Tent Pegs – Which are Best

tent pegs

This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I may earn a commission if you use those links. Please read my full disclosure for more information. The Humble Peg Ah, the humble tent peg, a small but essential part of any camping setup. Tent pegs are a vital part of our camping equipment and set up … Read more

Camping BBQ and Cooler by Gelert – Review

Camping BBQ from gelert

Many people now like to have the option of having a BBQ while camping.  As we don’t always get long hot summers here in the UK when we do get some good weather, we do love a BBQ and that includes when we are away  Yes, we campers do mostly cook outside while away camping, … Read more

Groundsheets – What You Need to Know

Groundsheets or the floor of your tent is important, and you should know how to take care and protect it to make your camping experience more comfortable and preserve the life of the groundsheet. These days most tents come with built in groundsheets, which is fab as it keeps the cold and bugs out.  It … Read more

Camping Electric Hook-Up Review and Guidance

Let’s Talk Electrics Are you new to camping? Or have you camped without electric in the past and want to now take the step to camp with electrics? We look at the does and don’ts when it comes to buying camping electrics and how to use them properly when on the campsite. Camping with electrics … Read more

Freedom Trail Sendero 6 – Weekend Tent Review

Sendero 6 Review

  Freedom Trails Sandero 6 ** Please note that this tent is now being sold under the Eurohike brand. This is due to Go Outdoors being owned by JD, the same company the own Blacks and Millets and the changes have been made to try and streamline their brands. The specs are the same and … Read more


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