Coleman Mosedale 5 Family Tent Review

Hi and welcome to my review of the new Coleman Mosedale 5

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Coleman Mosedale 5 Tent

Coleman Mosedale 5, is a 5 man tent which is very versatile.  The tent comes with a large living area with 2 doors and 2 bedrooms that are made with lights out fabric, and also has a fully sewn-in groundsheet.

The bedroom divider can be removed to create one large room which is great if it a couple using the tent and exactly what I would do. The tent also has an optional extra of a front extension that can add valuable space if using as a family.

The lights out bedroom fabric is a great addition to this tent.  If, like me, you struggle to sleep once the sun comes up or if trying to get an early night before the next day’s activities.  This fabric also helps keep the rooms cooler in the summer months which gives a better night’s sleep when it warm or if you got a little one that still likes an afternoon nap.

This tent has good ventilation at lower and upper levels to help air circulate and plenty of additional storage pockets. And with a hydrostatic head of 4500 and fully taped seams, you’re sure to stay dry in even the most wet weather.


The Specs


Structure The tent has 3 fibreglass poles.
Guy Lines The tent comes with pre-attached guy lines which helps to steady the tent in bad weather conditions.
Fabrics The tent is made of a polyester PU sprayed fabric which is also treated with a UV guard to SPF 50 for the flysheet. A breathable polyester for the inner bedroom. The tent has a fully sewn-in groundsheet. All with taped seems.
Cable Entry  Yes, there is a cable entry point on this tent which is zipped.
Windows There are 5 generous sized windows in the living area to allow plenty of light into the tent. 4 triangular windows to the front and one on the side.  All windows have privacy curtains so you can close them when needed and they can all be rolled back and toggled in place when not in use.
Doors 2 large doors. 1 to the front of the tent and 1 to the side. The side door also has a mesh panel that you can zip closed, leaving the door open but keeping the bugs out. This makes the tent more versatile when it comes to the way you wish to layout your living area.
Ventilation Ventilation panels to the rear of the tent that can be zipped open to help prevent the build-up of condensation. There is also a ventilation panel to the side of the tent at a lower level to help air circulate.
Bedrooms 2 blackout bedroom pods that keep the rooms cooler in summer and keep the light out to give a better nights sleep. Bedrooms are 3 + 2 but the divider can be removed to give 1 large room.
Living Area 1 large living area that is light and airy with room to store your camping equipment or even a table and chairs set.  There is plenty of storage pockets in the living area to help store small items.
Optional Extras For this tent, you can also purchase a made to size footprint and a carpet for some added comfort.  There is also a front extension available to give you even more living space if required or if away for longer periods of time. Please note these are optional extras and do not come with the tent.

Colman Mosedale 5 Dimensions

Person 5 person
Bedroom 2
Hydrostatic Head 4500mm
Standing Room Yes
Weight 17.2 kg
Pitch Time 15 mins
Price From £279.99

*Please note that price was correct at time of publishing and will be updated on a regular basis.



For a couple or a small family, I really like this tent.  I love the lights out fabric used in the bedrooms and know that this will be a huge benefit to many people.  This a great versatile tent that will suit many. So if you are a couple, small family or looking for a great tent for festivals this would suit.

Not sure which tent is for you? Why not use our free Tent Comparison Guide to help you figure it out. Simply click on the link below to download it. This will help you compare the tents you look at so you can see at a glance the specs for each tent you like and allow you to make a more informed decision. Use it when looking online or print and take it tent shopping to make things that little bit easier.

Free PDF Tent Comparison Guide

Do you have this tent?  How do you rate it?

Tell others about your experience of using it and help them make a more informed decision.

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6 thoughts on “Coleman Mosedale 5 Family Tent Review”

  1. Would you choose this over the Vango Hudson 500?

    How do the blackout inners compare? Is the Vango blackout inner as good as the Coleman one?

    • Hi Mary,
      I love the fact the Vango Hudson has the canopy for when the weather is not so good. But, if it is about the darkened rooms the Coleman is far better and the reason for this is that the Coleman has blackout bedrooms (98% I’d say) where the Vango is only darkened. I also like the fact the Coleman Mosedale has storage pockets between the bedroom doors and find this to be a great addition.

      I hope this helps you.


    • Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The Mosedale 5 with attached extension has a length of around 8 meters. This about doubles your tents living space. Hope this helps.


  2. Hello Michelle

    I recently bought a colemans rocky Mountain 5XL, but wish I had gone larger on the living space. I’m looking to purchase and extension but can not find one ANYWHERE. Can you help? thanks

    • Hi Natasha,
      I have also had a look and am unable to find an extension for this tent. There are a few ways that you could get the extra living space that you are after but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be with an exact matching extension.
      The first is to use a tarp over the entrance that will give you that extra outdoor but undercover living space and the other is to look at event shelters that have sides, this way it will give you a more enclosed space.
      The last option would be to look at other tent manufacturers’ universal extensions and get one that matches the height and width of your tent. It may not match but it will give you that extra space that you are after.

      Sorry, I can’t be of any more help but I will keep having a look around and let you know if I come across anything more suitable.



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