Top 7 Camping Cookers

Top 7 Camping Stoves

One of the biggest enjoyments when camping can be eating alfresco, whether on your own, taking in the surrounding scenery or with family and friends on a campsite. So we have decided to list our top 7 camping cookers in 2020 for you. Most campers will tell you that cooking is a large part of … Read more

Trash Tag Challenge

Have you seen or heard of the new online challenge? #Tashtag or hashtag trashtag as it’s called.  You know what it’s like every year someone comes up with new challenges, some are weird, some are funny and some help to raise awareness. Well the new challenge is quite different as it requires action to be … Read more

Environmental Clean Up – Pleasure Over Plastics

I was recently involved in a shoreline clean up in the beautiful town of Arrochar, on the west coast of Scotland.  I wanted to use this article to share both how easy it is to do your bit to help take care of our environment and the trouble that is being caused by our rubbish! … Read more

Geocaching – A Great Way to get Outside

Geocaching Logo

So, since the cold and often miserable weather of winter is here with us, we had been wondering how we can still get out and enjoy the outdoors. The answer for us – Geocaching! Have you heard of it?  If yes, that’s cool but have you tried it? If not read on. If you’ve not … Read more


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