Can’t Afford A New Tent – Why Not Rent A Tent

Is your old tent needing replaced? Can’t afford a new one. Or maybe you have never camped before and don’t want to shell out on a new tent yet. You may even be environmentally conscious and are looking for ways to get away and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. You can with Olpro’s Loan and Go service!

These may be reasons to rent rather than buy a new tent. Or, maybe you would just like to choose a tent depending on where and when you are camping. Sometimes a small tent is all you need for a weekend getaway and at other times you may want the luxury of something bigger.

There are many reasons that you may want to hire a tent rather than buy one and now you can with Olpro’s Loan and Go Service.

Rent A Tent From Olpro

Olpro’s new ‘Loan & Go’ service allows their customers to loan any one of OLPRO’s tents or awnings. These tents and awnings can accommodate 1 to 8 people, depending on what you choose. The tents are available for borrowing in blocks of three days and must be loaned out via our website.

olpro loan and go

Rented products will arrive with the customer 2 days ahead of the scheduled rental period. This will allow the customer to check and trial pitch the tent if needed before heading off on their camping adventure.

Once you have returned from your camping trip you are then expected to return the product with the included returns tag via Parcelforce within 1 day of the end of their rental period.

What could be simpler!

Olpro says “Our ‘Loan & Go’ system is much more cost-effective for customers, allowing people to loan the £180 Knightwick 2.0s tent for £35 over 3 days, or the £669 Cocoon Breeze Campervan Awning for £140 over 3 days.”

This can also be a great way to try out camping without the expense of buying a tent. So if you fancy giving camping a try but are still really unsure and can’t borrow a tent try this.

Just head over to OLpro and check out what is available for hire and see the full terms and conditions for hiring from them.

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