Hammock Camping for First Timers

Have you ever wanted to try hammock camping but unsure of what all you would need? Me too. But recently I’ve decided to look into and learn about this style of camping in more depth as after a recent purchase of a hammock for the garden I’m even more keen to try hammock camping out. … Read more Hammock Camping for First Timers

Festival Tents – Choosing The Right Tent

It is that time of year again where the festivals are in full swing and many of you are looking for a good festival tent to buy. But what are the things you should consider before making a purchase? The Myths   Tents left behind go to charity! There seems to be a myth that … Read more Festival Tents – Choosing The Right Tent

The Devil’s Pulpit – Finnich Glen – Scotland

The Devils Pulpit or Finnich Glen as it is otherwise known is a real hidden gem here in Scotland and is a stunning place for a walk or even to go and photograph. This location was also used for filming parts of Outlander, you may recognise this when looking at our pictures. If you are … Read more The Devil’s Pulpit – Finnich Glen – Scotland

Top 5 Deet Free Insect Repellents

Are you one of the thousands of people who suffer from insect bites during the better weather? Me too! I don’t know what it is about me, but mosquitoes and midges seem to love to feast on me. Once bitten I tent to come out in the biggest and itchiest spots ever and it’s never … Read more Top 5 Deet Free Insect Repellents

Forest Bathing

forest bathing

OK so this may not be completely camping related but as most campers enjoy the outdoors, like ourselves we like to offer some other benefits of nature and getting outside from time to time and this is one of these things. Forest Bathing is becoming increasingly popular not only in the UK but around the … Read more Forest Bathing

Tent and Camping Insurance

What would happen if you were camping and something went horribly wrong? Maybe you had valuables stolen or your tent or equipment vandalised (I know this rarely happens but what if it did?) or maybe a flash flood soaked everything.  What would you do? For most people it would mean cutting their camping trip short … Read more Tent and Camping Insurance

Sleeping Beneath the Stars – Dark Sky Delights


Most campers talk about sleeping beneath the stars. Whether in a tent, hammock, bivvy or awning of a camper or motorhome we all just love to get away and sleep out. We often dream about sleeping beneath the stars but how many of us actually do it? Properly sleep out in the open beneath the … Read more Sleeping Beneath the Stars – Dark Sky Delights

Nature Now Prescribed by Doctors

How do you feel after spending time outside and in nature or during and after a camping trip? If like me you feel better, soothed, grounded or even more relaxed it may not be just because “it’s your thing”, “your time out” or “your hobby”. It is most probably because of the healing affects it … Read more Nature Now Prescribed by Doctors

Groundsheets – What You Need to Know

    Groundsheets or the floor of your tent is important, and you should know how to take care and protect it to make your camping experience more comfortable and preserve the life of the groundsheet. These days most tents come with built in groundsheets, which is fab as it keeps the cold and bugs … Read more Groundsheets – What You Need to Know

Tent Fabrics

    There are many tent fabrics in the market now and it can get confusing for new campers, so I’ve written this guide to show the pro’s and cons for each material used in tent manufacturing. Many campers have their preferred fabrics and will chose their new tents based on this and others will … Read more Tent Fabrics


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