Camping Recycled – A Great Way to Camp for Less

Have you ever wished that some camping gear was just that little bit cheaper to allow you to get out and explore more? Well, we are going to tell you a great way to camp for less with Camping Recycled.

We absolutely love this idea as we have an old broken tent that I am planning to recycle. I plan to make some camping items from the material such as wash bags, storage bags, a rain cover for one of my rucksack and hopefully a few other thing too. The tent is too damaged for camping but I don’t want it going to landfill so want to repurpose as much of it as I can to reduce waste.

What is Camping Recycled?

Camping recycled is brought to by Vango. Vango believe that all camping gear should be able to be recycled or renewed so that the life of a product is longer and less ends up in landfill.

camping recycled

Camping Recycled has been around since 2008, trading on eBay. They were formerly known as Nearly New Tents. But, as the range of available items grew beyond just tents to ex-display AirBeam tents, rucksacks, footprints, AirAwnings and many other camping and outdoor accessories, Camping Recycled was born!

That is why the team at Vango are committed to doing everything they can to stop this happening. Whether the product is ex-display, a production item or a refurbished item they work hard to extend the life of it. If an item is beyond repair they will strip that item down to retain and recycle as many of the parts as they possibly can.

The team at Camping Recycled will renew, refurbish and repair many items that would otherwise end up in landfill and give it a new lease of life. This way the product can have an extended lifespan while Vango help to do their bit for the environment and customers.

How Does This Mean Cheaper Camping?

Vango recycled can sell these items through their Camping Recycled Site at a reduced cost to the customer. This giving you the chance to buy quality products cheaper. Because Vango takes their time and expertise to carry out such repairs, maintenance and thorough tests and checks on these products you know you are still getting quality. However, when you buy from Camping Recycled the products are cheaper but you still have the great quality we all expect from Vango.

giving outdoor gear a second life

When buying from their camping recycled site you are not only saving some money (that could be used to book more camping trips). You are also doing your bit for the environment by giving or extending a products use and life and saving it from landfill. So, along with saving a few quid you also get to feel good.

Where Can You Find Camping Recycled Products

You are able to find and view Camping Recycled products in a few places. First, you have the Camping Recycled Shop where they sell all of their recycled camping products. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram where you can also view products from this range. This way you get to see the great quality of items that are being sold.

recycled camping furniture

Remember it is not only tents and awnings that are recycled but sleeping bags, furniture, cookware and anything else you may need for your camping trip too. Why not visit their online shop or add them on Facebook or Instagram to see for yourself just what they have to offer and how much you could save. Hopefully, you will see something that could save you a few pennies for your next camping trip.

If you are looking to get into camping and are planning a first time camping trip we understand camping gear is not cheap so why not have a look and see what you could save on. Another article you may also be interested in is Getting Into Camping – What You Need to Know and if you plan to take the kids How to Confidently Enjoy Camping with Kids. These should help you on your way to a successful camping trip.

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