Camping Cooking

A huge part of camping for most people is cooking. It is something we must do each day to give us energy, nourish our bodies and also for a little pleasure while on our adventures.

For some people cooking and even storing food while on a camping holiday can be a little daunting. You can be unsure of what to cook, should you cook fresh or use pre-prepared meals, how should you store your food while camping, what kitchen set up should you use, what will you cook on, will you use gas, electric or an open campfire?

The list of questions and doubts can be endless and even for some of the more seasoned campers who want to spread their camp kitchen wings and try out something new, we hope this area can help.

Here we will be discussing all things related to cooking and food while camping. From how to plan your camping meals, what to cook them on and even share recipes that you can try while on your camping trip.

We hope to share information and recipes that will encourage everyone to try something new while camping. Whether it is over an open fire or on your favourite camping stove or electric grill, we think that the food you eat while camping should be both a pleasure to make and satisfying for your tastebuds and appetite.

With a little planning and preparation, you can become a kitchen hero while on any campground.

Our first little tip is where possible try out some new stuff at home first so you feel more confident before your camping trip. New recipe! try it out in your own kitchen or even set up your camp kitchen in the garden and cook. Think about preparation areas, often we have a much smaller space to work with while camping. Most of all take your time to enjoy the new experiences, things don’t have to be perfect, but they should be enjoyable and safe.

Happy Cooking!


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