Camping Gear From Your High Street at The Range

Are you planning to have a staycation this year or do you need a few more camping things before your break?

The Range is now stocking a varied range of camping gear including some named brand products. If you haven’t been to The Range store before or haven’t popped in for a while you may be surprised by what they are stocking. Even better than that you can shop The Range online.

The range

It is also worth knowing what they stock in case you forget anything while away camping. This way you can include this shop in your search if you need to go pick up supplies. Whether this is something you have forgotten or something you need to replace.

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We first had a look properly in the store after looking for somewhere that sold gas while away last year. I knew The Range had a DIY department in store so thought we would give it try. Needless to say, we came out with more than just gas!

So, let’s have a look at what The Range is now selling in camping and outdoor gear.


The Range is now stocking a large range of tents. Not all will be available in-store but you can view the whole range online. Tents range from 2 to 8 persons and from brands such as Yellowstone, Summit, Coleman, Olpro and Outdoor Revolution.

There are tents suitable for almost every budget. So whether you are looking for a pole, airbeam, pop-up, retro, tipi or simply a small tent for the kids, you are sure to find something you like.

range tents

Why not browse the full range here.

Camping Furniture

What about some furniture to kit out your tent? Well, they have that too.

From tables and chairs to storage cupboards and beds, there is plenty to choose from. Whether you want to look for lightweight items to super strong and sturdy items.

range camping furniture

Cooking & Cookware

There is a lot to see in this section. From cookers to cups. Water carriers to gas for your stove. So if you are looking to stock up on or replace some of your camping kitchen essentials it is worth having a look here.

Whether you are backpacking or going to a site, you may find what you need within their range of camping products.

the range cooking and picnic items

Airbeds, Sleeping Bags & Pads

Has your airbed been punctured or in need of replacing? The Range not only has repair kits in store but you can buy a wide range of airbeds and inflatable furniture too.

You will also find airbeds designed especially for kids, double-height airbeds and beds that fold away giving you a comfortable sofa for during the day.

range sleeping

Sleeping bags come in a variety of styles and fillings. You have plenty of choices with envelope, mummy and pod-style sleeping bags. Bags sold from brands like Yellowstone, Kampa, Olpro and Active will ensure you can find one to suit your needs.

The Range also stocks a few sleeping mats. From lightweight rolled mats to a small SIM.


Everyone has their own preference when it comes to camping lights. Both for the tent or for when out and about or nipping to the loo in the middle of the night.

range lighting

In this category, you will find several styles of lanterns, tent lights, tactical flashlights, novelty lights and even some funky glow sticks. Glow sticks are great when used as a night light for younger children who do not like the dark.


As you can see there is quite a range of camping gear sold in The Range shop and online now. There are some great little buys so it is always worth keeping this in mind if you are looking to pick up something to add to your camping kit.

They also sell tent pegs, mallets, and large picnic rugs that are great for use as tent carpets in your tent. These are cheaper and can be just as good as tent carpets.

Why not have a look for yourself by clicking the button below to be taken to the camping section of The Range Online. Delivery options start at £4.95 if you are ordering online.

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