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Camping Checklist

There is nothing worse than getting to the campsite and realising you have forgotten something, especially if it is a large or essential part of your kit. For this reason, we have come up with a camping checklist for you to use before you head off to ensure you have everything you need. Mine is always forgetting the mallet! We keep this separate from our pegs as we have several tents and I always forget to lift it from the shelf and put it with the tent we are taking. I keep saying I am going to purchase one for each tent when it happens but as of yet I have failed to do so.

Simply print this list off and check through it.

We know that everyone’s camping requirements are different so you may not take everything on the list or you may take more. This list is a good place to start so even if you want to print it and use it to make your own personalised list you are free to do so.

Camping Checklist (printable)




First Aid Kit Checklist

This is a real handy checklist for any first aid kit. So whether you are at home or away camping we recommend printing off this checklist and keeping it in or with your first aid kit. Not only does it help when the time comes to restock your first aid kit but it also lets others see at a glance what is in your kit. This can save valuable time should an accident happen and another person is using your kit.

First Aid Checklist (printable)

Emergency Contact Cards

These emergency contact cards can be a godsend if anything goes wrong and can be used in many different ways. You can simply print, fill in your details, fold and laminate. They can be attached to a lanyard or carabiner clip on your person or a bag you’re carrying and provide details to persons or emergency services that could save vital time should you have an accident. These are especially useful if you enjoy outdoor activities on your own or extreme sporting activities where you may get separated from the group. Listing allergies and medical conditions can also help save time and lives.

For instance, a diabetic who has a nut allergy. A dangerous situation if you are found and they recognise your symptoms as a diabetic and then try to feed you a chocolate bar containing nuts!

Emergency Contact Cards (printable)

Want more printables to help you enjoy your camping trip? Why not look at some of our paper games to keep everyone occupied when needed –

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