Coleman Festival 3 and 4 Person Tents Review

Coleman Festival 3 and 4 Person Tents Review


Hi and welcome to my review of the new Coleman Festival Tents.

We tested the 3-person version of this tent but the 4 person has no differences apart from being larger so I thought I would include it in this review.

The Tent

The Coleman 3 and 4-person tent comes in two parts and is set up and pitched accordingly.

There is the bedroom/sleeping area with fully sewn in groundsheet.  The ground sheet also extends into the porch area and this is pitched first using 2 of the fiberglass poles.  These are secured using pins at each end and then the bedroom is clipped onto the poles to provide a solid dome structure.

The flysheet is then placed over the top and secured using both Velcro tags to attach to poles to ensure seems are properly lined up before pegging out.  The third pole is then inserted into the channel on the flysheet to create the porch area, again this pole is held with pins. The ground sheet in the porch area is then toggled to the flysheet to prevent any wet and reduce drafts.

Finally, you can secure further with the 6 pre-attached guy lines to give even more stability.

As you can see from the pictures the tent has 2 triangular windows in the front porch area. Both windows have privacy curtains that can be rolled up and toggled securely to let adequate light in.

There is also a central hanging point in the bedroom pod for a light or lantern to be hung.  The bedroom pod also has a pocket for each person, so three in the 3-man and 4 in the 4-man for storing items.  These are not particularly big but enough for your phone and small items.

The bedroom has adequate ventilation mesh to reduce condensation forming during the night.  I found these more than adequate as we used this in February when the temperature differences are greater and absolutely no condensation formed during the night keeping us really dry.

Both the main door and door into the bedroom pod open to the side and can be rolled back and secured using toggles



The Specs

Structure Tent has 3 light weight fibreglass poles.
Guy Lines Tent comes with 6 pre-attached guy lines which helps to steady the tent in bad weather conditions.
Fabrics The tent is made of a polyester 4500 HH flysheet. A breathable polyester for the inner bedroom that is a darkened blackout fabric to keep light out the bedroom area. Tent has a fully sewn in groundsheet in bedroom pod and attached groundsheet in porch area. All with taped seems.
Cable Entry There is no cable entry in this tent although you could run it in through the porch area
Windows There are 2 triangular windows in the porch area which let in adequate light. Both windows have privacy curtains.
Doors 1 door at the front of the tent. 1 internal door into bedroom.
Ventilation Ventilation panels to the front and sides of the tent to help prevent build-up of condensation. The top of the bedroom pod has mesh ventilation and also a zip away ventilation panel on bedroom door.
Bedrooms Both the 3- and 4-man tent consists of one room. This is the main area of the tent.
Living Area As these are small festival tents there is no living area but these is a fairly generous sized porch for storing gear and shoes.

Person 3 person 4 person
Bedroom 1 1
Hydrostatic Head 4500mm 4500mm
Standing Room No No
Weight 14.8 kg 6.6kg
Pitch Time Around 10 mins Around 10 mins
Price £70 £99

*please note that price was correct at time of publishing and will updated on a regular basis.


This would make a great festival tent to get your head down and get a really rested night due to the blackout bedrooms.

Although sold as a festival tent this is also a really good tent if you want to get away for a night or two on the weekend too.  Small and lightweight enough to be carried and big enough to sit inside should you need to.

Do you have this tent? How do you rate it?

Tell others about your experience of using it and help them make a more informed decision.

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