Camping Towels – Compact, Absorbant and Multi-functional

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Have you tried camping towels? Are you a lover or a loather? Learn more about camping towels, best ways to use them and other useful information in this post.

We have been using our camping towels now for almost 3 years and we have to say we love them. We love the fact they are so much more compact than your average household towel and super quick to dry.

We enjoy both site camping and wild camping, so the matter of weight and size of certain products is often taken into consideration when making our purchases. With our camping towels, we have to say it was a no-brainer when it came to helping reduce the size of our kit.

Here is a photo of how much it can reduce your kit. the pink and green are our camping towels, 2 bath sheets and 4 hand towels and the greys normal household towels of the same size. (well almost, camping towels are actually a little longer)

Towel Comparison

Not All Camping Towels are Equal

Firstly, you will need to consider is size. Camping towels come in various sizes from small hand towels to bath sheets just as normal household towels do. Will one bath towel or sheet be enough per person or do you like a second, smaller towel for your hair.

Will you be buying say bath sheets for adults and maybe bath towels for kids? Make sure you work this out before making any purchases.

Secondly, which material you choose would be a personal choice. Most towels are advertised as microfibre towels, but they are often different to the touch. Some feel like your microfibre cloths you get for the kitchen and others have a slightly suede or soft chamois feel. We prefer the latter and feel they do dry you slightly better. These are the ones we use here.

The last thing is the colour. There is a rainbow of colours to choose from in these towels. So, whether you want them to match your tent or buy different colours for each member of your family I’m sure you will end up spoiled for choice.

Camping Towels

No matter which towels you do choose one thing is for sure they will all dry much quicker than your average household towel. This is another big attraction of these towels; they dry super quick. Even after being fully washed at home, they take around 20 minutes tops to dry outside. The super-lightweight of them also means if you are hanging them over your guy lines or makeshift washing line while away you are far less likely to cause damage to the tent or have them snap your line.

Another advantage is that most come in their own little storage bags that make transporting and storing them easy.

Towel in Bag

Some Advice on Use and Care

It is worth noting that it is best to pat yourself dry rather than rub. You are advised to do this with any towel as it’s kinder to the skin. But I feel especially with these towels the fact the material is thinner means the material sometimes rolls if you try to rub yourself dry.

Do not use fabric conditioner when washing them. Again, this is true for all towels as it reduces the drying effect of them and their ability to hold moisture.

Wash before first use, as always before using anything next to your skin and also to check for colour transfer. We had a little colour run on the first wash of our pink towels, but they have fine ever since. This most probably will have been excess colour from the manufacturing of them.

Other Uses

These towels are great and so versatile that we use them elsewhere in our camping kit too. Due to the various sizes, they come in it means that you can them in other ways too.

They are advertised as bathroom towels but also make good dish towels too. With them being quick-drying, it means they are dry in time for the next set of meal dishes.

We have a spare hand towel size one for using when showering as bathmat when stepping out of the shower. We are a little wary of catching things such as verruca’s and not all shower rooms have mats or boards for when coming out the shower. We think that these are ideal for this use.

Other activities – such as visiting the beach, taking on walks if you know you will be doing river crossings or when the weather is poor. We like to keep one in the car during the summer months just in case we fancy a paddle on the beach in the good weather. It fits nicely in the boot tidy of car and as most come in their own little bags they are easy to store.

Also great for drying off your furry friends if you take them out and about or camping with you.

I hope this article helps you if you are thinking of purchasing some. We think they are great with their multi-functional uses. Why not even buy a small one and give it a try before making a larger purchase for the family. We are pretty sure you will love them as much as we do.

There is a wide range for you to view here.

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