Camping Shelters With The DD Hammocks Tarp

We needed a new tarp and chose the DD Hammocks Tarp (3 m x 3 m) to use for shelter. We have never used a tarp by DD Hammocks before but we do know they come highly recommended by those who do.

We were only looking for a small tarp that we could use when bivvying or when I take the hammock out or to give extra cover in front of some of our small tents. We felt the 3 x 3 m should be large enough for our needs. If we do need a larger one in the future it will have been useful having used another brand to help us make a more informed choice before buying.

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tarp over hammock

DD Hammocks are as the name suggests specialists in hammocks and hammock camping equipment. But they have fast made a name for themselves in the tarp and tent world too. Tarps are often used when hammock camping to provide shelter/cover from above. Most people using tarps for this choose either the flying A-frame or diamond configurations

Our 3 x 3 m Tarp

We chose the 3m x 3m tarp by DD Hammocks which is a square tarp. The tarp has 19 tabbed, attachment points which make it very versatile to use. Having many tabs like this means there are more ways in which to use your tarp. There are many ways to set up and use tarps and people can get very creative with their configurations.

We chose the 3 x 3 m tarp to use for a bivvying event that we are going to be attending. Although the tarp will be used in many ways, for many things and while camping with our tent too.

We only know a few basic shelter setups using tarps at the moment but I’m sure we will learn many more over the forthcoming camping seasons. To learn more about tarp configurations or tarpology as it is sometimes known YouTube is a good place to learn.

dd hammock tarp

DD Hammocks Tarp (3m x 3m)

When you purchase a tarp from DD Hammocks you get more than a tarp. Your tarp comes in its own carry bag or stuff sack. You will also receive pegs and guy lines to use with your tarp.

What are the specs of the DD Hammocks Tarp (3m x 3m)?

Size – as the name suggests is 3m by 3m. Other sizes available are 3.5m x 3.5m, 3m x 4.5m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m. Some smaller and more lightweight sizes are 3.5m x 2.4m and 2.8m x 1.5m. So as you can see DD Hammocks have tarps to suit any adventure.

Material – 100% waterproof polyester (190T polyester with PU 3000mm waterproof coating). We chose the olive green colour but a Multicam colour is also available. This size tarp also comes in coyote brown, jet black and sunset orange.

a-frame tarm

Peg Out Points or Tabs – there are 19 reinforced tabs on this tarp made from strong webbing material. 16 are around the edges of the tarp including each corner. 3 are across the centre of the tarp. These allow the tarp to be used for multiple configurations and make the tarp highly versatile.

tarp with tabs

Weight – the tarp itself, excluding pegs, guylines and stuff sack weighs 790g and together 1.1kg.

Packed size – when packed into the stuff sack this measures approx 24cm x 14cm x 4cm.

I have included various sizes of tarps that DD Hammocks make above. Some of these are available in super lightweight options where nylon material is used. You can check out the full range on the website.

Purchasing A Tarp

If you are looking to purchase a tarp of your own, firstly know what you want. Size is probably the most important feature you want to look at. What are you going to be using it for? Will you be using it yourself, with someone else, or with a group?

If weight is important to you this is another feature you will want to look at.

The number of tabs or peg out points the tarp has will also be another feature to look at. The more of these there are the more ways you will be able to use the tarp when it comes to building your shelters.

We bought our DD Hammock Tarp from Amazon. The 3m x 3m tarp cost £39.99. You can view a range of tarps that will allow you to compare various sizes, prices and manufacturers.


tarp in woods

We really like this tarp. It is well made, has plenty of reinforced tabs for pegging out. The stuff sack is great and big enough that we can fit a few extra items in along with the tarp. Items such as our cordage for a ridgeline and spare cordage that we can use for other things.

We have had a lot of fun learning new shelter configurations, seeing what works for us and getting familiar with the tarp.

We love it so much we are thinking of buying the larger 3m x 4.5. tarp. We will use these with our tents as well as on their own for shelters while camping and even day camps. These will be great for shelter if we are spending the day out in nature. Giving us a place to shelter, change, rest and relax. Just an all-around base for us.

We hope this helps if you are looking to purchase one for yourself.

If You ruse a tarp why not inspire both us and others by sharing your tarp or even your camping pictures on our group page –

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