Camping And Tent Insurance – What You Should Know

Camping Insurance – What Is It and Where Can You Purchase It?

Did you know that you can get camping and tent insurance? Many people aren’t aware that such a product exists. As keen campers, we want to let you know that YES – it does exist and YES it is a worthwhile investment. You wouldn’t go abroad on holiday without insurance so why would camp without insurance. At least if the hotel you stay in on holiday gets damaged, the hotel or company that owns it will be insured to make sure you still have somewhere to live for the rest of your holiday so why would you not want that when camping too?

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A worthwhile investment for any keen and regular camper is camping and/or tent insurance. It is estimated that only 11% of regular campers have a tent and/or camping insurance. Some don’t realize that there is such insurance and others are just willing to leave it to chance.

With good quality family tents costing from a few hundred to over a thousand pounds these days, it is not really something that should be left to chance. Many people wouldn’t book a package holiday without insurance so why would not cover yourself and your equipment for those much-needed camping holidays.

Cover to Suit You

Cover can be as simple as covering your tent and equipment while in use on holiday to more comprehensive cover that will find you somewhere to stay should your camping trip be cut short for any reason. Some providers, if you take out European cover will ensure you get home when camping abroad should the only driver take ill. That is a huge weight off anyone’s mind.

Let’s be honest, you and I have probably both spent a pretty penny when it comes to our camping gear and would be devastated if anything were to happen to it while on holiday or at any time really and that is why we see insurance as a vital part of our camping life.

While we have made sure that our home insurance covers all our tents and camping gear, even the stuff stored in sheds and outhouses, while at home. We also want to know we are fully protected once we take our camping gear away from the home as well.

Tent and camping insurance, like your home insurance, can be tailored to meet your needs.  Whether you holiday in the UK or like to go camping abroad the camping insurance provider can help tailor your insurance to meet that. Some may even cover you if your camping equipment is damaged due to an accident while going to and from the campsite you are holidaying at.

It doesn’t cost the earth and gives great peace of mind, but, as with any insurance shop around and get a package that suits your needs and covers you for everything that you need it to.

As with all insurances, there are many levels of cover so it is always best to speak to an advisor to get the cover that is right for you and your gear.

Below I have added a little bit about the top 3 camping insurers in the UK to help you see who may be the best insurance provider for you.

Shield Total Insurance

Peace of mind for every camping enthusiast. Cover for tents, camping equipment, personal possessions and camping holidays. European cover is also offered as well as insurance for trailers, campers, and motorhomes.

At Shield, your cover not only covers your tent and camping equipment from theft, fire, storms, and flooding it also covers personal effects that you are using while on your camping holiday. Public Liability can also be taken so if your tent or equipment causes damage or injury to others you are also covered. You may also be able to insure more than one tent if you should need to. I know many people have more than one tent for different uses (weekend tents and family tents or backpacking tents and larger site tents) and this will help cover them all.

As with taking out any insurance, I would recommend you talk to an advisor to get the right cover for you. You can visit Shield Total insurance at the link below.


The Camping and Caravan Club

As well as everything else they do the Camping and Caravan Club also offers camping insurance. This is also known as Club Care. Whether you are off a hike with a tent strapped to your back or a family camping holiday they will be able to provide insurance cover to suit your needs.

As with the previous insurer, you can get cover for more than one tent, cover for gear and personal possessions. Should your tent get damaged they may be able to hire a tent for you to continue your holiday with minimal disruption.

To learn more about insurance from The Camping and Caravan Club please click on the link below.


Towergate Insurance

If it’s a trailer tent, pop up caravan or folding camper you take away to a campsite Towergate has got you covered. This insurer allows you to build your own cover so it can be tailored to your individual needs. Trailers can be covered for damage when towing, although some exclusions apply, mainly tyres and braking mishaps like punctures. If this were to happen you would need to inform your breakdown provider.

You can visit Towergate Insurance and find out more details on their insurance packages by clicking the link below.

Get Peace of Mind

We really hope that we have provided you with enough information that you can get the insurance you require for your tent and camping gear no matter where you go camping and what type of camping you do.

We as campers know that camping is a very individual experience and so do the above camping insurance companies. If you are now thinking about insurance or even if this article has urged you to think about just how valuable your tents and camping gear is you also check that everything is covered with your house insurance too. If you, like many others store your camping gear in garages and/or sheds and outhouses during the camping season for easy access it is worth checking that it is definitely covered by your house insurance. Some home insurers may not cover some items when stored outwith your house.

Another thing that may be worth thinking about or looking into when it comes to peace of mind is your breakdown cover. Are you covered by your current breakdown provider should your car breakdown or not start within campsite or when towing a camping trailer? These are things that can simply be overlooked until the need arises to use them. The last thing you need is to be shelling out money should something happen and you need to upgrade your cover at the time of breakdown as this is always the more expensive option.

Covering all bases and having the correct insurance and breakdown cover before you head off on your camping holiday will give you peace of mind should the unexpected happen to you.

We have also done a post on breakdown cover that will cover what you need to know and have listed breakdown providers here.

We really hope that all your camping holidays go smoothly and all that you have is fun on your holiday but being prepared saves the headaches should anything happen.

Campervans & Caravans

If you own a caravan or campervan and are looking for insurance you can check out sites like Compare the Market. They will be able to provide you with insurance that meets your needs for both types of vehicles.

Always make sure the insurance you take out covers everything you need it to. Do you need to cover contents or possessions? Will anyone else be using your vehicle? Accidental damage etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and preferably speak to an advisor rather than getting online quotes so you ensure the right and full cover for your needs.

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