Does Your Tent Door Let In Water – How To Fix It

Do you have a tent that lets in water at the bottom of the door? Is this because the bottom of the door has no zip or way of securing the bottom flapping about?

This is a problem with some types of tents. In fact, I have seen several social media posts and threads in the past week regarding this problem.

If you have experienced this, we have a solution for you and YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY A TENT!!!

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If you have had this problem it may have put you off camping or have you thinking that you need to spend more money on another tent. But, for less than £20 and a little time you can fix this yourself with great results. This price is regardless of the size of the tent.

Tent Doors That Don’t Zip at The Bottom

The problem with tents that have doors that don’t zip at the bottom is that not only do they let in drafts and rain, but they feel less secure.

Some tents that we know that are designed in this way are the Sendero Tents 4 and 6, some of the larger Olpro tents and awnings and possibly some other low budget tents.

Some of the Olpro tents that we know don’t zip across the bottom are the Abberley, Orion & the Wrap Awning for campervans.

tent door
NO Zip at Bottom of Door

While these tents zip down to the ground on both sides and have a lipped doorway that you need to step over they can still let in in adverse weather conditions. This means that if you are camping and it rains all should be ok. But, if you get wind and rain at the same time you may just find that the bottom of the door may start blowing inside the tent. When the tent door is already wet from the rain this could lead to water running off each time it blows into the tent. This would create a puddle in the living area.

puddle inside tent

This is not great. Especially if you have a larger tent and have a carpet down in the area.

If The Tent Door Lets in Water at Bottom

If the door is letting in water because the bottom of the door flaps in when it is windy and raining this can be solved pretty cheaply using poppers. We feel that this is better than using sticky back velcro as we were unsure of how the glue may damage the tent fabric.

To see how this is done you can watch the following video. This will give you an idea of how this problem can be resolved. You can then tailor this for your own tent.

If The Tent Door Lets in Water Elsewhere

If the above fix is not what you are needing and the tent is letting in water around the door or anywhere else on the tent that is another problem. This may mean that your tent is needing to be reproofed.

Most tents are waterproofed by the manufacturer before sale but this will deteriorate over time. The time this takes will depend on many variants such as times of use, weather when used and age of the tent. To fix this issue all you have to do is to reproof your tent. This is easy to do yourself and the price to do this will depend on the size of the tent you need to reproof.

You can follow our guide on reproofing your tent – When And How to Reproof Your Tent

reproofing a tent

This post also covers how to reseal your tent seams if they are also starting to deteriorate and what to use. You can read the blog or watch the YouTube video.

When it comes to buying your reproofer I should say we buy the 5-litre tin and that has reproofed 2 x 5 person tents and 3 x 2/3 person tents for us with a little leftover.

A Tent Life Saved

We hope that one of these fixes will help to solve your problem and save the life of your tent. Both of these fixes can be done by you and for very little money.

Hopefully, this will save you from having to buy a new tent as well as save yours going to the bin. Hopefully, tent manufacturers that design the main door of their tents in this way will look at redesigning these types of doors. Although this is only a small fault on the design side it can quickly ruin people’s well earned holiday.

Don’t let this be you!

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