Inflatable Camping Gear

Coleman 12V QuickPump.

Has the camping world gone inflatable mad? Maybe.   In this post we are going to look at what inflatable camping gear and accessories are available on the market and whether we think they are worth the investment. Like all camping gear it comes down to personal choice and as always, we recommend you do … Read moreInflatable Camping Gear

Top 5 Deet Free Insect Repellents

Are you one of the thousands of people who suffer from insect bites during the better weather? Me too! I don’t know what it is about me, but mosquitoes and midges seem to love to feast on me. Once bitten I tent to come out in the biggest and itchiest spots ever and it’s never … Read moreTop 5 Deet Free Insect Repellents

Rucksack Review – Vango Roam 35 Day Pack

As the British weather continues to improve many people are making the most of it and starting to get out more. Whether this is on walks, hikes, day trips or weekends away most of us are taking advantage of the better weather. As we are heading on out and starting to explore most of us … Read moreRucksack Review – Vango Roam 35 Day Pack

Review of the Quechua Helium Pillow

Today I’ll be reviewing the Helium Camping/Travel Pillow from Quechua. For many of us getting a good night’s sleep when camping is super important. If you are like me, you can deal with almost anything when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. For anyone just starting out camping I always recommend making sure your sleeping … Read moreReview of the Quechua Helium Pillow

Top 5 Bamboo Camping Products

With such a spotlight on the damage plastics are causing on our planet, in our seas and the fact that it can take decades for plastic to degrade. We feel it is time that we look for other materials that give us the same uses as plastic, even when we go camping. Although bamboo is … Read moreTop 5 Bamboo Camping Products

Tent Pegs – Which are Best

Tent Pegs

  Tent pegs are a vital part of our camping equipment and set up and when we buy a new tent, they come with the bog-standard wire pegs that can be used on good ground for fair weather camping. But, as most of us campers know our peg bags need to be stocked with more … Read moreTent Pegs – Which are Best

Big Daddy Roof Bag Review

So, like us you love camping and the more you go the more gear you seem to acquire, does that sound familiar? All this gear is great as it makes your camping experience more comfortable, but you are maybe now having trouble transporting it all to and from sites. We all seemed to have played … Read moreBig Daddy Roof Bag Review

Camping BBQ and Cooler by Gelert – Review

Camping BBQ from gelert

Many people now like to have the option of having a BBQ while camping.  As we don’t always get long hot summers here in the UK when we do get some good weather, we do love a BBQ and that includes when we are away  Yes, we campers do mostly cook outside while away camping, … Read moreCamping BBQ and Cooler by Gelert – Review

Camping Electric Hook-Up Review and Guidance

  Electric Hook-Up (EHU) These days with so many campsites having EHU points where you can hook up to an electricity supply and run it into your tent to give you power most people see it as a must have item for their camping kit. But, what all do you need to consider before purchasing … Read moreCamping Electric Hook-Up Review and Guidance

Camping Kitchens – My Top 5 Recommended

  Are Camping Kitchens Necessary? What are your top items when going camping?  For me, it’s a tent, bed then kitchen.  Yes our kitchen, for us is the 3rd most important item of our camping equipment.  When camping, as at home I like to be organised when it comes to preparing and cooking meals and … Read moreCamping Kitchens – My Top 5 Recommended


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