to start to fold the tortilla so it starts to make a pocket.

Start this by taking a corner where you cut the tortilla and folding it over till it meets the top of the tortilla.

Then fold it over again, this time to the right so you have a half moon shape.

Next you need to seal in the fillings by taking the bottom of the tortilla up to the top so that both sides are closed.

This will help your pizza fillings from falling out, especially when it comes to eating them.


These are best cooked for 2-3 minutes each side over a medium heat.

Please see below for various methods of cooking depending on your set up.

There you have it a delicious pizza pocket ready for you to enjoy.

Ways They Can Be Cooked

As I stated at the start of this post there are many ways to cook these pizza pockets. As there are normally only two of us camping we tend to use our Ridge Monkey (Stovetop Toastie Maker) to cook them in. This can be used on a gas stove or on a campfire.

Another great way to cook them is in a frying pan. As you can see by the way they fold you will easily fit four in a good size frying pan. Then you can cook them on a stove, gas or induction hob or over the fire and use tongs to turn half way through cooking.

The same applies if you use a multi-cooker while camping or even a George Foreman or similar.

What if you don’t have or take a frying pan or Ridge Monkey with you? Well if you cook on a campfire these can be wrapped in foil and put to the edge of your fire giving 2-3 minutes on either side. You are only looking to heat them through and allow the cheese to melt.

What about if you BBQ? Well, again you can wrap these in foil and place them on the BBQ or if you have a BBQ grill mat simply place them on top giving them 2-3 minutes each side.

Delicious Simple Food

There you have it! Simple and delicious food for your next camping trip.

We love that these are super quick to make, delicious and filling. It is also great that they are made individually and allow everyone to choose their favourite fillings. They are great for lunches or even for an evening meal with salad.

Don’t be surprised if you end up making these at home! Or why not try making them at home and hone your skills to show off on the campsite.

No matter how and where you choose to cook these we are sure you will enjoy them.

What would your favourite filling be?

If you try why not post your pics in the comments or on our Facebook Group Page.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Camping Pizza in 5 Minutes”

  1. Thank you for this cool recipe. I’ll definitely try it out.

    I’ll also share with you how we prepared pizza the last time we went camping. It was a cool experience and they tasted super good!

    In a bowl we mix 1/2 package of flour, 1/2 sachet of yeast (the one that comes in granules) and a little salt. To this we add warm water and a dash of oil. We knead and add more flour if the dough sticks to our hands, and we form a big bun.

    We cover it and try to leave it in a place where it will keep warm (and as we are camping and not at home, it is good to put it inside the tent or near a grill where it just receives some heat). We let it leaven, and then we make 2 or 3 buns according to the size we want.

    One by one we stretch the buns in an oiled pizza pan (or in the lid of the tapper) and paint them with a little tomato puree that we previously cooked with a touch of oregano, salt and sugar.

    Fill half of the pizza with whatever you like (in our case it was ham, egg, tomato and cheese) and close it as if it were an empanada (you know what an empanada is, right?). It is important that the edges are well sealed!

    And to the grill! The most difficult thing is to put it on the grill and then have patience to turn it over and over as needed. But with enough patience we can do it. Slow fire, and cover it from the top with the pizza pan.


    • Hi Paolo, 

      thanks for sharing this recipe with us. In the UK we call these calzones and they are a big hit with most people I know. It would be great if you had a good pizza oven to put over your campfire or 2 rings burner.

      I’ll be sure to try out this recipe and let you know how it goes.


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