Tent Spares and Repairs

Tent Spares

Repair Not Replace Welcome to our tent spares and repairs blog post where you can learn that for a fraction of the price you can get/buy spare parts to repair your tent and/or other camping equipment and items. We have placed this in the directory part so to make it easily accessible if you ever … Read more Tent Spares and Repairs

Camping and Outdoor Stores

variety of tents

  Outdoor & Camping Stores In this post, we have tried to list as many camping and outdoor stores that we could, that sell camping gear and tents as a minimum or included in their range. We have tried to list stores that are both on the high street and online. Here we have linked … Read more Camping and Outdoor Stores

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover for your camping holidays

The last thing anyone wants is for their car to break down while away on a camping trip, or any other time for that matter so it is always worth making sure you have the right breakdown cover for your vehicle. Being prepared for such events helps give you peace of mind as well as … Read more Breakdown Cover

Camping Insurance

broken tent

A worthwhile investment for any keen and regular camper is camping and/or tent insurance. It is estimated that only 11% of regular campers have tent and/or camping insurance. Some don’t realize that there is such insurance and others are just willing to leave it to chance. With good quality family tents costing form a few … Read more Camping Insurance

Tent Manufacturers

variety of tents

Here we have tried to list as many tent manufacturer’s as possible. This list is based on some of the most used tents, by campers, in the UK today. If you feel we have missed any tent manufacturers out or your favourite tentmaker is not on this list please do not hesitate to get in … Read more Tent Manufacturers


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