Games For A Fun Filled Family Camping Trip

Camping games or games you take on camping trips are not only games for the kids. There are games for adults too and this can be a great chilled way to spend some quality times with friends and family while camping.

Although many see camping as an activity in its self when you have reached your campsite and are all set up, tent pitched, beds sorted, kitchen and cooking area ready to go and some ground rules in place, especially if you have younger kids with you what do you do next?

Playing some games together can provide hours of fun both inside and outside the tent. So in this post, we are going to look at games for both. It may also be worth checking out our Printable paper and pen games. As these are also great for rainy days and don’t take up much room when travelling.

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Why Take Games Camping?

Some people like to go camping and tie it in with another activity, such as hill walking, biking, kayaking etc. Others love to just go and relax, taking books or some music, maybe visit some local attractions. Some families like to chose sites where some activities are available on-site such as swimming, kids clubs, swing parks and such.

No matter which type of camping you do or where you go camping there always seems to be a time when either you or the kids are looking for something to keep yous occupied for a short time. This could be just before bed, while a meal is cooking, maybe when it is raining out and you are looking for something to do inside. You’ll probably be able to think a few examples from your own camping trips. Sometimes you are just looking to play together as a family and make this part of your camping experience.

For these times it is best to be prepared. A small compendium of games put together before you set off on your camping trip can not only save everyone when boredom strikes and provide lots of fun, it can also be a great way for everyone to come together and share fun times and create some probably laughable memories for the future.

Did you know that playing games as a family not only helps with family bonding but kids really rate it as an important part of their lives? Kids see playing games with parents as much more than just some fun. One Board Family writes about 5 reasons why you should make this a regular thing. It is certainly worth a read.

Games and Activities to Avoid Around Tents

There are some games and activities that you should avoid playing when around tents. Playing these types of games around tents and other peoples pitches can cause a lot of damage and upset among campers. Accidents do and will happen from time to time so these games should be reserved for playing in designated areas.

  • Bubbles – You should never allow anyone to play with bubbles around tents. This can affect the tents waterproof coating when the bubbles land on them.
  • Football – Should never be played around tents. Football should be played away from pitches or in a designated area. A ball that is kicked astray can cause much damage to tents and camping gear. Not only that due to the structure and flexibility of tents a ball with power behind it can also cos damage inside the tent if it hits the outside.
  • Ball Games – Ball games, in general, should be avoided and I mentioned football separately as it is the most common ball game played. Games such as tennis, rugby, hockey, golf and dodge ball should all be avoided, even if being played with a softball. Try to play away from pitches in a field off to the side or in a designated area if there is one on-site.
  • Tag or Chase Games – As innocent and fun as tag and chase games are, this is another that should be given a designated area to play or at least played well away from tents. The reason for this is that it becomes all too easy for the chase to result in running between tents and jumping over guy lines. It is never a good idea to be running near tents let alone tearing around them at your top speed and unable to pay close attention to where you are going because you are constantly looking over your shoulder.
  • Water Fights – another fun and an innocent game that many enjoy. This is another game best played away from other peoples pitches. No one wants to be soaked by water spray coming from your balloons or guns during a water fight. Again this is an excitable and fun game and can result in chases much the same as tag and for the same reasons should be avoided around tents.

It is also worth remembering that many people can be cooking outside their tents during the day and games can easily cause danger here. Also, others may just want to relax outside their tents. A short walk to play will save lots of hassle and allow you to have more fun and relax a little more too.

So, What Are Good Games For Taking Camping?

There are many good games to take on your camping trip. Whether you are going as a family, group of friends or even as a couple. There are things you can take to provide fun both inside and outwith your tent. Even if you are a lone camper and want to take something to do during the day or in case it rains, there are things here for everyone. You can also check out our printable section for paper and pen games and word searches.

These are some games that are easy to pack and will provide hours of fun.


Go Find It

Go Find It

This is a great game that can be played in any outdoor environment. A natural scavenger hunt for everyone to enjoy. This is a very sensory game that will also encourage conversation and learning naturally.

A game that can be played by anyone over the age of three, including adults, and from 2-10 players. It promises that no 2 games will ever be the same.

The game consists of 33 cards that come in a small drawstring bag and will fit in your pocket. The game lasts as long as you want it too.

There is also the second edition of this game called Go Find It Too. Games can be used individually or together to give a greater experience. Each game retails at £8.50 and can be bought here.


A game of fun, speed and reflexes. This has been a fun family game played by many campers. The game comes in its own storage tin for easy transportation.

Recommended for ages 6 and over and 2 – 8 players. In Dobble, players compete with each other to find the matching symbol between one card and another. Every card is unique and has only one symbol in common with any other in the deck. With 5 games to play within this game, it will keep everyone entertained.

This game can provide much fun for the family. Priced at around £10 and can be bought here.



Pass The Pigs

Pass the Pigs

This neat little pass the pigs’ games comes in a stylish storage box containing everything you need to enjoy this fun game. Simply roll your pigs mark your score and see if you can be the first person to score 100 to win! This fun and addictive game can be played anywhere and is small enough to be taken wherever you go for a quick game.

For ages 8 and over. First to 100 points wins, but will you lose your points by throwing a Pig Out or go back to zero by throwing a Makin’ Bacon?

This can become highly addictive and competitive but also provide lots of fun and laughs for all playing.

Priced at around £10 it is available here.


Slack LineSlack Line

This is one for the outdoors and those a little more adventurous. Not only will this test your balance but also your fitness. Slackline is the ultimate, transportable, lightweight, beginner to pro balancing sport. Slack Lining is now classed as an extreme sport and can be set up depending on ability. This will provide hours of fun for anyone who gives it a go!

The neon slackline and matching ratchet really stand out. The line is 15 meters long and can be attached between 2 trees or poles to allow you to practice your balancing. Great fun and exercise for your whole body, especially your core.

The 1″ training line that also comes with these kits is designed to be rigged at roughly head height from standing on the slackline and allows you to steady yourself as you first learn to walk along. Contents – 1x 15m Barefoot Slack Line with loop, 1x Ratchet and Loop, 1x Training Line with small ratchet, 2x Tree Protectors, 1x Drawstring Travel Bag, 1x “How to Slack Line” booklet & 1x Quick Setup Card!

There are many Slack Lines to choose from and they can vary greatly in price but the one pictured is available here.

Please note the children should be supervised at all times while using Slack Lines.

Twister Picnic Blanket

Twister Picnic Blanket

If you are a lover of this classic game why not take it with you on your camping trips? This twister picnic blanket comes with a twister spinner attached to a key chain so it is more compact and easy to carry.

When not using the blanket to play the classic game of twister this can be used as an ordinary picnic blanket or as a carpet in an area of your tent. Ideal for using in porches and extensions this game can also become a versatile part of your set up.

The blanket itself measures 140cm x 170cm. And has a waterproof backing on it.

These are priced around £17 and are available here.


Aerobie Pro Flying Ring

Aerobie Pro

Who doesn’t like a game of Frisbee or catch every now and again? These flying rings from Aerobie can provide hours of fun and exercise for all the family. Made from a soft and durable material it can fly some impressive distances but yet it soft, and easy to catch and handle.

The Aerobie flying ring comes in a few sizes. So you can choose which is the best size for you and your needs, they also manufacture a boomerang style ring should you enjoy practising your throwing on your own and a disc-style for those who prefer a larger catching surface.

These rings come in 3 neon colours to make them easy to see in the air and also boasts being a Guinness world record holder of being the longest thrown object!

Prices start at £7.99 and you can purchase your Aerobie here.

Although the Aerobie range of throwers are not heavy or too hard, be mindful when playing and take it away from the tents to ensure the safety of everyone.





The card game that can keep being played for hours. A classic card game matching colours and numbers throughout the game with some action and wild cards thrown in for good measure. Uno has been a card game that has remained popular with kids and adults alike for many years. The pack contains some blank wild cards that you can customize to make your game truly unique.

As this is a card game it packs away small, although multiple packs can be used if there are more players.

Packs of Uno cards start from around £3.50 purchase yours here.


Would You Rather

My nephews love this and we can spend a few hours playing this on a rainy day while camping.

Would You Rather

This is less of a game and more about great conversation starters. A great way to get to know each other better and find out what really makes tick. These books are aimed at children but can and are best enjoyed as a family. The book gives scenarios that when answered can be explored through conversation.

E.g. Would you Rather… Have 4 ears or Have 2 mouths? The answers and reasons for the answers can be funny, to say the least. A game we really enjoy playing with the kids. Get to know how they think and rationalize things.

It can provide a lot of laughs and hours of fun. This can also be a great game to play while travelling to your campsite by playing in the car.

These books come in editions for various ages and can also be purchased for kindle too. This one is available in paperback from amazon for under £8 and can be bought using this link.

What about a table to play some of these games on? You could invest in the

Regatta Games Table

This games table already includes a few games on the table surface for you to enjoy and the table comes with dice too. A folding camping table that gives you that little more and measures H x 60, W x 50, L x 70 cm. The legs fold away into the table-top and a carry handle on the side of the table makes it easy to carry and transport. Because this table can be used for more than just playing games on it will become a versatile part of your kit that is ideal for camping or using at home or in the garden for family games time.

Priced at around £24.00 and can be added to your kit by purchasing here.

Get Your Game On

Whatever camping games you like to play when away please enjoy. But, always enjoy your games and fun responsibility and be mindful of other campers and camping groups.

I hope we have sparked your imagination and given you a few more ideas for keeping everyone entertained while away on your trips, days out or even at home.

Remember playing and playing games is not just for kids! exercise, fun, and laughter are some best therapies you can partake in at any age. Look after yourself and most of all have some fun.

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