The Best 5 Recommended Camping Kitchen Stations

Cooking on an Open Flame

Are Camping Kitchen Stations Necessary?

What are your top items when going camping?  If it’s camping on a campsite, for me, it’s a tent, bed set up then our kitchen.  Yes our kitchen, for us is the 3rd most important item of our camping equipment.  When camping, as at home I like to be organised when it comes to preparing and cooking meals and ensuring you have a kitchen that suits your needs is a must.

There are many camping kitchens out there these days for every need and every budget.  Some basic and some even got a kitchen sink.  It’s all about knowing beforehand what you need in a camping kitchen.  Some people can have most of their equipment in a box and pull it out when needed and only need a stand to cook on.  Others need everything to hand, space for prepping, cooking and storage.

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Apart from wild camping, our kitchen comes to every other camping trip with us so I look for a stand with a wind deflector and storage underneath for food items and a handle at the side where I can hang my utensils.  I am quite happy to prep my food, clean the work surface and then place the cooker on it.

Here are the top 5 recommended camping kitchens. They are in no particular order.

Kampa Chieftain Portable Camping Kitchen

The Kampa Chieftan kitchen has become very popular over the past few years and it’s easy to see why.  This is a very well thought out piece of kit.

The kitchen folds flat for storage and comes with a storage bag.  The top lid opens with fold-down shelves for extra storage, spices, bottles etc. you then have a large work/cooking area with a basin/washing up area to the other.

There is ample storage underneath made from heavy-duty material. 1 large area and 2 smaller shelved areas that can be zipped closed when not in use. This storage also has 2 ventilation panels to the back to allow air into the area while keeping the bugs out.

The kitchen also comes with a wastebasket that attaches to one side of the unit, just pop in a bin bag. The other side has space to hang your utensils, 4 hooks are provided for this.

Kampa Chieftain Camping Kitchen

This Kampa kitchen starts from around £120.00 here.

Campart Travel KI-0732 Outdoor Kitchen Malaga

The Campart Travel Kitchen is an impressive piece of equipment made of aluminium to make it lightweight but durable. This kitchen also has adjustable legs to ensure an even surface even when the ground is uneven.

It has a central cooking area with a windshield for better fuel efficiency and a lower shelf for storage.  This is ideal for your pots and pans or crockery.

This kitchen has a workspace on either side giving you lots of space to prep and serve your food.

Each side compartment has a storage cupboard underneath with 2 selves. These can be zip-closed when not in use and have

Campart Travel KI-0732 Outdoor Kitchen Malaga

ventilation panels on the back to let air circulate and keep things fresh and dry.

Full dimensions of 172 x 48 x 79.5/110.5 cm

Packed Size 79 x 12 x 45 cm

Weight 79 x 12 x 45 cm

The Campart is a good spacious kitchen with prices starting from £108.55.



Outwell Drayton

This aluminium and polyester lidded camping kitchen where the lid when in the upright position provides extra storage space.  Hooks are provided for utensils and a hanger with two baskets for storing stuff such as spices, bottles or washing up items.

The Drayton has a large prep/cooking surface with a washbasin to the right-hand side. The basin is provided.

There is ample storage space underneath the unit with 2 large double shelves on one side and 3 smaller shelves on the other. The storage area can be closed over when not in use and has a ventilation panel at back to let air circulate, keeping your stored items fresh.

  • Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 82 cm (WxDxH)Outwell Dreyton Camping Kitchen
  • Packed dimensions: 100 x 50 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 13.5 kg

Prices on the Outwell Drayton start from around £115.00








Kampa Commander Field Kitchen

This is another good kitchen from Kampa.  This has 2 work surfaces at differing heights.  This is useful as you can use one for cooking and the other for prep or serving.

There is a storage shelf under the largest work area which is ideal for storing pots and pans or crockery.  This also comes with a wastebasket, just put a bag in for your rubbish.

The other smaller work surface which is stated for cooking on comes with 4 hooks for hanging your utensils.  There is a storage section underneath with 2 large shelves that can be zipped closed when not in use. This also has a ventilation panel at the rear to allow air to circulate.

 Kampa Commander Field Kitchen

Worktop. Size: W 61 x D 49 cm, worktop height: 81 cm

Extension table Size: W 59 x D 41.5 cm, extension table height: 67 cm

Packed size: 50 x 80 x 17 cm

Prices start around £62.00 here.




Eurohike Camp Kitchen

This is a good compact folding kitchen with a windshield.  Using a windshield increases fuel efficiency when cooking.

Eurohike Camp Kitchen

The shelves are made from steel and are handy for storing some food items and crockery. Please remember when camping that you may be visited by small animals so easily accessible foods should be kept in a lidded box or coolbox. But tins and canisters should be fine when stored on these shelves.

Dimensions: 65cm x 35cm x 97cm

Pack size: 65 x 66 x 8cm

Weight: 7.8Kg

This is the cheapest of these camping kitchens but will do the job well if you are looking for something basic, sturdy and durable.

Prices for this kitchen start around £32, great value for money!

Want to see how we upgraded our camping kitchen station for a few pounds –

Not only was this great fun as a DIY project but it makes our kitchen more useful for us now.


If YOU have used or do use any of these kitchens please leave your thoughts and comments below to help others make informed choices with their camping purchases.

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2 thoughts on “The Best 5 Recommended Camping Kitchen Stations”

  1. I really like this page and it compliments my site nicely as well but, I am not too sure that I need all that to go camping. I might just get tempted into it if your seller shipped to the US. I will look here for something similar, thanks for the ideas. I might even get one for out by our grill here at home. It’s like taking a little bit of home with you on your camping trip.

    • Yeah the kitchens are more of a home comfort and we don’t take our every time.  These are only used for extended trips and are never taken on wild camping trips.

      Some peoples set ups are pretty much like a home from home so they are popular here in the UK.


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