Best Camping Showers to Keep You Fresh

The Need for Camping Showers

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Whether you just want to rinse off sandy feet, muddy paws or shoes or have a full shower whilst away camping, portable camping showers are becoming ever so popular. The fact that there are so many portable camping shower options means that there is a camping/portable shower to meet any need.

So whether you want to be able to clean off feet or paws after a walk down the beach or through the park or rinse off the day and go to bed feeling clean and refreshed I’m sure there is a camping shower to suit everyone’s need and budget.

Another reason camping showers are becoming popular at this time is due to the recent pandemic. As well as people being uncertain if they want to share shower blocks with others outwith their family, some campsites have closed or reduced the number of people using the on-site facilities such as showers and bathrooms.

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Camping showers have been used by many wild campers for a while now. Mostly the small and compact solar showers. Although in our British climate they don’t get very warm they do the job of allowing you to get a wash and clean yourself off. Many wild campers simply wash in streams, rivers and lakes so a coldish shower doesn’t seem to bother them.

However, for those more used to camping on campsites with all the mod-cons going without a shower, especially a warm one may be a dreadful thought. So let’s look at what camping showers are out there and we will aim to cover all needs and budgets.

It is also worth noting that a toilet/shower or utility tent would be useful if you are going to be using a shower on a campsite to ensure some privacy. We have covered these and toilets in another post which you can read by clicking on the link below.

Another worthwhile thing to think about if you are going to be taking a shower whilst camping, especially if you are doing so on a campsite is what you are going to do with your wastewater. Simply letting it drain away may not be an option. You may want to consider a collapsable tray or a small children’s pool to stand in while showering. This way you can dispose of the wastewater responsibly on site.

Rechargeable Showers

Firstly, we are going to look at a few of the best rechargeable camping showers. These are great for campsites as can be charged before you go or in the tent. These showers consist of a water pump, battery, hose and showerhead. Most come with a suction cup or hook for hanging the shower head/

They tend to be compact and all you have to do is add water at the temperature you require to a water carrier or bucket and immerse the pump (not the battery), switch on and enjoy your shower. These are great little showers and allow you to go off track without electrics if you fully charge the battery before you go. This will enable you to use streams or rivers as a water source to rinse off at the end of the day.

12v 3in1 Rechargeable Shower from Colapz

Priced around £50

This is a great little portable shower from Colapz. You simply charge the battery via a USB cable before use to give you between 45 – 60 minutes shower time and this charge will take around 2 hours.

Colapz Portable Shower

This shower comes complete in its own carry bag and includes 3 heads – shower, trigger and jet nozzle, a hook or suction cup option to place the showerhead, leaving you hands-free for showering. The shower can be used in conjunction with any standing water source with a water flow of 3 litres per minute. The Colapz 2in1 water carrier and the bucket is ideal to use as your water source. Simply fill the bucket with water at the required temperature and place the water pump from the shower kit into it via the wide filling cap hole and you’re ready to shower.

The option of 3 shower heads not only makes this an ideal portable camping shower but a very versatile piece of kit that you can use to wash off dirty paws, shoes and even the car if it gets dirty while you are off exploring the great outdoors. This shower has a 2-meter hose. It packs down to 22x22x7 cm in its carry case and weighs in at 719g.

Visit the Colapz Website and learn more by clicking here.

Liberrway Portable Camping Shower

Priced around £40

The Liberrway portable camping shower comes in two colours, blue or green and is sold via Amazon. This shower gives around 45 minutes of showering once fully charged and has a water flow of 3.5 litres per minute. The shower comes with both a hook or suction cup shower head holder allowing you to be hands-free while washing. Again you simply need to fill a bucket or find a water source to submerge the pump into before switching on to shower.

Liberrway Portable Camping Shower

The battery can be clipped to the 1.8-meter hose to save it from laying on the ground while showering. While it does not come with a carry case or storage bag this shower does come with a 2-year warranty on the battery.

To view or buy this shower please click here.

RGA Portable Camping Shower

RGA Shower

Priced around £50

This rechargeable camping shower from RGA comes with 2 batteries included, meaning you are going to have 2 hours worth of showering while on your camping trip (each battery allows 1 hour of use). Batteries can be charged using a USB charging cable from the car, a PowerPoint or via a laptop etc.

The shower comes in blue or orange and has a 1.8-meter hose and 2 showerheads. The water flow is 2.5 litres per minute and there is a showerhead holder that can be used with the supplied suction cup or hook.

You can view or purchase this shower by clicking here

12v Showers

Secondly, we are going to look at the 12v shower systems on offer. These need to be plugged into a cigarette light or similar source of power to work. This can limit how you use these types of showers as you will need to be close to an electric point.

AUTOPkio Portable Outdoor Shower

AUTOPkio Outdoor Shower

Priced around £30

This camping shower kit from AUTOPkio comes with its own 20-litre collapsable bucket for holding your water for showering as well as a 1.8-meter hose, S-hook and suction cup to allow you to use the shower hands-free. The 12v cigarette lighter plug has a 3 m cable to allow you to keep your power source well away from the area where you choose to shower.

This comes in both yellow and blue, comes with its own carry bag too and you can read more about it by clicking here.

Streetwize 12v Portable Shower

Streetwize 12v Shower

Priced around £22.50

This Streetwize 12v portable shower is great for carrying in your car in case of emergencies as well as for showering. This shower comes with a 2-meter shower hose and a 5-meter power cable to allow you to plug it into your car or 12v power socket. It comes with both a suction cup and hook for hanging the showerhead and a waterproof storage bag.

You simply have to immerse the water pump into your water source and switch it on to use. You can fill a water carrier or bucket with water to the desired temperature and you are ready to go.

The Streetwize 12v Shower can be bought at Go Outdoors and you can see more about this shower by clicking here.




Solar Showers

Lastly, we will list a few of the solar shower options that are available. These showers depend solely on the sun for heating the water contained in the solar shower bag,  ideal for rinsing off or a quick wash, but don’t expect the water to be very warm, especially as they are weather dependent to heat the water.

Hillington Solar Camping Shower

This is priced around £18

Hillington Solar Shower

This solar camping shower from Hillington holds 20 litres of water which you heat using the suns rays. The Hillington solar shower also has a built-in thermometer on the bag so you know just what temperature your shower is going to be. In the direct sunlight, the bag can take 3 hours to heat the water enough to shower.

The shower bag is made of tough, non-rip material and has a handy little pouch to store your soap. The shower hose attaches the showerhead to the bag and the shower head has an on/off switch so you can control what water you use.

It has a reinforced handle for hanging the solar bag up for use to shower and once done this rolls up neatly and is stored in a little carry bag.

You can view and purchase this solar shower by clicking here.


20L Solar Camping Shower

Solar Shower

Prices from £6 – £24

There are many other solar showers around from many manufacturers and all do the same job. These showers consist of a 20L PVC water bag with a hose and shower head attachment.

You can fill and leave the bag in the sun to heat. The bag will heat water to around 45° in 3 hours in direct sunlight. Most have a valve control on the bag so you are able to control the amount of water you are using while showering.

There are many to choose from to suit your own needs and you can view them here.


Our Choice

We hope we have shown you a few camping showers to help you choose what one is right for you and take on your camping trip.

We have to say we really favour the rechargeable style showers as I feel they are safer when not connected to a power source. We love the fact that battery-operated showers can be taken anywhere where you will have a water source. This means they are not only great for campsites, with or without electric hook up but also for wild camps or car camping.

For this reason, we choose the Colapz Rechargeable shower. This is due to its choice of showerheads and weight. You can also buy additional or replaceable batteries from colapz and you know you are using a quality product.

Our recommendation – 12v 3in1 Rechargeable Shower from Colapz


Don’t Forget Your Towels!

Remember your towels if you are taking away a shower camping. If you have not already tried the compact towels for camping, you can read what we think of them by clicking on the following link.

Some are better than others, but the thing we love most about them is their compact size and quick drying time. This is especially handy if you are camping for long periods and need to wash them between use.

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