Camping Chair Review – Quest Elite Superlite

Quest Elite Superlight Review

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Camping Chairs

In this post we are reviewing the Quest Elite Superlite Camping Chair, we want to see just how good a chair it is and if we think it is worth investing in for future camping trips.

A small but important part of most peoples camping set up is a good chair. We use them when eating, chilling inside or outside our tents and around the campfire if we have one. For those who like a relaxed camping experience can often spend a good few hours per day relaxing on their chair if choice and that is when it becomes important to invest in one that is going to provide you with that added comfort. Camping chairs get a lot of use and thus need to be not only comfortable but also sturdy and be able to pack away to a reasonable size.

What do you look for in a camping chair?

Size, comfort, ease of use, weight?

We will all look for different things depending on what type of camping we do, what our set-ups are and our own personal tastes will also play a part. It may also depend on whether you are looking for a chair to use inside or outside of your tent and we think these chairs can do both but they are good outside chairs.

We love a chair that we are able to carry on our shoulders that is not too heavy. As well as using our camping chairs for camping we also use them for other outings such as going to the beach, taking in the car in case we find a nice spot where we can sit out and have lunch on a day out and even taking them to friends if extra chairs are needed at BBQ’s and parties.

The Chair

The chair is made by Quest Leisure and is their Superlite chair. Other chairs in the range are the Naples Pro, Ragley Pro, Bordeaux Pro and Autograph. You can find a range of Quests other chairs and retailers here.

This chair like many other camping chairs comes in a carry bag with an attached shoulder strap for easy packing and transporting.

Quest Elite Chair in Carry Bag


The chair weighs 4.8 kg and can take a 120 kg load weight, the chair packs down to 19 x 25 x 90 cm when it is in its carry bag. When set up the chair measures an impressive 46 x 65 x 104 cm with a seat height of 48 cm.

Quest Elite Chair


The seat has a rigid, powder-coated steel frame that is strong and robust and rigid armrests. With the rigid armrest, you don’t get a place to put your glass or cup as you do with some cheaper fabric armed chairs but due to the rigidity, you can use clip-on cup holders with ease if this was to be an issue for you.

Clip On Cup Holder


The two-tone material is padded for extra comfort and this chair does have a slightly higher, curved back making it not only comfortable but we found this also helps keep some drafts away from your shoulders and neck if sitting out on cooler evenings. This material boasts quality stitching to reinforce pressure areas and is also reinforced in areas where it attaches to the chair to save splitting and wearing over prolonged periods of use.


The chair unfolds like many camping chairs and has clips on the back of the chair to ensure it stays in the correct position while in use. We have found that once or twice while using other chairs if you lean forward awkwardly of a child is maybe not sitting back correctly on their chair that they can have movement or start to fold closed making them a little less sturdy than this one. The clips simply pivot to clip into place when in use and released easily when you want to fold the chair to put away.

Locking clips

Our Verdict

The QuestElite Superlite chair is both practical and comfortable. The carry bag protects it while packed away and makes it easy to transport to and fro wherever you choose to use it. The chair itself is easy to set up and put away, although it was a little stiff the first few times we used them, but, that soon eased off.

We loved the thicker, padded material used and really felt the difference in comparison to some chairs we have used that only has a single layer of material. This material on this chair was not only more comfortable it also kept you much warmer when sitting out in the evening or when the weather was cooler. The high back kept the drafts off our shoulders and backs which I loved as I hate a cold back. Where many people find if they have cold feet there full body is cold I am like that with my back.

The actual seated area seamed a little wider on this chair as with other chairs I sometimes feel that the frame can sometimes press against my thighs making them a little uncomfortable but I did not have this problem with the Quest Elite Superlite.

Not having a cup holder was no big deal to us as we have clip-on cup holders that we could use with the chair and they did work well.

All-round we found this to be a good chair that can be used in many settings and we would probably use these on sites while car camping or even for days out. We feel that these would be a worthy investment. But as with all kit, we feel it is important for the individuals or families to try before you buy where possible to ensure they are right for you.

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